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Great hotel deal for skaters in US10K, Atlanta, Labor Day Weekend

polarhex's picture
Hi all skaters,

For US10K, which is the same weekend as NIRA nationals - as in Labor Day weekend - there's a very great hotel-deal available for skaters! And this is for skaters only!

The hotel is only 2 miles from the US10K start line.

You can make your reservations here http://www.hsatlanta.com
- enter the dates of the stay
- in the 'Promotion Code' box enter LTSK
- then click on 'Check Availability and Rates'

The regular mid week rate for a standard room is $109, skaters can stay this room for $35 and a suite is $129 -$45 for skaters,

They will have a different rate for other 10K participants.

Hope lots of skaters will take advantage of this great deal! And do share the promotion codes it is for all skaters.

I stayed there last year, very nice place – also have a pool and tennis court for those with more energy!

Questions – do ask!!


US10K: http://www.us10k.org/

Nira Nationals: http://www.sk8nira.com/eventschedule2009.html and http://www.sk8nira.com/index.html


Galleria Specialty Mall US10K Start
1 Galleria Pkwy SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30339
United States
33° 52' 56.3592" N, 84° 27' 57.366" W


roadskater's picture

Three Deer on the Loops

If I recall correctly, there were also three deer hanging out by the downhill side of the hilly loop before you saw the runner? I hope those deer don't jump out in front of ye on a 35 mph downer! That might smart! Maybe some blinkies would scare the deer away? Probably not. Might just put them into a trance in the middle of the road!
eebee's picture

Deer Prudence

Correct. The deer at Tribble Mill are getting a bit more daring, and like to hang out on a fast downhill road, darting across in front of me at the last minute when I'm about 10 - 20 ft away from them, and I'm going about 25mph. The deer and the supposed US10K athlete all look pretty running, I just wish the deer wouldn't wait until the last minute to cross! The deer at the more populated Bay Creek Park are just downright chill. One day last week I skated around that trail at about 3pm. The only other people on the trail at that time was a middle-aged couple jogging. I was completely spaced out, focused on my feet (probably bad for skating technique!), when I heard a noise to my left. I looked up and saw two deer standing 2 feet away from me. We looked at each other in shock. They didn't even budge. I realized one was the Mother and the other was the suckling fawn in the middle of an afternoon feed. I was so surprised I said to them "Bloody hell you guys scared me to death!". When I spoke, they jumped, but stayed put. The deer are getting more and more comfortable with people at that park.
eebee's picture

When runners are hot on your heels...

Alright, I was only doing 9mph up this one hill, but still I didn't expect to see the runner right behind me when I got to the top! Tonight I was doing some hill training at Tribble Mill Park (Gwinnett County, GA), and the dusk made skating on the trail through the woods difficult. I decided to do some parking lot loops and noticed a runner off in the distance. He looked like he was sprinting. I thought I'd turn around and go back up a hill rather than wait for him to pass me, then turn around and have to pass him again as well as several walkers across the trail. Thinking back, I don't believe that would have been an issue! Assuming nobody could keep sprinting that far, I skated up the hill half a mile later, felt good about myself at the top and thought I was alone. Then I turned around to see the runner right behind me! At that point it occurred to me that he was possibly training for the US10K Classic. He had the build of the guys who usually win the running portion of the race: low body fat, yet fluid-looking rather than sharp or muscular. He was flying. Gracefully. I bombed it down the next hill and scrambled a little way up the next, hopped off onto the side of the road and turned around to see him already at the bottom of the hill behind me! He ran like he was pouring himself cell by cell into the next frame. He gained ground as if sprinting along an airport passenger conveyor-belt. Uphill. I waited ... a few seconds ... for him to catch up and yelled to him "You training for the US10K?", and he grinned at me, not really understanding what I'd said, and replied "Nice hill, huh?". It's always an amazing thrill for me to see those guys cross the finish line at the US10K Classic. I don't think the rules of gravity apply to them.
eebee's picture


I found out the identity of the slinky wonder-runner! My son has been telling me all about Grayson High School's Kirubel Erassa, originally from Ethiopia. He is on track for breaking even more records and next time I'm skating at the park while he's running there, he'll probably pass me. He just ran a 5k in Charlotte in 14:43. Amazingly, he came in second place! Here is a small AJC article about him. Some funny excerpts:

"It was my freshman year," Erassa said. "I played on the soccer team. After the season was over, I had nothing to do. I joined the track team just to see how I could do. The coach let me run the JV [junior varsity] mile. I broke five minutes at 4:58. After that, I threw up."

"Ethiopia, Erassa's homeland, is known for producing some of the world's best long-distance runners. He and twin sister Tiyo are the youngest of 12 children. Erassa and eight other family members moved to the United States in 2005 for "better opportunities."

It both amuses and depresses me that there are a select few who routinely run faster than I can possibly skate. I mean, I've got wheels on, for heaven's sake :-)

polarhex's picture


Original was from word and that looked like sh.... so I took as much out as I could, but it left that bunch in the top of the post. That top part I could not see (and therefore not change). I could see it looked like "#¤¤%!, but in my preview it looked fine.

I would have thought it would be more "clean" to post from a plain txt doc. that should not have any hidden codes.


But well, does not matter and thanks for your help. Cool with the link!



roadskater's picture

Word to Wordpad or Other

Unfortunately things are not as supersweet as I'd like here, and I use some workarounds myself. I have my profile set to let me look at plain text first, rather than rich text. If you're looking at plain text or a limited version of html, as you prefor, sort of, it'll say "enable rich text" below the text box (at this writing at least). Before I click "enable rich text" I copy all (Ctrl-A Ctrl-C), then I click "enable rich text" and select all and paste (Ctrl-A Ctrl-V). This preserves my paragraphs as I had them in the plain text. If the link below the text box says "disable rich-text" you are in rich text mode, which will have icons that look Wordish above the text box. It's a good idea to select all and copy (Ctrl-A Ctrl-C) before switching between modes so you can select all and paste (Ctrl-A Ctrl-V) if you need to after looking at what it has done to your text. Sorry for these glitches! Another trick if writing with Word and you want to clean out codes is to save it as .txt or to call up Wordpad and do a Paste Special...Unformatted (Atl-E S U [Enter key]), then select all and copy, then switch to the Roadskater.net or other web browser window and paste. So on a PC that'd be something like this starting with the paste unformatted... Alt-E S U [Enter key] Ctrl-A Ctrl-C Alt-Tab (to get to the correct window for pasting into Roadskater.net) Ctrl V. Not sure all of this makes sense but I hope it'll help. I don't mind helping but am glad you cared about it too! Once I'm finished with jersey work, maybe (ha) I can get some time to check a few strange things that happen on the site!
polarhex's picture

Somebody that knows how to

Somebody that knows how to post in this forum, be my guest and clean up the codes in above posting. I posted "plain text" and it looks like something the cat ... Hope everyone can get the gist anyway. /Birgit
roadskater's picture

Maybe Paste from Word (W and Clipboard icon)?

Perhaps paste from Word works better. Dunno. To clean it up I chose "enhanced text" then select all then pasted it into Wordpad and cleaned it up a bit. I agree it should be easier! Hopefully next time paste from Word might work. Thanks. I added a map pin for the start line location.

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