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Inline Hockey Net Minder Chuffed at Being Girl Goalie for Great Britain

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Here's a nice story of a gal who's not afraid to let the inline puck hockey players fire away while she's at the goal. I don't need any part of flying objects wizzing by (or worse, not going by but hurting me), on skates or off. You go girl. You go everyone for letting her give it a shot...or a block. It's a shame many girls don't get to play baseball here in the USA instead of (or rather, in addition to) softball, in my unimportant opinion. This is just based on how much more I enjoyed baseball than softball. I don't mean this as disrespect to anyone who loves softball better. Love is good. I just mean how fun if the kids learn the game they love not based on some gender prohibition but based on what resonates with them after they've had a chance to play...softball would still be just as great even if some gals played baseball and maybe some guys played softball! Anyway, great job goalie girl.

Girl to play inline skate hockey for Britain - Sussex Express -

Girl to play inline skate hockey for Britain
Sussex Express, UK - Feb 27, 2008
Outside school hours she has developed a flare for a special indoor version of hockey. Inline puck hockey is similar to ice hockey. ...
[Inline Skating]


Hawkswood Road
Hailsham, Sussex, East Sussex
United Kingdom
50° 52' 42.4272" N, 0° 15' 33.9228" E


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A lot of alliteration from anxious anchors

Yeah I went crazy with alliteration, or more specifically, consonantal alliteration (which I had been taught was consonation, but now I find it not in the American Heritage Dictionary). The point is my title reminded me of the famous Albert Brooks scene in "Broadcast News": "a lot of alliteration from anxious anchors placed in powerful posts." Oh well. I just wanted to get "chuffed" and "net minder" in, then thought I should explain for the rest of us in the USA. Let's go skate.
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Manon Rheaume, female hockey goalie

Hockey Goalie Manon Rhéaume from Quebec was the first woman to play in an NHL game, albeit an exhibition one for Tampa Bay Lightning. I remember her being here in Atlanta for some reason about a decade ago and all the en vogue morning radio rebels talking excitedly about her.

Funny how baseball is only for young boys or elite men, while old men and girls are relegated to softball. Girls typically don't play soccer in soccer-obsessed nations.  

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Queen: "We are the champions of 0.0038 percent of the world"

Well, I can only speak for my experience, but when I came to Greensboro many years ago I was very disappointed in the baseball fields I saw (or softball fields) that were for the adult rec leagues. It looked like the infields were finely packed gravel, not dirt. Easier to maintain, I'm sure. And I had no interest in softball. The size of that ball just doesn't feel right to me. Call me picky.

I think they have for years made softer versions of baseballs (to reduce the size of the field needed to prevent too many home runs, and to make it kinder gentler for those who miss a catch or don't get out of the way of a pitch as fast as they used to). I guess fast pitch baseball would be too intense, but even with pitching machines like the tikes use it might be fun for adults.

I could see doing that, but never could get happy about softball unless there were a covered-dish supper involved and no gloves or maybe shared gloves left in the field of play, no uniforms, no plan. As a kid, it was really fun to see people, especially adults, you don't think of as athletic get out on the field and become kids again and forget their normal aspect of dignity!

All that's OK, but coming straight from the age where you would still play baseball, I just didn't want to play where the obvious idea was you won't be sliding or if you do you'll rip some clothes at least. I was busy overworking at the time and didn't go any further with it, and I'd like to add that Greensboro has probably greatly improved this and already has two excellent venues for organized youth and young adult baseball...the old War Memorial Stadium and the Jaycee Park baseball field adjacent to what I lately call "Baseball Hill" in Greensboro Country Park.

[In my mind the park loop goes: Superstition Start, The Dam, Monument Hill, Doggie Hill, The 180, Trickster Gap or The Chicane, Baseball Hill, Flagpole Switchback, and Brainfreeze Drop (or Playground Funnel, or "Watch out for that adult not paying attention to their kids Dip." Now you know what's in my head. Subject to change without prior notice.]

The only other thing I remember is that for those over 25 years old, team sports seems to change from being something everyone does to something mostly those guys who didn't reach the goals they had wanted to in the first 25 years do. "Napoleon Dynamite" understands this beautifully, with it's past his prime former second string quarterback if only target tossing a steak, dreaming of throwing a football over the next mountain.

I am sure church and other leagues have some games where it genuinely is about playing some basketball for an hour or baseball for a couple of hours in an organized but non-violent way, but it seemed way too intense and competitive to the point of cheating the rules in the game and in team formation and such. All that's fine but not what I wanted. And I'd rather play guitar for drunk softball players than be one of them, if I had to do either.

I'd love to be able to shoot some hoops, play in some adult pickup games that truly are just for fun (why not have a league where every game you hold a draft like kids do...oh I know then you can't have season winners and losers and trophies and Queen singing "We are the champions of 0.0038 percent of the world, my friend," and all that.

So even before 25 I dropped out of that and was running instead, especially enjoying hill running, hiking and sometimes trail running in the NC mountains. Busting my knee or elbow or face from something I do is one thing, but as a result of someone deciding they will deny me a goal at any cost including my health and livelihood and maybe there's, all for the championship, say, of 0.0038% of the world's population is just not what I'm looking for.

We are the champions of our street,
And we'll keep on fighting until we eat...

When I think of all that I can see why I switched from being passionate about actually playing baseball and basketball to mid-to-long distance running. I eventually ruined that through nagging injuries and by being too competitive with myself, so when I finally tried inline skating that was easily more fun, way more fun, than running. (timv urged me to try it for years but it took Ann and Kaye to actually get me out there, then I immediately skated way more than they did.)

As I've said many times and will say again the difference between running and skating is somewhat like pond fishing versus stream fly fishing. Huh? With skating, particularly in the beginning but hopefully always, there's so much focus on staying up and out of harm's or harming's way, that the internal monologues of running are not as much there in skating. Running seems great if you want to mull over life, and skating seems great if you want a mini-vacation from it. Now skating on a tame, flat, lonely, straight path might have the mull factor, and on self-hatred Monday (aka Cobweb Skate day), it might be mullish.

Running is more like waiting in the outfield for something to happen, and skating is like what happens when you hear just the echo of the ball hitting the bat and it's time to find that sucker and haul it in before it drills your head or eight others want to.

Another repeat...Fun is important in any exercise program! Keep it fun so you want to go out there again. If being hypercompetitive is fun, do that. But if not, just have fun doing any kind of exercise and keep having fun and you'll get better at it, and healthier.


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