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See you next year, planned for OCTOBER 21, 2017. Registration opens soon when date is confirmed.
Details below are for 2016 and before.... Riders'n'Rollers can specifically donate to MS by putting 4MS as the first 3 characters in the "Additional...Motto" field.

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2016 9th Annual Carolina Century Ride'n'Roll, October 22, 2016

Endurance Mag Readers' Best Triad Century Ride: 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.

102/90*/82/72/64/51/40*/31/21-Mile MS Bike Ride'n'Roll with 10+ Hours of Support

Location: Gospel Baptist Church, 5945 North Church Street, Greensboro NC 27455
Driving: Just North of NC-150 & South of US-158 on N Church St in the northern edge of Greensboro.
Driving in after 730am? Please use US220 & NC150 or US158 and avoid Air Harbor Rd, Church St South of NC150, & Lake Brandt Rd.

All proceeds go to help fight Multiple Sclerosis and Local Hunger where we ride'n'roll

Our goals, design, promises and dreams: Last year, Carolina Century participants came from Ontario, Maine, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Florida.
  • We had a great time with Carolina Century participants from all over the eastern and midwest United States and Ontario, plus tar heels from these towns: Apex NC, Archdale NC, Browns Summit NC, Carrboro NC, Cary NC, Chapel Hill NC, Charlotte NC, Greensboro NC, High Point NC, Jamestown NC, Liberty NC, Madison NC, McLeansville NC, Oak Ridge NC, Raleigh NC, Rural Hall NC, Sophia NC, Stanley NC, Summerfield NC, Timberlake NC, Wake Forest NC, Walkertown NC & Winston Salem NC.
  • All 2015 PREregistration closed. Thank you for your donation to help fight Multiple Sclerosis and hunger where we ride! Registration details below.
  • The Night Before Carolina Century Dinner (we each pay for our own meal or drink and tip!) for vols and participants to meet each other, discuss support, talk over the course and settle last minute issues is confirmed with Moose Cafe, Farmer's Market, 2914 Sandy Ridge Rd #H, Colfax, NC, 615pm, the Friday night eve of CC. PLEASE RSVP by email to nightbefore at carolinacentury dot com Optional for all, everyone welcome, but strongly suggested for the <5% who are rolling not riding.
  • $50 Cash Day-of-Event Registration ("Rain Insurance") opens no sooner than 8am for 9am start. Please prereg to ride early. Otherwise, please wait for those who preregister to get their packets and start before trying to register. Thanks! Please.
  • PREREG and START at 730am and maintain between 10mph (slightly less, even) and 22mph and you'll be covered for rest stops for 102 miles.
  • Route updates: Drove alternate routes again and made final choices today. The 51/64/102 will be a 1.1 mi. longer than the classic route but much smoother for 4.6 miles and without a couple of dangers on the classic section. I painted the Western 51 yesterday; painting the Eastern 51 today. There was a lot of unpainting to do, and that is all blacked out and redone.
  • There's a new right turn lane (yay) going south on N Church St turning right onto Air Harbor Rd. We're waiting to see if they do another layer of pavement before painting that. Remember the first right on every route this year is Air Harbor Rd, just like years 2008-2013, NOT LIKE LAST YEAR. (The survey vote was evenly split between the classic and last year's temporary edit, all with strong opinions. In a tie, classic wins.)
  • Secretly Supported 90-mile Route: No separate turnsheet needed; follow the 102 to Bethany Fire (~79.5), then "cut the last ear off the dog" by following the 31/82 Routes from that point on. Easy! Easier, anyway. This works as a bail-out to shorten the 51 to 39 and the 64 to 52. [The Eastern 51 route makes the dog's head; the Western 51 is the dog's body.]
  • Update on our overabundant rest stops: We'll have the usual minimum of nine full rest stops (RS 1-Scalesville-SummerfieldFire, 2-Bunch@NWS, 3-VanceRd-PineyGroveFire, 4-BelewsCreekFire, 4x-LinvilleRd-OakRidgeFire, 5-Bunch@NWS, 6-Scalesville-SummerfieldFire, 7-BethanyFire, 8-SandyCrossGenlMdse)
  • Please remember that Vols work FREE so you can ride, and vols who ride CC are PAYING to ride, and DELAYING THEIR RIDE for you. We understand last minute decisions and hope that if you don't preregister, you will wait to show up at 8am to register and ride at 9a. If you roll at 9a, we support ~12mph average including stops for the 102. on the 102 route. RS 8 is at Sandy Cross Genl Mdse. Please support this supporter of Carolina Century since 2008, our first year. [It's always good to carry cash since country stores usually lose money on small credit card orders and thus often must have minimums (Sandy Cross, like most, has a low $5 min, but others may have $10 mins.]
  • We are still working to have as many "surprise" stops as we can, but that's why they're a surprise...often these are staffed by riders who want to help (after they ride and have lunch) to support 'the least of these' in terms of speed, like me!
  • The Start/Finish, will have the usual light breakfast fare and abundant lunch of homemade chili and grilled cheese sandwiches and more, but slightly less elaborate other items where we've had too many leftovers in the past. We're still trying to balance abundance vs. leftovers! Many have said they gain weight at Carolina Century and we expect that tradition to continue!
  • Of course, to support our cause, you may still add amounts to our usual $35 donation. If you want to sponsor an unknown rider, we'll look for someone who is having a tough time financially who wants to PREREGISTER but can't afford it. (If you're in a tough spot but want to PREREGISTER to ride, email me at freeride at carolinacentury dot com. No walk-up free riders, please.)
  • Donate $100 or more and you'll not only prereg but also be one of our sponsors, like Cycles de Oro's Dale Brown, who's giving up 4 supersweet $25 gift certs for 4 of our preregistered participants, plus lots of cycles de oro goodies.
  • We go rain or shine at 730am, but you can adjust your start time and distance to fit weather and sleep patterns, within limits listed below. If you've preregistered and can't ride due to weather or schedules, would you still come have your chili lunch or dinner with us? We'd like that.
  • Now that the storms have passed, it looks like we can use our classic routes of 21, 31, 52, 64, 72, 82 and 102 miles. Everything is subject to change of course, even the course, since bad weather hurts roads and good weather means there may be some repair crews out and such.
  • As many know, our course was originally designed to be viable even with little or no rest stop support. We use fire stations for most rest stops, and they will still be available for water and rest rooms as much as ever, even if not an official rest stop. You will pass the 8 fire stations on our route 10 times on the 102. There are no less than 9 convenience stores plus fast food and other lunch opportunities at mile 53 in Oak Ridge on the 102 route. That's how we planned it. Please remember small stores may have mins for credit cards not to make you angry but because they lose money otherwise, so please bring cash and a smile if you want them to welcome us; please don't block their pumps and please don't use their building's exterior as a restroom. Seriously.
  • As the day goes on, we will make our usual efforts to ADD and MOVE rest stops so those who need more rest stops will have them. People usually stop at rest stops by the hour not by the mile, so we want to help those who need it in the warmer afternoon to reach their epic goals. If you know you can do a century, if the course would just stay open longer than most rides offer, we're your ride. We will of course ask you to get off the road at official sundown time for that day so our volunteers can go home knowi
  • Volunteer instead of or in addition to riding! Bring a spouse or significant someone. We still "pay out" donations ($10 and sometimes much more per volunteered hour) to the fundraisiong for MS accounts of vols who ride the NEXT year's Tour to Tanglewood for MS. Carolina Cenutry can be your only fundraiser needed to get your $300 minimum for Tanglewood if you want to work long and hard during the year or all day for others who are on the road, or if you just want to have lunch then ask for the Nexus and request an assignment. We need help with relieving rest stop folk, extra SAG so the lonely afternoon feels safer, and ESPECIALLY we need people to serve the servers and clean up the church from about 5pm to 7pm. Write to volunteer at carolinacenturydotcom to help!
  • We support people with MS by donating through the Tour to Tanglewood for MS only, to help keep that event alive; we also hope to donate food and money to fight hunger in the counties where we ride: Guilford (all routes), Rockingham (all routes) and Forsyth (72, 82, 102 routes).
  • As with every year but 2014, I will paint the routes. As always I will make the turn sheets and maps. Then on the day, I will be roadskating the 102 miles to ensure we give everyone the support we promised until the supersweet end. So come out and stay ahead of me if you can on that labor-saving device of yours! It should be easy! Everyone is welcome to show up again at the church at the end of the day to help wrap things up and to celebrate those who rode the longest on their way in.
  • * This year's edition of the Carolina Century celebrates the life of Milton Frazier, whom most of you have never met. [But you have felt "Nick"'s influence on the Carolina Century most directly if you have returned after your ride'n'roll to be welcomed in the dining hall by Milton's younger sister, my mom, along with my dad. Mom and Dad are there to hear your stories of your epic adventure and to share them with the volunteers through me later!]
    At Uncle Milton's recent funeral, Milton's youngest daughter spoke of their own two-wheeled father-daughter adventures...bicycle rides she and Milton took on their 10-speeds, where she always asked her daddy to take her to a new destination. A ride well-shared can be deeply meaningful, teaching us much about ourselves and our companions. This is exactly the spirit of adventure of the Carolina Century! We want to support your dream of an epic ride'n'roll, fast or slow, long or short, to go past or to stay comfortably within your previous limits, or to savor a day with no goal other than to roll along until something inside says, "That was a great day; well spent." Our volunteers will be there all day, so you might as well come along to have an epic autumn Carolina day on wheels with us.


    Bike Ride'n'Roll to Benefit People with Multiple Sclerosis and to Fight Hunger

    Saturday, October 24, 2015 • Gospel Baptist Church • 5945 N Church Street • Greensboro NC 27455
    (That's just north of NC150 and south of US158 on N Church Street) Voted Best Triad Century Ride by Endurance Magazine readers in 2012, 2013 & 2014.
    21/31/51/64/72/82/102 Miles. 10 Hour+ Support for Your Epic Ride.
    If your day changes, change your ride; do what you love, after doing what you must.

    $35 or more (or FREE*) to preregister by Midnight EDT, the Wednesday before Carolina Century for
    730am PREREGISTERED-ONLY start or the 900am, 1030am & 1230pm starts.

    $50 or more at 800am-1230pm event-day registration for
    900am Sleep-In Start by Dale Brown of Cycles de Oro • 8.5-hour+ support
    1030am Cozy Coffee Start (64 miles and less at 10+mph including stops) rollout with extra sleep and warmer temps • 7-hour+ support
    1230pm Kickoff Start (51 miles and less at 10+mph including stops) ride while others watch football • 5.5-hour+ support

    Modular course: Decide on any distance at mile 12 • Reconsider at mile 63, choosing 72, 82 or 102 miles.

    Marked Routes • Maps • Turnsheets • Abundant Rest Stops
    Hot Chili Lunch • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches • More Goodies
    Fast Hills • Smooth Rollouts • Rural Views • Crisp Skies • Autumn Joy

    Yearly on the Next-to-Last Saturday of October

    CC16 will be on OCTOBER 22 2016.

    Carolina Century: where the fastest and the slowest going the shortest and the longest get great support that improves through the day, plus a full post-ride meal, because we plan it that way. We're going to be there ALL DAY, RAIN or SHINE, so you might as well come enjoy one last epic adventure before Daylight Losing Time, all to help people with Multiple Sclerosis have a better, longer life, and to fight hunger in the counties where we love to ride'n'roll.

    Any amount of $1 or more will help us help others... and encourage others to have an epic day of exercise and service!

    Thanks to Sponsors and Donors:

    Meals Without Wheels, Weather Without Mercy

    We picked our date using the weather almanacs to minimize the chance of rain (on average over the years, based on data), to maximize the amount of daylight within that good weather range, to extend our training season, to offer a full century after many have already done 2-day centuries, and to not fall on National Egg-Throwing and Pranks are Fun Day.

    We'll be there rain or shine for those who want to roll, but we respect your knowledge of your own safety. So if you won't ride'n'roll for any reason, at least join us to have lunch together (registration for extra lunches for those who did not register to ride'n'roll is also available on our form).

    The WORSE the weather, the MORE we need you as a paid donor or surprise volunteer to help the riders'n'rollers, the volunteers, and let's not forget, the people with MS. It is Carolina Century day, and we want you to be part of it in the ways that work best for you...on or off the road. Let's build something beautiful no matter the weather.

    Carolina Century was created to be a fundraiser for to all Tanglewood teams or individuals who want to volunteer to earn donations to MS for your next Tour to Tanglewood for MS Bike ride.

    After your ride & hot meal, please consider helping us help others' dreams come true out on the road.
    The longer they are out there, the more they need it!

    BASIC DONATION SHARES RULES. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO FIGHT MS THROUGH THE TOUR TO TANGLEWOOD. SOME COULD GO THROUGH YOU ON YOUR BIKE. You & your family above minor age can earn up to $200 (or up to the minimum fundraising requirement) in donations to your fundraising account in the next Tour to Tanglewood for MS Bike Ride based on your hours of volunteering for Carolina Century compared with the total hours donated (volunteered) by all volunteers.
    There are no promises. You are volunteering, not earning a wage that would require you to pay taxes. Please volunteer as if you would get nothing in return.
    * REVISION: Everyone can earn up to the minimum amount, EVEN IF they have already earned their minimum. It's all going to MS and if you want to try for a higher level, give it a go! We will not "punish" you for your early hard work getting past the minimum!
    * Keep in mind that even in good years, the donation to MS share was only $9 to $11 per vol hour, so if you worked all 13 hours of event day, you would still need some other time on other days or other fundraising to get you to a minimum.
    To have a donation posted to your Tour to Tanglewood fundraising account, you must:
    * Sign in and sign out with the Nexus as a volunteer on event day in person or by phone by saying you are signing in or out;
    * Keep track of your hours and tasks, and with whom you worked (names are useful, sometimes), where;
    * Email your volunteer report to email address voltrack at carolinacentury dot com; * Sign up for Tour to Tanglewood before you need donations to hit your account; * Send Blake a fundraising email from within the Tour to Tanglewood Participant Center with your donation link; * Request your donation 30 days before you feel you must have the fundraising (packet mailing day?).

    2011 donations were $9 per volunteered hour; 2012 donations were $11 per volunteered hour; based on your hours divided by the total volunteered hours times the proceeds of the event after expenses, not to exceed $200 (or the next year's minimum) per person.
    If it rains, or proceeds are lower, costs are higher, or volunteered hours are greater, for any reason, donations will likely be lower per volunteer hour of course. So let's remember to go in and volunteer as if we'd get nothing out of it but helping people be epic in the cause of helping people with multiple sclerosis live better lives... and that's a lot.

    Survey Says!

    Why don't more people ask!? Everyone is welcome and encouraged (whether or not you plan to do the Carolina Century) to take our

    What Did Survey Participants Say After Riding or Rolling the CAROLINA CENTURY in 2010? Of those who responded to each of these various questions (different numbers of responses per question of course) in our 2010 ride survey:
    • 100% said our start location AND parking AND indoor facilities (separate questions) were good/very good.
    • 100% said our trunkstops and rolling rest stops were good/very good.
    • 100% said the lunch conversation AND lunch atmosphere AND lunch volunteers (separate questions) were good/very good.
    • 100% said the welcome home AND the finish check-in (separate questions) were good/very good.
    • 100% said the Surprise Rest Stop was good/very good.
    • 100% said Scalesville Fire Rest Stop AND Sandy Cross Country Store Rest Stop (separate questions) were good/very good.
    • 100% said the Finish Line Rest Stop/water/gatorade/colas/coffee/tea were VERY good.
    • 97% said we lived up to our promises well/very well.
    • 97% said the Carolina Century was a good/very good value.
    • 97% said route scenery was good/very good (88% VERY good).
    • 97% said rest stop worker friendliness was VERY good.
    • 97% said route RESIDENT friendliness was good/very good.
    • 97% said the quality of the route they did was good/very good.
    • 96% said Bethany Fire RS was good/very good.
    • 96% said the thank-yous and goodbyes were good/very good (we missed one).
    • 96% said route STORE staff friendliness was good/very good.
    • 94% or more VERY MUCH AGREED they got enough water AND enough gatorade AND enough good rest stop snacks (separate questions).
    • 94% said route safety was good/very good.
    • 94% said they thought they'd do Carolina Century again the next year (56% 102; 17% 64; 14% 51).
    • 94% said our effort AND our results (separate questions) were good/very good.

    Archives! Please click the expandable sections below for more information on registration and beyond.
    Remember we have to say it but you don't have to read it.

    Rest Stop Survey: Tell Us What You Want

    Please take time to participate in our rest stop favorites survey, and please do come back to check on soon for news and for early signup specials.

    Survey for All Who Ride or Roll for Charity Anywhere

    Sponsor Someone You Don't Know to Roll

    $35 is not much for all this goodness, but for someone worried about where their food money is coming from, it is too much! You can help. Just use the dropdown menu above to select "Sponsor Unknown Person $35" and donate $35 or more to sponsor a participant you know, or let us pick one based on their private statement of financial need. For each $35 we get in online donations, we'll do our best to find a person going through hard times economically who can ride with pride for people who can't. And if you're on the short side of money right now, let us know early and we'll try to find you a sponsor.

    Income Challenged? You Might Roll Free

    Not free, but prepaid by someone you don't know. Some generous people have signed up to supoort you to ride free if you are unemployed, or underemployed enough to qualify for government aid. They selected "sponsor unknown participant" or paid too much on purpose so you could roll. I'm the only one who needs to know. If you're thinking of doing a free ride this weekend and you qualify for this, let me say this one includes 8 rest stops at least, plus hot chili based on mom's recipe and a sandwich you control so you get it right. We want to help those worse off than us, and hope those better off will help us do that. Wherever you are right now, it's where you are, not who you are. We want to give you a way to give and receive help. Feel bad about needing to ride free? Come enjoy the ride, then roll up and volunteer to make the Carolina Century shine for everyone who was behind you. Then write about the experience and tell others about your day. That's plenty.

    Please Preregister to Roll at 730am!

    PLEASE BE SURE TO PREREGISTER if you want to roll at 730am or any time before 900am. Otherwise please register at 8am and wait until 9am to start. You may preregister for the 730am or 9am start. Please pay cash if you can at the 8am registration. We'll take a check but we go shopping for some perishables AFTER reg so we waste as little as possible. Every roller gets everything we give anyone until we close at 542pm, but we don't want to be wasteful in providing abundance.

    Participants needing more than 8.5 hours to do their selected distance should preregister online and arrive in time to roll out at the sunrise start, 7:30am.

    Participants needing 8.5 hours or less of support may bring cash to register from 8:00-8:45am for the 9:00am sleep-in start.

    Where Are Our Participants From?

    In past years, Carolina Century Charity Bike Ride for MS included participants from at least 39 cities: Archdale NC, Banner Elk NC, Beech Mountain NC, Boone NC, Burlington NC, Cary NC, Chapel Hill NC, Charlotte NC, Columbia SC, Denton NC, Durham NC, Elon NC, Grayson GA, Greensboro NC, Hickory NC, High Point NC, Jamestown NC, Kernersville NC, Lexington NC, Liberty NC, Madison NC, McLeansville NC, Morganton NC, Raleigh NC, Randleman NC, Reidsville NC, Rock Hill SC, Rural Hall NC, Smyrna GA , Smyrna GA, Sparta NC, Stokesdale NC, Summerfield NC, Thomasville NC, Tobaccoville NC, Trinity NC, Wake Forest NC, Whitsett NC, Wilmington NC, Winston Salem NC.

    Cash Helps on Event Day

    We'll accept checks, but if you can bring cash or prepay online, that helps us buy supplies for the event. We'll buy as many perishable supplies as possible after registration. Just in time management cuts waste and gives more to our cause.

    Why Volunteer & How

    To volunteer (and earn donations to your NEXT YEAR'S Tour to Tanglewood for MS fundraising, see below), email us in advance preferably, but by all means if you need to, just show up! Ask for THE NEXUS, Johanna (yo hah nah). She is the keeper of the wish list of hopes and dreams for the day. Every volunteer is applied to building support for the rollers and volunteers still out there. Consider your day might not have to be over and you can shepherd some people home like someone did for you. Remember?

    We hope to be better than we promise. But if you see something we need to fix, please gently, safely, quickly call the Nexus, and if finished, please offer to help fix it now if you can.

    If you can volunteer we can make the Carolina Century even better! Please email me so we can use your skills and time to greatest effect (take out the spaces and funkiness that follow): ccinfo at

    Volunteer After You Roll & Eat

    How does the Carolina Century get better when everyone's getting tired? When riders finish, we have a long list of hopes and dreams for them to fill if they'll be so good as to give back to the sport and further to the cause. We fill gaps forward and backward from the start (which we call rest stops 0 and 9). We have permission to use EVERY fire station and a few other select geographic locations for full rest stops or trunkstops (a trunkstop is a rest stop that is packed up and in the trunk but still functions for powder and water at least). We fill our hopes and dreams with volunteers and relieve the ones who have been out there since 630am.

    Why would a participant volunteer after it's over for them? Because it doesn't have to be over for them. In fact the experience may be just about to begin, and they know more than anyone else what it is like to be slower, because they were in the past. And if they are riding or skating Tour to Tanglewood next year, every hour they serve earns them a donation share to THEIR Tour to Tanglewood fundraising NEXT year, but we like to spread things around so we probably will not give a donation share greater than $200 to their T2T account. The more popular the volunteers and rollers make the event by making it amazing, the more people we will be able to get to their minimums so they can ride the tour even if they do not move in circles of people with much disposable income...or if they hate to ask people for money. Serve. Sacrifice. Fundraising. How great would it be to end this year knowing that you pay reg for T2T and set higher goals, but the fear of having to write a check for the minimum is over. Without fear, love might have some room. Our team still gets some of the fundraising because not everyone will ride next year, but this is meant to be a fundraiser for all those who say they hate to ask their friends for money. We made this event so they can serve instead of or in addition to rolling...and earn donations that we turn in but they get credit for. It all goes to the same cause, but instead of one person standing up with a big check, the volunteers who worked hard get a boost to their own fundraising. And other people just do it because it feels good. Some people donate their hours to someone who rolls next year's Tour. The only person whose hours do not count is the guy who started the Carolina Century. They don't count in the total and they do not earn donation shares. By rewarding volunteering, don't we get a better event? And the BETTER Carolina Century is, the more an hour of human experience will earn in donations for people with multiple sclerosis. Aren't cyclists and skaters some of the best rest stop workers and drivers? The organizer rolls near the back so we know that "everybody gets what anybody got." In general, ten hours of exercise is harder than five, so as the day goes on the Carolina Century must get better. And when we can't do that, we don't have enough volunteers or riders and we do not do Carolina Century.

    The Rest Stop Speedsheet

    The Carolina Century's goal is to support 10-22mph Avg Including Stops if you preregister and start at 730am (hoping to also cover 12-22mph for 900am). How do we plan for that?

    Volunteers love to help. That's why they're volunteers. But they want to know when they need to be there and when they can leave without breaking any promises. We have rolling support including trunkstops after rest stops are closed, but they want to know what we and what participants have agreed upon. Here it is:

    At the Carolina Century we use a rest stop speedsheet that shows every rest stop and for every route that it serves, the mileage at that point. It also shows when a 22mph roller will arrive, and when a 10mph roller will be there, for every route, for each time on every route it arrives if it does so more than once, for both start times. For people that sleep in, we offer 12mph support for the full century, and may still be open if you are slower, but the speedsheet tells volunteers when they can begin to pack up. Some will move on to another location to serve you again, because our event is designed to get better, not worse, as the day goes on.

    Night Before Carolina Century

    EVERYONE (participants, volunteers, anyone) is welcome to meet us for the NIGHT BEFORE CAROLINA CENTURY dinner and route preview Friday evening. We can't buy your dinner, but we'd love to meet you and have you meet the volunteers who will serve you the next day. Check the NEWS items at the top of the page, but it's usually Friday evening at 6PM. Please RSVP if you are coming. The meeting is not required but it can greatly increase your fun the next day!

    Route Elevation & Speed

    102-mile Carolina Century Color Speed Elevation Profile

    • All routes use first 12 miles.
    • 21 uses the first 12 miles (plus other roads then) and last 7 miles. Guilford County.
    • 31 uses the first 12 miles (plus other roads then) and last 7 miles. Guilford and Rockingham Counties.
    • 51 uses the first 12 miles and last 39 miles. Guilford and Rockingham Counties.
    • 64 uses the first 19.5 and last 44.5 miles. Guilford and Rockingham Counties.
    • 72 uses the first 63 miles (plus other roads then) and last 3 miles. Guilford and Forsyth Counties.
    • 82 uses the first 68 miles (plus other roads then) and last 7 miles. Guilford, Forsyth and Rockingham Counties.
    • 102 is the whole dog. Guilford, Forsyth and Rockingham Counties.

    Route Notes

    Routes are designed with numerous rest stops, but also with many convenience stores along the way.

    • 21 miles (1+ rest stops at 12; stores at 1, 7, 9, 10, rolling support).
    • 31 miles (2+ rest stops at 12, 20; stores at 1, 7, 9, 10, 21, rolling support).
    • 51 miles (3+ rest stops at 12, 28, 37; stores at 1, 7, 9, 10, 28, 37, rolling support).
    • 64 miles (4+ rest stops at 12, 25, 41, 51; stores at 1, 7, 9, 10, 18, 30, 35, 38, 53, rolling support).
    • 72 miles (6+ rest stops at 12, 21, 33, 43, 56, 63; stores at 1, 7, 9, 10, 18, 30, 35, 38, 53, rolling support).
    • 82 miles (7+ rest stops at 12, 21, 33, 43, 56, 71; stores at 1, 7, 9, 10, 18, 30, 35, 38, 53, 72, rolling support).
    • 102 miles (8+ rest stops at 12, 21, 33, 43, 56, 63, 79, 89; stores at 1, 7, 9, 10, 18, 30, 35, 38, 53, 79, 89, rolling support).

    More notes...

    • All routes share the first 12 miles, so you can get an idea how you feel that day, then choose your path.
    • All routes are designed so your best "bail out" option logically uses a support shorter route.
    • At mile 12, you choose whether to go home for 21, 31 or 52.
    • At mile 12, you choose whether to go on the western loop for 64, 72, 82 and 102 miles.
    • The 64 mile route uses a lasso-shaped portion of the 102 mile western loop, then returns to complete the rest of the 51 mile route.
    • It is also possible after the lasso to follow the 21 and 31 routes home early for 34 miles and 44 miles.
    • The 72 and 82 mile routes use the 102 route to mile 63, then follow the 21, 31 and 51 mile routes home for 72, 82 and 102, respectively.
    • The maps and turnsheets and road paint with numbers will make supported routes clear.
    • All official routes will be marked and mapped, but as noted, are subject to change.
    • Consult rest stop staff for guidance at any point or to call for support.
    • Supersweet maps and turnsheets included.
    • The course is designed with preference for smooth, rural, fast, scenic, safe roads, downhills with runouts, and challenging (for the Piedmont) but smooth uphills.

    Route Philosophy & History

    Our route philosophy is to start a bit further north of Greensboro than most events, then head south early while we're fresh and traffic is low. We get in a couple of lake crossings to wake up, then leave for a day of countryside views. This way, we don't come back into Greensboro late, when we're at our most tired and so are the drivers who are on their way to something busy and important. On all routes, including the western loop, the populated sections are completed first, so as the day goes by, the views are better and the finish is still in green rolling hills.

    We borrowed from parts of Mike Clark's Tour de Triad for Leukemia & Lymphoma for our 102 route's western loop. We made changes to maximize bucolic splendor and smooth, fast runouts, but we owe lots to Mike's vision and planning, and will always remember the rolling rest stop he provided up at Belew's Creek when we blew by the Fire Department there.

    We also borrow from the old GVC Red, White & Blue Show'n'Go route. We had a great day, part of it lost and happy, when we missed a turn due to a downed street sign and had some joyous moments along the way. I knew I had to go back up there and look around, because it was non-stop glory that day. These loops are nested so we share the same first twelve miles and come together again for the final miles.

    Our routes are subject to change as needs arise and new opportunities for fresh asphalt present themselves, but you can be sure we've thought about the route first and last, because without a great route, the event can only be good. These are the best routes we know, period.

    The Carolina Century invites all to come and enjoy our favorite smooth, hilly, gorgeous roads for the Carolina Century for Multiple Sclerosis. We want to help people who can't enjoy rolling the way we do because of MS, and to show you some of our favorite roads and scenery in our part of North Carolina.

    We want to be the century for everyone, including slow cyclists, who have long distance goals but can't find support. Come try a leisurely century with ten hours of support, on a fun but challenging, beautiful and safe course. Preregister and leave at 730am, or sleep in and roll out at 900am. You decide. Get it over with or make it last, then have lunch (or early supper!) when you get back to the church.

    So forgive our enthusiasm and come love our supersweet routes. We have the very finest and kindest folk to sacrifice a day for us all in the service of a great cause, helping those with Multiple Sclerosis. If you've done Tour to Tanglewood Training Rides or the venerable Tour de Triad, you'll know Val & Jim, Mike & Elaine, and Law for great rest stops and refreshing conviviality. Many of the Fire & Rescue stations know we'll be coming by and some are hosting our rest stops, as this seems the very best place to rest, since we know they have plenty of water and medical care if anyone needs it. We've talked to local stores so we'll let you know which ones will welcome you and want to help you have a safe and happy day.

    If you preregister and start at the early rollout and average 10mph, we'll be there to support you for 10 hours (if you rollout at the sleep-in start on any non-century route, we'll support 10mph for you, too.). If you think you're going to ride but can't preregister please write me so we can plan for your presence (take out the spaces and funkiness that follow): ccinfo at

    Great Location: Gospel Baptist Church

    The Start/Finish parking area is graciously provided by:
    Gospel Baptist Church ( ),
    5949 N Church St,
    Greensboro, NC 27455

    LatLon: 36.225364,-79.790987 or +36ⱳ' 31.31", -79ⴷ' 27.55"

    • Please be considerate of the family living next to the church by keeping noise to a minimum. Thanks.
    • Please thank anyone you see from the church for witnessing through action by allowing us to use their parking lot and any other facilities they offer.
    • "Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me!"

    Helmets, Waivers, Emergency Info &c.


    • Helmets required
    • Event numbers with emergency contact info on the reverse required (numbers supplied).
    • Waivers required.
    • Please check in at the finish.
    • The course will be open for 10 hours, 12 minutes. Even if held open longer, at sunset the course must close and participants must be off the roads.
    • Cyclists are encouraged to attend the pre-event route summary and safety talk (Friday evening, see below) so you can meet us and hear about our event.
    • The optional weigh-in for the Power Challenge will be available at the start line (see below).
    • There are many nice piedmont downhills with clear views and plenty of rollout, and there is one very fast hill that deserves respect on the 72/82/102 only, at Freeman Rd. There's plenty of run-out but the entrance to the hill contains a bend so you can't see the runout from the top (after you turn left onto Freeman Rd. from Piney Grove/Kernersville Rd. at the Goodwill Baptist Church cemetery, the road drops down and left). This is no big deal if you're awake and aware so that's why we're pointing it awake and aware. Also, watch for holes or patches at the base of this fast runout. We'll review the course before the Carolina Century.
    • There is one moderate downhill to a T at a stop sign on the 51/64/102-mile routes noted on the turnsheets. It is not that difficult to control your speed if paying attention, but it is VERY important to stop here, and fully adhere to the laws for all road users.
    • Please represent your sport with love to all.
    • "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

    Airport & Hotels


    • If you're flying from out of town, save yourself a lot of trouble and fly in to GSO airport. It will end up being about the same price with hours less on the roads. You'll need access to a car, but they're cheap at the GSO airport, and taxis are not in much use in Greensboro.
    • NC-68 and I-40 (the older I-40, north of the newer one, which may not be called I-40 any more) are good places to grab a reasonably-priced hotel. There very few hotels near our start/finish area (which is the point, when you think about it). Check for directions because it takes longer than most of us think to get to Gospel Baptist Church, which is one nice thing about finishing there. It's a supersweet location.

    Great Help Returns

    • Dale Brown from Cycles de Oro will be in charge of registration and the Sleep-In start. Thanks for you continuing support of people with MS!
    • Valerie and Jim Gardner, Tour to Tanglewood volunteers extraordinaire, will be managing rest stops and more.
    • Elaine and Mike Clark of Tour to Tanglewood and Tour de Triad fame, will be helping with registration and rest stops and rolling support.
    • Jim and Betty Lambert will be providing rest stop and finish line support as needed.

    Become a Business or Charity Sponsor

    ALL bicycle shops ANYWHERE still have a chance to be part of Carolina Century this year. 17 years from now you won't get to say it's your 20th year if you wait, but Cycles de Oro will. Send us a tech and your logo tent. Send us a driver in your logo van. Send us your team in your logo kit and pay for them to roll the 102 for MS! Your potential customers will be there, and so will their word of mouth! Are you sure you're going to have more important customers every fourth Saturday of October than the charity minded rollers with disposable income at the Carolina Century, doing it for people who can't because of Multiple Sclerosis?

    Also, charity rides, businesses and individuals who care about can offer a substantial gift or service to help us help others. Offer yourself! Our volunteers will start before sunrise and quit after sundown, but you can give us any amount of time and we will not waste it.

    Who Started the Carolina Century?

    The Carolina Century was founded and is brought to you yearly by ROADSKATER.NET and the family and friends of our Team of skaters and cyclists who have participated in the Tour to Tanglewood for MS since 1999. Some of our team have completed both days of every year of the Tour since 1999, logging well over 1,200 miles in the Tour to Tanglewood alone. The Carolina Century is our way of thanking the cycling community and of joining with them to ride, roll and work to help others to give meaning to our otherwise at times tedious and empty workouts! Thank you for anything you do or have done to ride, roll, sponsor, donate or work for Carolina Century and for people with any hurt, anywhere.

    Any amount of $1 or more will help us help people with Multiple Sclerosis...while helping still others have an epic day of exercise and service!

    photos from the road