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Elon Bike Shop Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride 2007, Elon, NC

eebee's picture
2007.07.07 8:30 am
2007.07.07 1:00 pm

This event falls on the Saturday following the July 4th holiday.

Here are some photos from the 2002 ride.


I haven't done this one myself so I have nothing to add about the environs, but I'm sure, like all the rest, it will be a well-supported ride.


Assuming this is the very same Elon Bike Shop, you can go to www.elonbikeshop.com for phone # & address.


A previous posting on the inlinenc yahoogroup says that the 2004 ride had 15, 30 and 45 mile options, with the shortest loop also being the flattest. However, these rides don't always stay the same year-to-year, so it doesn't hurt to ask questions at the bike shop beforehand if you're apprehensive. 



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