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sommemi's blog

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Roller tennis... in the snow

Ok, you've heard of roller soccor... No? Well then check out the picture on the aprr website at


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Misty's 2006 A2A journal entry

My 2006 A2A story: (a bit long-winded, but fun to remember anyhow.)

***Before reading this story, please note that I skated the A2A on quads, not inlines. This might help explain some of my equipment 'issues'.

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You'll be a LIMBO star... how low can you go?

Did anyone see the article about the little Indian girl (Gwalior, India) who skated under 40 cars with only 8 or so inches of clearance? I kept trying to find a place where the video was clearer, but it always shows up looking neon green like a negative image or something. Either way, that girl would be a total LIMBO CHAMPION!!! My son and I always do the limbo when we go skating... I used to win it every time... *sigh* not now.

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My A2A 2004 story

I actually posted this on my personal website, but thought it might be appreciated here. Hope you enjoy it!

I have fought the good fight. I have finished the course. I have kept the faith.
A2A 2004

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Parable: the skater and the pebble...

This is a really long story, but worth the read when you get to the bottom. It only deals partly with skating, but thought you would appreciate a story of my Dad's ridiculous antics with skating. This is just one among the millions of stories that are similar to "... so there I was screaming down this hill at 52 mph when suddenly..." but a little less... um... screaming. Well... no, I think there is screaming at one point...

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So, how long have you been skating?

Ok, just figured since I'm kinda new to this whole "online community of skaters" that I would introduce myself.

HI. I'm Misty.

Oh, I guess I should say a little more. I'll try to keep it to a minimum. I tend to talk a lot. WARNING: This skater will not shut up.

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