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102/90*/82/72/64/51/40*/31/21-Mile Charity Bike Ride'n'Roll with 10+ Hours of Support

Carolina Century 2019 is canceled due to lack of rest stop and other on-course volunteer support. Prereg is open for NEXT YEAR, SATURDAY OCTOBER 31, 2020.
Preregistration Form

Carolina Century Ride & Roll hat to the first 150 who register (pickup at event only), while they last.

12th Mostly Annual Carolina Century Ride'n'Roll, October 31, 2020

Rev. Jim Lambert memorial edition.

21- to 102-mile routes with up to eleven hours of support from our earlier start time at 730am.
Half and Full Metric and Imperial Centuries, plus supported bail out routes, because stuff happens.

Endurance Magazine Readers' Best Triad Century Six Years in a Row (2017 was the last year the contest was held):

Endurance Magazine Best 2017 Endurance Magazine Best 2016 Endurance Magazine Best 2015 Endurance Magazine Best 2014 Endurance Magazine Best 2013 Endurance Magazine Best 2012

See the Endurance Mag 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 & 2012 results here.

CC 2017 also won Best Century among voters in the Charlotte and Research Triangle markets. Thanks to our visiting riders'n'rollers!
CC 2017 was also voted Best Endurance Charity Event and Runner Up Best Post-Race Experience for the Triad.
CC 2016 also earned Best Charity Ride (including non-centuries) for the Triad, with the MS Bike Tour to Tanglewood voted runner up.
All proceeds beyond expenses go to help people where we Ride'n'Roll.
Location: Gospel Baptist Church, 5945 North Church Street, Greensboro NC 27455
Driving Suggestions: Just North of NC-150 & South of US-158 on N Church St in the northern edge of Greensboro and Guilford County.
Driving in before or during CC, please use US220 & either NC150 or US158 and avoid Air Harbor Rd, Lake Brandt Rd, Plainfield, Rd, & Church St South of NC150.

In recent years, Carolina Century participants came from Ontario, Maine, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida & more.

12th Annual Carolina Century 2020 Preregistration Form


Carolina Century Ride & Roll hat to the first 150 who register (pickup at event only). Free 3-color CC pen, while they last. Free red blinkie and white blinkie to those who promise to use them that day, while they last.
Planned Mode of Participation
Planned Distance
Planned Start and Expected Speeds Including Stops. 730a = less traffic.
Participant Name
Participant Age on Event Day
Participant Cell Phone Number
Emergency Contact Names and Numbers
Additional Emergency Contacts, Medical Info or Favorite Motto

Riders'n'Rollers can specifically donate to MS by putting 4MS as the first 3 characters in the "Additional...Motto" field.
End of Preregistration Form

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Through 2018, all financial donations have gone to MS through Tour to Tanglewood, while all food donations have gone to address local hunger.
Going forward, while we expect some donations to go to MS, we hope some funds raised will go to address hunger and other issues in the areas where we ride'n'roll. Each volunteer chooses whether their fundraising hours should go to MS through the Tour to Tanglewood or if they want to support local foodbanks in some or all of the counties along our route.

Carolina Century Ride & Roll hat to the first 150 who register (pickup at event only), while they last.

End of 2020 Information.
Want more background details? Get the spirit of what we do by reading some information from 2017 and before.

This button is for year-round donations, not for preregistration to participate. Any amount of $1 or more will help us help people where we ride (Guilford, Rockingham, Forsyth)... It also supports others having an epic day of exercise and service!

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