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Indie bookstore opens in Glenwood neighborhood in "city of writers" Greensboro NC

A story in today's local paper details a new independent literary bookstore that has just opened in the resurgent Glenwood neighborhood of our fair city.

Pretty good reading. I'll have to pay a visit sometime.

That will change Saturday, with the opening of the city’s first independent bookstore in six years, Glenwood Community Book Shop.

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Greatest Olympians: Don't Forget Eric Heiden

Noticed a link to this editorial in the "Speedskating" sidebar:

Published August 25, 2008 10:30 pm - Heiden's accomplishment merits discussion in greatest-ever debate

EDITORIAL: Famed Lake Placid Olympian Eric Heiden overshadowed by Michael Phelps

[...]Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Pavo Nurmi, Bjorn Dahlie and Mark Spitz among others, have all been mentioned as those Phelps has surely surpassed.

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Roadskater.net Represents at the Ride of Silence

A week or two ago I happened to find a couple of blogs that are being kept by local bike guy Ian Joyce: Veloblog and Manage to Experience. The first is mostly about cycling and the second is more about his professional work in the area of marketing and the Internet.

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Joey Cheek Talks About Darfur and the Olympics

I'm a couple of weeks slow in getting this up, but there's a video clip online of Olympic ice speedskating champion and Greensboro native Joey Cheek talking to Stephen Colbert about human rights abuses in Darfur and why his visa to attend this summer's Beijing Olympics was suddenly revoked. I thought that he came across very well.

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Olympic Medalist Shalane Flanagan Was Gone To Carolina In Her Mind

US Olympic distance runner Shalane Flanagan was coming off some sort of stomach bug in the first week of the games, and found herself back mid-pack after the start of her 10,000 meter race. To get through the tough effort of working her way up through the field, she imagined herself back on the trails that she trains on in the NC Triangle Area, including the American Tobacco Trail:

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Frankfurt Man Sets Backward-Skating World Record

Blake and I saw a little bit of this video clip as we were eating yummy pizza after skating on Tuesday evening. A man from Frankfurt gets into the Guinness Book of World Records by skating 208.4 km backwards in 24 hours.

It's pretty rare to see inline speed skating on a nationwide cable network (MSNBC) any time, and it's too bad that it takes a gimmick like this to get on. But he looks like a pretty decent skater and at least he was legitimately skating.

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Staying Cool: Temperature Management Ideas from the Tour de France

Good stuff from Velonews about Team Garmin-Chipotle and how Dr. Allen Lim improved performance and recovery by keeping the riders cool:

The team believes dealing with heat is more than just an issue of comfort.

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Anhedonia, Anhedonia, What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?

(For those who don't relate to the world entirely in terms of song lyrics, the title of this post alludes to "Caldonia," originally recorded by Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five but redone by many others since.)

Anhedonia is defined as "the absence of pleasure or the ability to experience it." I encountered the word a month or so ago, hearing someone on the radio talking about addiction and recovery.

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Asking Friends for Donations for Charity Bike and Skate Events

In the topic remembering Sheldon Brown, eebee makes some good comments about raising money for charity ride events and feeling some awkwardness about asking others to contribute.

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More Thoughts on Inline Skating Speed Boots and Frames

Blake has posted the advice that he offered to someone who asked for help buying her first speed boots, so I guess that I could do likewise:

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Not Too Supersweet Granola Recipe

I like granola, and I used to particularly like the really cheap granola that came in clear plastic bags without any recognizable brand name. But it got to be hard to find and I haven't see it in a long time. I could never deal with the stuff sold as granola by Kellogg's, Post, or other major cereal brands. I guess sugar costs more than oats do, because the boxed stuff was always way too expensive and way too sugary for me, and that's saying a lot because I really like sweet stuff.

Oats and Glass with Reflections
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The New York Times Weighs in on Workout Music

I love music maybe more than anything else, both playing it and listening to it. I always have something playing when I'm at my desk or reading or in a car, and there's an unplugged electric guitar leaning against the desk 18 inches from my right elbow right now, in case I hear something that I want to play along with. But I've never liked carrying music when I skate or run or ride a bike.

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Bioheat: Use Biodiesel at Home, Ride a Bike or Skate for Transportation

Nice piece in today's News and Observer about bioheat, using a mix of modified vegetable oil and conventional heating oil:

Heating homes with used french-fry oil may get a much-needed boost in North Carolina from spiking crude oil prices.

Bioheat, a blend of traditional home heating oil with vegetable or animal oil additives, has gained acceptance in recent years in New England, where most residents use oil to heat their homes. But the biofuel blend is still an obscure alternative home heating source in this state, where only 8 percent of households use heating oil in the winter.

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Geocoding Photos: New Fun for Roadskate Reports

I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert here, but the subject of geocoding photographs caught my attention and it seems like something that could be a really natural fit with what folks here are doing. Maybe the links and things I have to share will be helpful to someone, and (perhaps more likely) maybe someone here is actually doing this already and could explain it further to me.

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Bicycle Toy and Hobby T2T Training Ride Report

Yesterday morning, I joined Blake and Andy to skate the final training ride for the 2007 Tour to Tanglewood. After several warnings that this would be the hottest weather of all the training rides this summer, we set off from downtown High Point at very nearly the official starting time of 8:30 AM.

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