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Greensboro North Carolina NC Skate Weekend September 14-16 2007

roadskater's picture

Come skate the green, rolling hills of the North Carolina Piedmont Triad for the weekend this September!

Both days:

  • Please sign up for the Roadskater.net team free to help promote skating in NC...Skaters AND CYCLISTS welcome to join our team.
  • Bring a bicyclist! Now you can skate and bike together at your pace, or do your own thing and hook up later at the all-afternoon and evening festivities at Tanglewood Park.
  • Skate or ride only as much as you want. No pressure. No clock. Nobody cares how far you go. This is for charity and to promote roadskating.
  • SAG vehicles ping between rest stops about 10-12 miles apart. Get a ride; get out and skate more.
  • Rest stop competition: fresh fruit, homebaked goodies, gatorade, water, more.
  • Route supervision by GoldWing motorcycle/ham radio/SAG vehicles.
  • Emergency medical assistance, police, sheriff and fire department support.
  • Be treated like the roadskating god or goddess you are.
  • Bike tech support and repair units at rest stops.


  • Fly in to GSO airport by mid-afternoon Friday (generally less expensive overall than RDU or CLT even if flight is more, plus avoid Friday afternoon traffic in larger cities).
  • Get an inexpensive car to get around (cheaper than taxis; Alamo is walkable from luggage pickup).
  • Stay Friday night in an inexpensive (well under $50 and up) hotel near NC-68 and I-40, Greensboro.
  • Brief easy social skate on Friday afternoon/evening about 5pm at Bur-Mil Park near Owl's Roost Rd. and Battleground Ave., Greensboro.
  • Enjoy the inexpensive but nice team dinner to get to know the others (under $10 and up).


  • Team photo about 7 a.m. (details later)
  • Included start line snacks (but bring your fave stuff), rest stops, hot lunch and hot dinner Saturday.
  • Free gear portage from Volvo Trucks NA Greensboro to Tanglewood Park, Clemmons.
  • Optional 20-miler at destination, Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, Saturday, or do as much as you like of the...
  • 45-mile (or less, or more via recommended Loop 3) route on Saturday with full SAG and incredible support.
  • Free overnight camping on Saturday or free shuttle to nearby hotels (well under $80 and up).


  • Included light breakfast, rest stops, lunch sandwich buffet Sunday (tons of food).
  • Free gear portage back from Tanglewood Park, Clemmons, to Volvo Trucks NA, Greensboro.
  • 42-mile (or less) skate Sunday with full SAG and incredible support Sunday.
  • Fly out of GSO airport by late afternoon or evening Sunday (or stay and play).

Other Stuff:

  • If you are doing A2A (Athens to Atlanta), this is great preparation...like A2A over two days with lots more goodies and support, and slightly less hill climbing. 
  • Did I mention this is to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research and treatment?
  • The cost is about $35 to register and from $0 to $200 fundraising OR MORE for MS (see Blake about skaterships if the $200 fundraising is a problem; we have skaterships for first-timers and for people who meet certain incentive challenges). Please don't let the fundraising stop you from joining us! If you make any effort, we'll do our best to cover the difference.
  • Reward levels beyond the base fundraising let you earn Tour jerseys, shorts and more. Our team shares donations beyond individual goals to help each other get to the jersey level wherever possible.
  • Oh yeah, the official name of the event is the Tour to Tanglewood, and there will be 1500 cyclists there to admire your amazing muscles!

To donate or join the Roadskater.net team, please visit:


For more info and people who know more about this on Roadskater.net:

If you think there is ANY CHANCE you would come, let me know what it would take to get your here. We have people who would help with floor space, rides, and fundraising, if they know ahead of time and not at the last minute. Let me know!

Skateylove, Blake

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