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Max speed (GPS or cyclist verified), and max speed stories

dtg's picture

Yesterday on the Cup N Cone ride here in the Cary, NC area, me, Mark, and Mike went down the infamous "Lystra" road and hit above 50mph (my gps said 51.2mph, Marks 53.1).  I think that was the fastest verified speed I have ever done on skates that I can remember. Mark was out in front and handled it very well considering we had to pass a cyclist going 44mph.

Just wondering what other skaters have as far as "max speed", fun stories, and any ideas for safety.  Also, is there a speed at which skating equipment



Now way, that is around 85 km/h eebee is right you guys are crazy. The most I ever did was around 65 km/h on 80mm wheels. How long was the ride in total that day? I checked out the hill part on Google Earth, looks delicious. I think, I would like to ride it a couple of times before doing it in a tuck…and then… probably chicken out. LOL
MikeB's picture

Need for Speed

It was just too cool, and went by way too fast - literally.  I am so pumped to go faster.  Truly, it didn't feel that fast.  The hum of the wheels was getting louder and the rush of the wind was 'breezier' toward the end but all and all I felt in great control.

roadskater's picture

Reminder of Frame Length and Wheel Sizes

Hey MikeB. I think you have a 4x100mm, right? What's the frame length on that? My 12.8" frame feels a bit less solid than the old 13.whatever 5x84mm I had. Just curious if your frame is over 12.8" long.
roadskater's picture

One or all of you guys want to share some data?

Oy you guys were flying! It'd be cool to get some maps or data going. If anyone wants to do something with gpsvisualizer.com, cool. Otherwise if you want to send me a .tcx or .gpx or some other data, maybe I can make a speed topo map. No worries if you'd rather not publish the stuff, as I'm sure there's plenty I shouldacouldawoulda elsewise. Sounds like a really fun day, and what else could it possibly be about than fun, if you want it to last? Awesome stuff.
eebee's picture


What size wheels were you all on? Oh and if you had helmet lift you probably didn't even notice at that speed!
MikeB's picture

Wheel size

SkateyMark was rolling on Matter 110s, and Dave and I were on 100s

dtg's picture

yeah, nuts but fun!

I do not remember getting "helmet lift". Not even sure what that is really - sounds wild! As far as coasting, I remember Mark pushing at the top to get some speed and we were going pretty fast at the top - I did not remember what the hill was like so I was not in a tuck until I saw for myself that we had a straight runout. I just remember thinking man, we are going fast, I cannot see around the turn, and I know we have not hit the bulk of the hill yet. So I was not in a tuck until a bit later. I can't imagine if I had really tucked the whole way or there were more than 3 of us. I did not find I cramped up, or at least do not remember that type of fatigue but I know what you mean. Lystra is somewhat rolling for quite a while, mostly downhill. Then towards the end of it is where you get the really fast part. It is not quite like Silver Hill's profile I don't think but that is just a wild guess. I would guess Lystra's really fast part is steeper and shorter. It's really insane to try to climb it - you get almost no roll. Often someone paints on it cul de Lystra coming up the hill, and for good reason!
MikeB's picture

50+.....What a RUSH

52 or 53 mph was definitely the highlight. SkateyMark was leading, Dave in 2nd, and me in 3rd. And Mark is right, we could have pulled another 4mph out of it but grabbed some wind to 'safen' things up a smidge. This downhill was at about mile 32 so fatigue was a factor. There was a rest stop 1 mile later and a few cyclist pulled up wondering about our speed. They were clocking 44 - 45 and we screamed passed them. There was quite a buzz at the rest stop as other cyclists overheard the speed. It was pretty cool. I'm ready though. Let's get 55+ or break 60! At 53mph after 32 miles I just had a very minor wobble in the left skate. We finished strong though, my data showed a 13.4mph average,,,,so for me personally, that was my best skating day ever --- longest distance at 48.50, respectable avg speed and 52/53 top speed. Cup N Cone 2010....I'm ready!
roadskater's picture

Moving Average or Overall Average Either Way That's Great

Hey MikeB...Congrats on a fine day out with some guys who expect to be moving on along! I'm glad you got to be in a good fast pack on a day of nice weather, too. It sounds like a loverly time ya. On that average mph, was that including stops or not including time while stopped (I think it's in the options screens of the Forerunner). Also from another thread did you get the Forerunner communication problem solved from the article below? http://roadskater.net/how-reboot-garmin-forerunner-305-locked-when-recha...
MikeB's picture

moving avg = 13.4

My Forerunner is set for "Auto-Pause" ---- very cool feature.  So average speed based solely on rolling miles.

 The communication error is still not fixed though.  Garmin troubleshooter emails say to download latest software (I'm using Garmin Training Center version 5.0) to see if that helps.  Upon connection to the computer the 305 tells me "transfer completed" but then a dialog box shows up on my computer screen:  "communication error - please make sure your Garmin is connected to your computer."  Different USB ports + plugging/unplugging, + clicking Import Data, + force pushing data from 305 to computer......all result the same.

My first 5 downloads were perfect.  Now, not so much.

roadskater's picture

Did you try deleting courses, all old data, from Forerunner 305?

Hi MikeB. I was wondering if you had looked to see if there are courses in your Forerunner, or if perhaps you had deleted all the old data from the wrist unit (having saved it in the computer program)? From all I've heard, this is a data problem. The reason it says "Transfer Complete" may be that it has completed the transfer of a certain kind of data. It apparently says "Transfer Complete" several times, though you don't notice they are separate unless your last event is a long transfer. I believe that if you clear all the old data out (trying just courses first, if you have any) the unit will transfer without problems. I believe that one of those kinds of data has been corrupted in the Forerunner, and that the communication error comes when it gets to that data. That's what seems to be the case from descriptions I read on the internet. Let me know how it goes if you feel like it! I'm interested. Good luck!
MikeB's picture

Forerunner 305 data issue

You bring up a great point.  If memory serves me correctly, after downloading about 4 or 5 skate sessions, I created a named a few "courses", and after that it didn't download data correctly.

 Also, when we did TdK, my Forerunner created it's own data, showing my drive from Wake Forest to Denton, in a perfectly straight line.  This straight line also attached itself to the skate session prior to TdK, and also to the TdK skate.  Strange.

After reinstalling the Garmin Training Center software on a different computer (one with internet access) the same error persists.....so I downloaded the latest GTC version + the latest Chipset version and still the same error.

I looked at the Garmin literature and logged on to www.motionbased.com which advised it was taken over by Garmin and transitioning to GarminConnect.  I created an account on that website and successfully downloaded all data (minus courses).....so at least if I do a 'hard reset' on the Forerunner, the data has been put somewhere.  But first I'll take delete Courses and see if that does the trick.  Thanks!

roadskater's picture

If that fixes it...

...we should create a new article with the name of the unit and the text of the error in the title and give a little summary to help the searchers find the solution. I had not noticed until you mentioned your problems that there are several transfer complete messages...one for each type of data. OK good luck. Hopefully the "courses" are the problem. Did you try to upload the courses or just leave them out in case that was the problem? If you tried and they didn't make it, then I'm confident the courses are the problem. But I've been simultaneously confident and wrong many times before.
MikeB's picture

Frustration won

First I deleted the 'courses' --- no good.  Then I remembered that the device got hung up transmitting data to the Garmin.Connect site, so I retried to upload all workouts.  This time the all workouts made it online (but not to my desktop computer Garmin software).

One funny thing showed up:  a rogue workout was in the data that drew a bee line from one town to another -- 24 miles long and straight as an arrow.  Plus the bee line added itself the the prior workout and to one a few days after.  I deleted all this bad data but the device still would not talk to my desktop.

So, being satisfied that at least the data uploaded somewhere, I did a hard reset of the unit and started over.  It has yet to be tested but I sure hope this fixes it.

dtg's picture

Congrats - glad you came along!

The day exceeded my expectations as well!  Glad you had such a good time!  It really makes a big difference when there is 3-4 people.

60?  What are you, insane?

skatey-mark's picture

it was nuts!

When we were flying down the hill, I had no idea how fast we were going... It *felt* fast, but I would have figured somewhere around 45 mph. If only because I think my previous fastest recorded speed was around 45 mph... About halfway down the hill, my right skate started to wobble. By 3/4 of the way it was really bad. It's been a long time since I've experienced anything like it. I attributed it to lack of time on my skates this year, and tired legs. I had no choice but to stand up and catch some air and stop the acceleration. If not for the wobbles, I think we could have easily gotten another 4-5 mph out of the hill! I think it would be interesting to drive out to the hill (so the legs are fresh) and wear full crash gear, to see just how fast the hill really is... Dave checked his GPS (after we slowed down of course) and it said 51.2 mph! I still haven't figured out all the bells & whistles on my Polar RS800, so I wasn't able to pull up the maximum speed that I recorded. Later at home, I uploaded the data to the computer and the speed was even higher than what Dave recorded -- 53.1 mph! The HRM was set to sample every 5 seconds, so it has reasonably good precision. Maybe next time I'll change it to 2 second resolution... (I think the RS800 might even have 1-second resolution as an option.) I don't think we would have had the guts to take that downhill the way we did if we hadn't climbed that same hill on the first half of the skride. So we knew the road was straight, had a good rollout at the bottom, and had no cross streets. We pushed moderately hard at the top of the hill, maybe had 16-18 mph going before we went into a tuck. Then we just bombed straight down the hill. As Eebee mentioned, once you're above 30 mph, you're pretty much committed. It's not possible to apply the brake at crazy speeds, or try any other braking maneuver (t-stop, etc). You just have to ride it out. The only thing you can do (which is what I had to do) is stand up to increase your wind resistance, which will slow you down. Of course, standing up may make you less stable, as your center of gravity moves higher off the ground. So it's pretty dicey for the 10 seconds or so that it takes to slow down to a more stable speed. Anyway, we lived through it, and it was quite a rush. 50+ mph, free ice cream at the rest stop and again at the finish... What more could you want? - SM -
eebee's picture


Well that is one sick achievement you guys!! I'm not sure I would be brave enough for 50+mph but then once you're at that speed it's not the time to change your mind. I'd say that's probably my only safety tip - once you get up over even 40mph, just hang tight and don't brake or even peel off the back. Thanks for mentioning this! I am flabbergasted and it'll help me to know what's possible if I ever find myself going over 45mph. Good job on achieving those speeds with safety. I bet that cyclist couldn't believe his eyes. I'm not sure at what high speed your skate equipment would burn up. Did you get 'helmet lift'? I had that on Silver Hill at the Outlaw skate with two of us several years ago, but I think we were probably only doing 40mph or so. Not sure. Were you guys just coasting or pushing some? Just the three of you? I wonder how much faster you would've gone with a fourth person. Lystra Road is a long hill, right? Did you find it hard to be in a tuck that long? Depending on the mileage up to that point, sometimes I just can't keep my legs still on a long downhill due to shin or calf cramps. Sorry for all the questions! Answer them please! This is too cool.
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