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Cycle NC: Share the Road North Carolina!

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This is CycleNC.com, a place for anything related to Cycling in North Carolina, including favorite routes and events, efforts to share the road, create more greenways, and especially represent the sport through participating in charity efforts.

Let's not keep our knowledge and enthusiasm just for private lists, but give back to the sport by giving to the millions who want to know more about our great state and one way to experience it more intimately!

If we share our knowledge and experience about cycling and North Carolina, the world will find us when the search the internet, and they'll learn about Bicycling in Greensboro, the Greensboro Velo Club, the Tour to Tanglewood, and much more across our state that is great. We can learn so much from each other, and it doesn't hurt us to help those who are starting out like we were helped.

If your town is not in our Places tag list, just email me and I'll add it. Remember, this is for non-commercial postings, but it is appropriate to let people know where you are and what you do and how to reach you, just not excessively, please. Current tradition is not to have sigs on postings. Members can reach you through the contact form. Suggestions are welcome under create/site feedback.

PLEASE ask questions and contribute here. This place if for you if you want it to be, and North Carolina is a great place to bike, skate and love life.

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