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North Carolina Walk'n'Roll or Bike/Walk Human Powered Transportation Group Founding Meeting Greensboro NC Mar 2, 2008

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2008.03.02 12:00 pm
2008.03.02 4:00 pm
The soon to be formerly known as ncbikeped group will get a new name this weekend. You can help make it include other rollers specifically (skaters, skateboarders, wheelchairists of the commuting and athletic training sort) by attending and voting for the name with "Roll" in it. It's down to 2 names and this is the vote that decides it. Please be there! So far the roller name has won every vote by a landslide, but this is the only vote that counts. If the name is too specific for bicycling and pedestrianalisticationism, I'm sure you know there'll be little focus on other rollers and probably not much thought for roadrunners either.

By participating or not, we'll be showing whether or not we:
  • are serious about creating an nc-wide human-powered exercise organization and
  • want skating to be a recognized part of it and
  • we want skating to be part of the agenda for the first year and
  • we are willing to work for it (the best way being to offer to be on the board...some of you are better at this than me I'm sure!)
  • we want to highlight the needs of other rollers, including safe and courteous skaters, skateboarders, and wheelchair athletes of every level, including recreational

We'll also find out if they want us to be really included. A no will be just as valuable as a yes, but so far they've certainly included me.

I hope you can make it. I include the notice for the meeting below. you can tell the language still includes only biking and walking specifically, but at least it now includes other forms of human powered transportation. so that's an improvement.

We have an opening for inclusion here, but it will take a group of us, not one or even two. If we are not part of the effort we'll just be forgotten, and that's ok too if it's what we want.

I've already missed opportunities to contribute photos and such for publicity just by being too busy or preoccupied with other things (and from picking a bad couple of weeks to take a break from most things internet). If you leave it up to just me, we won't have as much say and can't do as much for the common cause we share with fellow walkers and rollers as we can if several of us get involved. We don't want to take over the organization that is certain, but we have a chance to be an equal part of it.

If it's just me and others don't seem too interested, I'll just feel like a pest and won't keep at it long i'm sure. So please let me know how you feel and whether you want this to succeed.

Register at


----- Forwarded Message ----
Join bicycle, pedestrian and other human poweredtransportati on advocates from across the state for the launch of a new statewide bicycle, pedestrian and human poweredtransportati on advocacy organization. An ad hoc group has been meeting for over a year to
gather support, survey advocates and finalize an organization structure.
When: March 2nd, 2008 11am-3pm
Where: UNC-Greensboro
Elliot University Center


  • Elect board of directors
  • Set first year advocacy priorities
  • Organize a strategy of action to achieve priorities
  • Bike ride to follow meeting

Please register for the event online at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/95982085 (lunch provided for $8) if you plan to come.

Directions: http://web.uncg. edu/adm/visit/ directions. htm

The bicycle ride following the meeting will give a tour of the Greensboro Arboretum, Hamilton Lakes and the Guilford Courthouse Battleground National Park.

Local Alternative Transportation Advocacy Stories
If you have been involved in local advocacy campaigns or projects thatyou would like to share with other advocates from across the state,please bring these stories with you to the March 2nd meeting. Thestories could include the latest installation of alternativetranspor tation facilities or relate to an education campaign you havebeen working on to encourage more people walk or bicycle safely. Pleasekeep your stories to between 300-600 words and include any pictures. There is a kick-off newsletter planned to showcase efforts from across the State.


UNC-Greensboro: Elliott University Center
1000 Hampton Street
Greensboro, North Carolina 27401
United States
36° 4' 9.678" N, 79° 48' 33.2316" W

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