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Athens to Atlanta Roadskate A2A 2007 Inline Skate Video

roadskater's picture

Here's my video from Athens to Atlanta 2007. For best results you may want to turn the sound off and go make some coffee, or pause the video while it loads for awhile. Once it has played to the end, subsequent plays should be glitch-free. I'd like to hear what system (win/lin/mac) and browser (ie/ff/op/saf/etc.) you are using and whether it worked for you. I hope you like it enough to leave a comment!

Here's a link if the player below doesn't work.

If the performance is slow, my apologies! Thanks for your patience. Skateylove, Blake 


andrewinnc's picture

Re: A2A Video

Great job with the video and the pictures,Blake. They captured the event quite well. I am using a mac with Firefox for my browser. Played smoothly. As far as my favorite picture, I would be hard pressed to pick only one out, from the smiles on everyones face you could tell they were all having a good time. Sorry to hear about the mishaps, but at least the skates didn't get stolen also. Thanks again for the writeup and bringing a little bit of the event to us who couldn't go.

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