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Liberty Ion Avenger Inline Speed Skate Frames Review

andrewinnc's picture

I have not had much time to log sufficient miles on my new Liberty Ion frames to really give an in depth review. But with the warmer NC weather the past couple of days, I have been able to log about 20 miles on them.

They feel much lighter than my Luigino pilots and are very stiff as well. I have not noticed any flex in them when pushing hard. They seem stable when going down hills. I have had to adjust my frame alignment position from the starting point of back wheel centered on heel and front wheel centered between the big and second toe. I had to move the left frame out a little more towards the center of the boot as I noticed my foot was supinating (falling out on the outside edges). They have a good solid feel to them and the front two wheels having a longer spacing between them seems to make no difference in performance.

So far, I would have to say, I am very happy with my new frames and look forward to putting some serious miles on them this summer.

Now for the disclaimer. This reviewer is not trying to pick one frame over another as being better. Both of them are excellent choices in their own way. Just as we as skaters all have our own unique skating styles and techniques, frames all have their own as well. There is not a one size fits all. It would be a boring world if we had only one choice of boot, frame, or anything for that matter.   


Liberty Ion Avenger frames: Blake, here is a pic of my new frames.Liberty Ion Avenger frames: Blake, here is a pic of my new frames.


eebee's picture

Luigino Pilot vs. Liberty Ion Avenger Skate Frames

Good to read about your experience with the Liberty Ion Avenger frames. Was there anything other than the wheel-spacing/bolt-jamming issue on your Luigino Pilots that prompted you to buy and try out the Liberty frames?

And does the Luigino frame's flexing alter your skating for the better or worse?

andrewinnc's picture

Re: Pilot vs. Liberty Ions

Eebee the 2nd wheel, bolt jamming issue was probably the most important reason I switched frames. I have a boot with the shorter mount and this is a big problem with 4X100 frames. Most of the bigger wheel frames have only the long mount. The Pilots and Ions both have both mounting positions. Because of Georges approach with the 2nd wheel position, by spacing it just a little bit more with the first wheel, than the rest of the wheels, he has resolved this issue. And it has a lower deck height, almost a 1/4 of an inch, which is a nice extra bonus. I didn't realize how much the height difference would feel, but it is noticeable. I didn't mean to make it sound like the Pilots flexed, I don't feel like they did. One other nicety of the Liberty ion frames is that they are machined out of a solid block of aluminum, where as the Pilots look like they were cast. Also the Liberty's are made in America, which is hard to come by these days.
roadskater's picture

Nice Review and Looking Forward to More Reports

Hey andrewinnc, thanks for the quick review. Sounds like some sweet hardware. I know Mark at Gatorbackskate was working on milling some frames and his were set to have a Gatorbrake frame built in. I wonder how that project is going...Anybody know? I would love to have more reviews of skate frames here if anyone has opinions. Either add a comment or start a new blog entry.

As for the Liberty Ions, I think the lower height will make a huge difference. I wonder if anyone is making a 165mm mount frame with all the wheel spaces wider to make the frame the length of, say, a 5x84 frame? 

Feel free to add a photo if you have one of your new setup, or let me know when we're around each other and I'll grab one to post with this piece. 

Liberty Ion Avenger Skate Frame

Glad to hear that the spacing isn't an issue. I never thought that you would have a problem with that but some swear that there's a difference. I do know that skating a full 1/4" lower is HUGE!!! I'm sure over longer skates you'll feel less fatigued, especially on crowned roads, than when you were skating higher on your old frames. All the muscles that we use to stabilize ourselves as skaters get a break when we're not working so hard to stay up on stilts!!! Best wishes . . . Claire
andrewinnc's picture

Sitting lower

Thanks Claire, you're quite right about the 1/4" making a big difference. I feel like I am sitting down into them more now. I have put quite a few indoor hours on them and can say they feel really solid and stable on the wooden floors. I am quite happy with them. As far as the spacing issue, other skaters that are a lot better than me, may notice the difference. I haven't noticed anything different because of it. I like the fact I have more frame adjustment now.
roadskater's picture

Great Input on Using a Lower Skate Frame

Hey guys...

@clairem: This is good stuff on the uneven spacing of wheels fore to aft issue. I think I saw that anodized rainbow Miller frame of yours (2120e, 3120e?) in Central Park or rather at Columbus Circle some years ago, Claire. Is that true, do you recall?

@andrewinnc: I'm glad that being on a lower frame has made a difference. I mentioned it once in reference to your Pilot frames, that I had heard the y might be a bit higher to accommodate 4x100mm wheels on a 165mm boot mount, but wasn't sure about that and wasn't sure from personal experience how much difference it would make. Glad to have some information on that!

Miller Frames

Way back when 80mm wheels were the standard, I had Miller frames.  I don't remember the exact model I had, but I know it was not the 31 whatever it was.  I believe the "3" designated an indoor frame, and the "e" you referenced had something to do with the length.  I think the "e" was used to indicate a shorter length frame.

In any event, they were ultra low, knock-your-teeth-out rigid, and had a sizable gap between the first and second wheels.  But hey, wasn't it you that took a picture of those rainbow colored frames???  They were cool looking.  I can remember going over the Brooklyn Bridge on that boardwalk surface with my teeth clanging and feet so numb that if anyone was hanging out at the bottom of the downhill side I would have wiped them out.  We were both lucky that no one was in my way!!!

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