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Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem NC 2008 Tour To Tanglewood MS Training Bike Ride Inline Skate

roadskater's picture
2008.07.12 12:15 am
2008.07.12 12:30 pm

Paceline Bicycles in Winston-Salem puts on a nice ride and they're definitely friendly folk. It's a bit citified at the start but quickly nice country roads. Coming back you may need your braking skills or good timing, but it's all good and not far to the shop from there.

T2T training rides welcome experienced roadskaters to join in, but if it's your first one, please talk with the MS Society staff, a Bike Response Team member (look for their jerseys!), or a Roadskater.net skater if you can before rolling out. Bikes are welcome too of course!

These are great FREE, extremely well-supported skateable bike rides to introduce you to the people and mission of Tour to Tanglewood, the great charity fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis. There are no speeches...just a lot of friendly folk helping you get trained in case you decide you'd like to join us in September for the 10th Skateyloved Tour to Tanglewood.

  • Registration at 7:30 a.m.
  • Safety Talk at 8:15 a.m.
  • Roll out is at 8:30 a.m.


Paceline Bicycles (Winston-Salem)
5005 Country Club Rd
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States
Phone: (336) 768-6408‎
36° 5' 6.09" N, 80° 20' 56.7672" W


andrewinnc's picture

re: training ride

Just a quick note to people new to the rides. I did this one last year with Blake and Craig. Nice roads, and great support as usual. You will not be dissapointed.
roadskater's picture

Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem 2007 T2TTR Photos

roadskater's picture

InlineNC: Training ride/skate this Saturday, July 12th T2T

[Someone posted to InlineNC about this ride, so I thought I'd add my reply here.]


I think you got a reply off-list but I wanted to say I hope some of us will show up for the training ride.

I'm not sure if I'll be in town but if I am I'll be there unless it's nasty weather. Maybe Andy, Craig, Jack or Tim might be going, or some of the Triangle folk?

I'm not sure if you're a roadskater or not or how comfortable you are with being on the road, but the T2T training rides are about the best way you can start after some practice on your own in residential streets. They're free and the support is amazing. The Bicycle Response Team is definitely pro-roadskater, and they'll gladly help if you have any problems.

We've noticed a few more beginners at the rides this year, which is excellent news. And with beginners there seem to be some content to ride along in a more leisurely way, along with those who've naturally gotten more lean and much faster as they've developed as cyclists.

Andy, Craig and I did this route last year. Maybe those guys can comment. I recommend a brake for roadskating, and on this route, mainly for the part going out of town and coming back in...or the willingness to burn a bit of wheel or time the lights right.

I don't want to scare anyone away (particularly roadskater veterans who can handle it easily), but do feel it important to be honest. This route is easier technically than Ken's (a great skride still) or Paul's in WS (very good to great the last few years). I don't recall any real wheel burners except for the one downhill stoplight coming back into town, and it's not the worst I've seen by any means. But I sometimes forget things I've gotten used to. I do remember some nice areas in the country and in a small town or two (Lewisville maybe?).

So, it's not a newbie roadskater event, but what is, in northwest Winston-Salem? If you can brake, you can do it!

Photos from last year...

2002 Photos (started from a slightly different location but nearby I think...note KenO and eebee visited from Georgia)

Anyone doing the training skate this Saturday meeting @Paceline Bicycles in Winston Salem? Just wondering how many were coming and the level of difficulty if anyone knows?

I'll try to post later this week to InlineNC or Roadskater.net and hope others will too.


northinsouth's picture

i plan on doing this ride.

i plan on doing this ride. I hope I can get some company. Call me at 420 9588, and we can set up a car pool or just meet there. Craig
roadskater's picture

Questions on the Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride

Here's an excerpt from off list, off roadskater.net...

I do enjoy skating outdoors and don't mind hills etc...However...I do not have a brake, so I hope I can wing it....

If you're used to skating hills and stopping when you need to, the brake is optional. I got a brake after a trip to Philly and because of the help and encouragement of eebee, Skatey-Mark and others who tried it all out before I did. My decision came down to seeing the economics of it (brakes being way cheaper than pretty profiled polyurethane wheels) and having an additional first way to stop before resorting to burning wheels. I've used the leash a bit lately too and that helps get more leverage. But I've done this event without a brake before so you're likely fine.

Do you happen to know how far the route is and...the options if for some reason you are unable to keep up with everyone else or need to call it a day?

I don't know the route but the bike shop would likely be able to tell you the different distances. Often there's a lasso shape so you go out then can do a loop or not. The training rides usually have SAG support of some kind, though sometimes it's not an official bike shop vehicle. It's a good idea to get a turn sheet and look to see if there's a phone number there, or just look it up online before you go.

As for distance, or speed, nobody will mind or care if you end up not doing a certain distance. They just want you to have fun and be safe, in hopes you'll want to do more and will get inspired to do the Tour to Tanglewood to help raise money for MS (optional).

Watch for the Bicycle Response Team, who have new jerseys (shirts, not states) this year that are white with some burnt orange and light blue and black trim. These folk devote themselves to being out there for you and they'll ride in with you if you're at the back and want to keep going. The BRT and rest stop volunteers (Valerie and Elaine and others) are seriously skater friendly too and we've worked on that reputation over a long time, so please everyone be as nice as you can muster through the pain or heat or frustration. Their job is your safety so please heed their advice and come tell me later if there's a problem and I'll talk it over with whomever.

This is a great group of volunteers and staff and the friendliest bunch of cyclists you could hope to meet. I'm still not sure if I'll be in NC but if I am I plan to be there (weather is a factor) and I hope it goes well for all of you who can make it. Sounds fun.

andrewinnc's picture

I am planning on being there also.

I thoroughly enjoyed this ride last year and am going to be there saturday, weather permitting. As for the question on not being able to finish or do all the miles. Last year on one of the rides they had the extra loop, for those who wish to do more miles, and I opted out of the loop. My boots were killing me and I knew if I did the extra 10 or so miles, I wouldn't be able to make it back to the bicycle shop. I skated back with some of the cyclists and everything was just fine. There is always a friendly group of cyclist to hang with.

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