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Fruitcake & Cotton Fields - Claxton, GA Cruisin' in the Country 2007 (Century)

eebee's picture
2007.11.09 1:00 pm
2007.11.10 5:00 pm

A2A is over, the leg-swelling is gone, the let-down has set in and I'm itching for another excuse to spend a long day skating. I am happy to find that the Claxton, GA, Chamber of Commerce is putting on another 'Cruisin' in the Country' (cycling) event this year. Blake and I, plus Keno, Mark Day and some other APRR skaters took part in this great event back in 2003 (on skates).


Skaters were welcome at least in 2003 and 2004, but I have no idea if that still holds true - I will try to check into it and post a comment. They have been very welcoming to us in the past.





Cost until Oct 19th 2007 is $39, and $45 afterwards, including the day of (Saturday Nov. 10th 2007). You can sign up through Active.com, or just print out their registration form on their website and mail it in. You can also show up in town and register from 2pm onwards, Friday November 9th 2007, or again Saturday November 10th after 7am.

For an overview of the event schedule:



There's a huge yet cosy bonfire on the Friday evening, and, I notice this year they're having a talent show (another hilarious rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart somebody? Please?!).

Mile options are 16, 32, 65 and 100 miles. Blake and I did our first 100 mile skate at this event in 2003. Started in the dark, and finished in the dark. It actually ended up being about 102 miles. Participants are welcome to start their Saturday ride as early as they'd like - but just be aware that the first rest-stop won't be open until 8am. In 2003, folk were allowed to camp in the gym/main hall area, as well as in the grounds behind the building. This year it looks like only the campground is available. We stayed in a local motel anyway.

I remember the roads being hillier than I had anticipated, because I thought "Claxton, GA, yeah, down near the coast, flat!". Boy was I wrong about that! There was a couple of miles stretch of very bumpy gatorback - no, wait, it was pebbledash! Back in 5 x 80s in 2003, wearing a new-to-me pair of speed boots, this was the worst pain I'd ever been in on skates. I'd like to think it more manageable now, in the absence of bone-bruises, and with bigger 100mm wheels. On the website they say they've changed the routes from last year. I think with most bike events, skaters need to expect at least some gatorback at some point.

There will be a post ride meal on Saturday, so bring your own food Friday night, or eat earlier somewhere closer to the expressway. I don't remember there being much in the way of restaurants in Claxton itself - or at least back in 2003 it had not yet been adulterated by the usual American chain-restaurant bawdiness.


Not sure if we can actually go to this event this year - it's always down to time and money, which are never in the same place at the same time for me. So my enthusiasm and desire to do this event again propelled me to talk about it here and recommend it to others.

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