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Kickbike Scooter Bike and Kickspark Scooter Sled

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Check out this article on the Kickbike, which seems like a nice alternative in certain situations... It has brakes and a front wheel somewhat like a regular bike, with a smaller rear wheel. No gears or crank, of course, so it is lighter and more workout one would imagine! This could be a hit for a lot of touristy situations I think, since it is usable with perhaps a wider range of clothing and shoes with no bike chain to worry about. I don't know as I've never ridden one, but I'd like to give one a ride at the beach sometime!


Also check out Kickbike.com for more, and there's a US site as well. Some of the photos seem a bit unrealistic (kickbiking with dress sandals on?) but OK.

If you are missing snow and ice, visit Kickspark.com. I like how they left in some crashes.

Maybe we could get the Kickbike US distributor to come to the Tour to Tanglewood and ride with our team. Sweet.

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