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Lance Armstrong Crashes at Castilla y León; Breaks Collarbone, Abandons, Leaves in Ambulance; Sobrino Wins Stage 1

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Lance Armstrong has crashed at the Vuelta Ciclista Castilla y León and retired from the race, leaving the scene by ambulance. It has been confirmed as a collarbone injury. I was unable to get video going today, so I didn't see it, but I'll post video links if I find any (not of the crash in particular). I'll update as I know more. Armstrong was there with Astana Cycling, Alberto Contador and Levi Leipheimer. It was the first time all three cyclists were to be racing together as a team.


Paredes de Nava
42° 9' 10.6956" N, 4° 41' 39.66" W
41° 56' 13.7976" N, 4° 14' 44.988" W


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Fast Finish Stage 1 Castilla y León

This is not crash video, but it is exciting for several reasons: the high speeds, tight turns into the finish, and perhaps most of all, the way the results flash instantly as they cross the line. They must be wearing data pods, eh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iKtKDJvkkI The top ten all with the same time... 1-SOBRINO MARTÍNEZ, Joaquín. BURGOS CONTINENTAL. Español. 4:31:53 2-VITORIA, David. ROCK RACING. Español. m. t. 3-ROJAS, José Joaquín. CAISSE D'EPARGNE. Español. m. t. 4-PEREZ, Rubén. EUSKALTEL EUSKADI. Español. m. t. 5-CARDOSO, Manuel. LIBERTY SEGUROS. Español. m. t. 6-DEKKER, Hans. GARMIN-SLIPSTREAM. Holandés. m. t. 7-MOURON DOLDAN, F. XACOBEO GALICIA. Español. m. t. 8.KOSTYUK, Denys. ISD. Ucraniano. m. t. 9-SERRANO, Ricardo. FUJI-SERVETTO. Español. m. t. 10-URTASUN, Pablo. EUSKATEL EUSKADI. Español. m. t.
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Post-Crash Video From Helicopter

Not too much here but it's the first link I've seen... http://www.rtve.es/deportes/20090323/armstrong-dice-adios-por-una-caida/... Also, Bruyneel says it's a clean break with no complications.

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