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Landis update: Landis' attorney seeks to dismiss doping charges

skatey-mark's picture

Did a quick search today to see if there was any new news...


Summary:  Landis is still saying he's innocent and that he will be exonerated.  His attorney has asked the charges be dismissed based on irregularities in the testing process...  They point out this is the same lab that went on the witch hunt against Armstrong, and that there appears to be an "agenda" here.

A review board is expected to make a decision sometime next week, although that could be delayed if the USADA responds directly to the letter.  If they go ahead with sanctions, Landis will obviously ask for an arbitration hearing, which woulod likely happen in December or January.  In the meantime, he says he's gathering more evidence to prove his innocence -- which is made difficult because the lab is not cooperating.

So nothing really new -- just the next step in following through on the "lab conspiracy" theory.  It'll be interesting to see how it plays out, and the implications for future testing if Landis is indeed found innocent.

- SM -

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