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eebee's blog

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A Liberating Nutritional Program for Athletes (Diet Exercise Weight Loss)

I hesitate to use the four-letter word 'diet' here, as that connotates restriction, sacrifice and misery. I also hesitate to call myself an athlete! However, in this bodyweight equation and given the unusually high number of skate-training hours, let the athlete = EB.

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Tour de Kale 2007 Report

After several years of seeing the Tour de Kale flyers and jerseys out and about in Greensboro, I had the pleasure this year of finally taking part in this very well-run event. Denton, NC is a little town out in the country, Southwest of Greensboro, and a few miles southwest of Tour de Lions country, i.e., slightly more mountain-side, i.e., slightly hillier. Distance options this year were 120k, 110k, 60k (which Blake and I skated), and 25k (which Andy skated). Tour de Kale offers cash prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd male and female, spread over 4 categories for the 'Summit Challenge', which includes a Bubba division (male over 200lbs). Price is $35 for pre-reg., $40 the day of, plus a $10 deposit on the timing-chip, to be reimbursed after you turn it back in again. For this you get a bib #, meal ticket, event T-shirt & sponsor goodie bag, 120k of support vehicles & rest stops, and a beautiful country course.  

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63rd Anniversary of D-Day

This is a nod of thanks and memorial to the poor souls who either perished, or lived through the nightmare of the pivotal battle to liberate France at D-Day on 6th June 1944.


An article in my homecounty's newspaper, the Dorset Echo, has a little write up about the many boats that left Dorset's Weymouth Harbour to cross the English Channel:

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Tour de Lions, Grays Chapel, NC 2007 Report

What another satisfying, smooth and sufficiently challenging Tour de Lions event! We arrived for registration at 7.30am, grabbed some bananas and other carbs, plus coffee, all provided by the event and its volunteers. The weather was sunny but brisk at about 50 deg F.

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Simcha Sweets: the Best Triple Chocolate Decadence Cake

This is something I have to rave about: Chocolate Decadence Cake, made by Simcha Sweets and Treats in Greensboro. They don't have a store, but they do have a phone: 336-632-0629. I don't actually like regular chocolate cake (thinking it's either a waste of perfectly good chocolate, or that chocolate cake is just plain cake ingredients colored brown) - but this one from Simcha Sweets and Treats is chocolate...with a sprinkle of flour in there somewhere. It is by far the richest, most condensed cake I have ever eaten. It's like licking the bowl - before you empty the cake batter out :-)

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London Marathon 2007: Hyponatremia strikes again

Here's a report from www.thisislondon.co.uk about yet another fatality from hyponatremia. This one is in relation to last weekend's London Marathon, where temps were in the mid-70s. Sad and very preventable - not by not entering the event, but by having an abundance of Gatorade and salt! If an event can't afford truckloads of Gatorade, they should at least be able to afford some salt!

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How to Parallel Turn on Inline Skates (Rollerblades)

One of the participants of the Greensboro Eddy Matzger Roadshow, who was well on her way to getting the hang of the classic stroke, mentioned to me that she'd like to be able to do parallel turns, instead of A-Frame turns. I was an IISA certified beginners inline skate coach, so I helped her out. I wanted to post it somewhere so that she and others searching might see it.

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Global Warming: If you can't Beat it, Skate it!

Alright, it's shaping up to be a fantastic weekend in the South, weatherwise. Temps up to 85 Deg F in the Atl., and Raleigh might see 80 on Saturday. Although there may be rain for New England and the mid-Atlantic states, Lansing should be a balmy 60 :-).
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It's Spring! Go Skate!

Here's a question for anybody experiencing somewhat warmer Spring weather (since it's all relative and the Northerners probably consider 50 deg F to be warm, while some of us wimpy Southerners won't skate below 65 Deg F) - what are you all doing, skate- and training-wise? Are you doing short laps around your local park or have you already embarked on full-fledged roadskates? Did you spend all winter chasing indoor skaters? Please let me know what you're doing, I'd love to know.

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Further Proof: Exercise Irons out Brain Kinks

Despondency + skating = hope. Hope makes all the difference!

Ever since I got hooked on inline skating in 1999, I have known this: if I had, as a teenager, discovered this sport, or something else I adored as much, that called for about ten hours of intense activity a week, I would have been depressed a whole lot less.

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Concrete Replica of Philly's Love Park at Skatepark in Peterborough, England?

The Big Lottery Fund in the UK is working wonders for getting kids off the streets and into skateparks via a fraction of half the money raised through the National Lottery. They have contributed to many skateparks, one in Wales that converted a disused factory. I have often gazed wistfully upon many an abandoned WalMart, visions of smooth tracks, beginner's hills, cafe and skateshop swirling in my head. 

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Greensboro Man Runs 4,000 Miles Across Sahara

Here's a news article that reports on Charlie Engle of Greensboro, and how he ran the equivalent of 2 marathons a day for 111 days across the Sahara Desert.
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Asthma, Migraine Headaches, Heart Rate, Air Temperature and Skating

Upon turning 13 I suddenly developed asthma plus various animal allergies. It's certainly manageable and has never been life-threatening to me. However, it is an issue each year at the end of Winter when I crave skating again, and have to remember not to 'go out too fast'.

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So, how was Miami?

Well other than warm, lovely, beautiful and fun? There have been some 70 deg F days in GA, here and there (one every 10 days or so), but we missed the South Beach fix this year.

Any photos, anyone?

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