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Freestyle BattleUS II: Inline Skating Freestyle & Slalom/Cones Skate Competition, Seattle, WA, August 16-17 2008

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2008.08.06 10:00 pm
2008.08.07 10:00 pm

Battle US II - Freestyle skating competition - Seattle WA

Local US competitions and International superstars! Fun to compete or just watch and hang out.

www.freestyleskaters.org for more info - help grow the sport of slalom/cone freestyle skating in the USA.


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Naomi Grigg Workshop This Year?

Will you be doing a Naomi Grigg workshop this year? I've heard she'll be coming to Atlanta, and there was the mention of other possibilities, but I'm not sure of the schedule. What do you think of that experience, looking back on it? I'm no freestyler, barely being able to go straight on skates, but it looks like fun for more nimble people than me. I thought some might want to hear your thoughts now, and take a look at what you wrote before too... http://roadskater.net/?q=naomi-grigg-freestyle-workshop

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