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Athens to Atlanta Roadskate A2A 2007 Inline Skate Report (Saturday)

roadskater's picture

Saturday broke late and fuzzy, thank goodness, and it was likely eleven a.m. before verticalizing. I went to the computer for some reason and eebee helped a great deal with finding a place to get the window fixed. We decided we'd be too nervous to leave the car unrepaired at the hotel and in the city garage, as we'd need to leave some little something most likely no matter how we tried to plan.

After several calls, all sounding like they'd fix the car but only if we paid enough to make it worthwhile for them on the weekend, we talked to Sal at Low Price Auto Glass, 4416 Buford Hwy, Norcross GA 30071 (770) 448-3893. His tone was friendly, relaxed and understanding that we needed to think about it and see if we could come up with the money and time equation. When we called back it was a done deal in my mind. They wanted $135 to replace the rear driver side quarter (vent) glass with a new part. No stress, just show up. We did. I got my skates and swapped wheels and bearings and before I was finished, they were finished!

Things were going well, but it had taken some time to get there, and now we were both in the dangerously hungry zone. We took an hour at least to finally get food as our first choice didn't work out and with my heart rate monitor problems we went by the Batteries Plus.

My Polar 720i heart rate monitor had gone dim grey the weekend before. I replaced the battery and all seemed fine. Saturday morning it was grey again. Arrgh! So another battery verified that the battery wasn't the only problem, and now the Polar HRM was looking like the cover of Ghost in the Machine or some such. The dude at Batteries Plus was probably enjoying my meltdown if he wasn't worried I'd just give up and short myself to a giant battery somewhere in the acid-filled building. I got the third battery in and decided to head on out to see if we could find other food.

Ultimately we made it to Firehouse subs, where the axes looked pretty inviting and it's a good thing they were firmly fixed to the walls! Eebee made the same observation, so I know we were both still coming out of our subcalorific funkadelia. At some point we were human again and before that I had a brief conversation with Danny which I barely recall except for its kindness.

By this time we had canceled our ritualoved photo at the Athena statue with anyone who wanted to show up for to claim filiality to Roadskater.net or InlineNC. Then we gave up on making Henry's rant, which is another ritual worthy of repetition. And then we gave up on making it to dinner. Mark, Katherine and David had offered assistance and our race packets were safely in RSN hands, with an extra heart rate monitor for eebee to borrow, and I had one extra heart rate monitor for whichever of us ended up needing it.

Travelodge in Athens is not a fancy place, certainly, but they made our whole day better by being incredibly understanding and helpful about our reservations. They made us an offer so great we didn't have to worry at all the whole day and into early evening. We finally decided to give up sleeping in Athens to save the money, and the hotel was great about that, too. We decided we'd get extra sleep by not having to lug stuff up to the room and back down and by other decisions and arrangements we'd make more easily at eebee's. So no Athens for us, and a 4:30 a.m. wakeup, as I recall.

Before that, we had to have our NBA draft for powergels from the collective remaining, and we had lots of mixing' to do before sleeping. We had perhaps 18 of the 24 ounce grippy Gatorade bottles that seem to stay in pockets well, and we were doing 3 little scoops of Riptide Rush (or other) and 1 tsp of Morton Lite Salt (half sodium, half potassium). We had bags set up for stops 2 (just 2 bottles), 3 (Dacula), 4 (Atkinson), 5 (Stone Mountain) and 6 (Steel Factory) as I recall.

In years past where we had CamelBaks, we set up a bladder at Dacula and dropped our packs off at the Steel Factory. It's a nice strategy if you remember to keep your keys and phone and stuff like that.

This year, we set up to have 2 bottles and 2 powergels for most stops from 3 up, and different stuff based on our preferences. I had a small vegetable tomato juices with a tsp of lite salt for 4 and 5 I think it was. Eebee had salty Lance crackers for similar effect. I had Jelly Belly snack bags and cranberries, the latter of which I barely touched the whole day. The idea was to add lite salt to reduce the "goo sickness" I get where I just can't stand anything sweet. We hoped to grab water along the way too.

We froze all the bottles headed for Dacula and beyond. I worried these might not slush out enough, but with the salt in them they didn't freeze as hard it seemed, and they were cool but not frozen when we got them the next day. And much of our stuff went unused but was there in case the official support was limited or others needed it more than we did.

I can't recall all the other stuff I took time doing, but we crashed around 11, and I went to sleep first. Wow!

Then I awoke at 12:30. No problem. I'll go back to sleep soon. I tried all the tricks I know and none of it worked until 3:00. An hour and a half later, it was time to hit the shower and the road to Athens.

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