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eebee's blog

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Oxford to Cambridge Roadskate Video & Route (MapMyRide)

Here's a link to a video of a British Heart Foundation skride that one of our new English A2A paceline buddies skated two weeks prior. He and David skated much of A2A together.


United States
51° 45' 5.9292" N, 1° 15' 13.32" W
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Possible Cure for MS?

Here's some info about a surgical procedure performed by an Italian doctor to halt MS. The procedure unblocks restricted bloodflow from the brain in MS patients. 2 years later, 73% of those who had the procedure (65 people) showed no symptoms of MS!!

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A2A Results are up!

Results are already posted for the 2009 A2A. http://a2a.net/ Sorry. Too exhausted to write anything coherent right now! Good job everyone and thanks for coming to do the event.
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Crack-Resistant Skate Wheels?

Has anybody bought and skated-out any 100mm+ sized wheels within the past year, where the wheel hubs did NOT crack? The Bont Gen III's did not work out too well in this department (see Tour de Lions, 2009!). Are Hyper wheels back on the scene yet, I wonder? I need to buy wheels and wanted some feedback about the recent batches and brands of wheels out there right now, that can obviously stand up to 1,000 to 2,000 roadskate miles. Downtown or nightskate wheels - even better (lots of kerbs, steps, railroad tracks and potholes!).
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Remedy for Stinky Inline Skates

My previous Verducci skate boots didn't seem to care if they got wet, but my 'new' ones apparently hate it! These boots just may need to go through the wet-dry-stink cycle a few times to get it out of their system. My 'old' boots were already well worn when I bought them second-hand, so somebody else must've done the honors for me.
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95 Miles: Smyrna, GA to Anniston, AL on the Silver Comet & Chief Ladiga Trails

The whole sick story started July 3rd, at about 9 pm after Blake had emailed the Atlanta skaters (aprr) list to ask if anybody wanted to skate the entire 95 mile trail with us, and be able to provide a ride back to Atlanta. He was going to give up on the idea at 11pm and told me at 10.52pm that I had eight minutes, then would be off the hook. Then Tom called. He could skate with us and his wife would pick us up at Anniston. Tom and his family came up to Greensboro last Fall so that he could skate the Carolina Century - pretty much the whole way with Skatey-Mark.


United States
33° 50' 28.9068" N, 84° 30' 57.0996" W
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The Chief Ladiga Trail: A 40-Mile Prelude to a Scenic Marathon Sprint

Here are some thoughts and memories of our skate-excursion into Alabama, before they fizzle out.

Let me start by saying I'd normally avoid skating 60+ miles in the deep South with temperatures in the mid-90s. However, the Chief Ladiga ("lah-DYE-gah") Trail in Alabama has some version of a water faucet at least every ten miles, and if you're squeamish about drinking strange water, dumping it onto your head works perfectly well.


Chief Ladiga Eubanks Welcome Center
202 Dailey Street
Piedmont, Alabama
United States
33° 55' 22.1736" N, 85° 36' 27.306" W
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How to Fix Ctrl+T in Mozilla Firefox when New Tabs don't Work

All of a sudden I couldn't get Firefox to open any new tabs either with control T or going File --> New Tab, no matter how many times I hammered the T key :-)

Being frugal, I like to open a bunch of tabs rather than opening new windows. Firefox tends not to crash much (fingers crossed!), so I don't mind having all my eggs in that basket.

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Tell me what Sports Drink you Prefer on those Long Training Skates!

We haven't discussed sports or energy drinks of choice here lately, and I wanted to find out what others are using. This could spill over into a discussion about sports nutrition - i.e what prevents you from bonking, as opposed to what protein bar you eat during recovery hours.

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Blisters & Bone Bruises: Inline Speed Skate Boot Heat Molding

The backs of my heels resemble barnacles stuck to a breakwater. It's time to heat-mold my skate boots!


After 44 odd miles at Tour de Lions a few weeks back, I didn't really want to skate any more until I felt sure I wouldn't feel skin tearing inside my boots, far from home. So Roadskater and I dug out his old hairdryer, a large patch of neoprene and some tight-fitting socks. 

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Pick your Inline Skate Races for 2009

Has anybody decided which skate 'races', events or marathons they are going to orient their training towards in 2009? Some that come to mind: Texas Roadrash, 24 Hr Roller Montreal, Napa Valley Marathon, Chicagoland Inline Marathon, Athens to Atlanta Roadskate, MS BB&T Tour to Tanglewood, NYC Marathon, NYC 100k, St. Paul Inline Marathon, Northshore...etc. Actually there are loads to pick from if you have the time and money for traveling and event fees.
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What's your Inline-Skating, Cycling or Running Training Style: Periodization, Marathon-Training, or Haphazard?

With this year's outdoor inline training season ahead, I've been wondering how I should best spend the precious time available to me and reap the best skate training rewards later in the year.

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Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) English-Style Thin Pancakes with Lemon and Sugar

Today was Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, in England (and a small section of Gwinnett County, GA). Quick research reveals that to shrive is old English for acknowledging sins. On Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, families mix up a bunch of fatty stuff lying around the kitchen with flour, bung it into a frying pan and cook it because they won't be using it for the coming weeks of Lent.

Tradition from where I grew up yields crêpe-like things, mixed very simply thus:


Sandbanks-Shell Bay Ferry Poole, Poole
United Kingdom
50° 40' 55.0884" N, 1° 56' 57.9228" W
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Peace and Slimness Without Diets

Twenty years ago you may have seen the book with the catchy title "Dieting Makes You Fat", by Geoffrey Cannon and Hetty Einzig. Even though I was a skinny child and have never been morbidly obese, or even just obese, I have subjected myself and my loved ones to dieting hell.

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What's your Winter Workout?

I miss everybody already! It's only been a month since I skated in a group and it feels like forever. What is everybody doing to stave off lack-of-exercise inertia?

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