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Photos of Skaters and Cyclists Found Online at Inline Skating and Cycling Races and Charity Bike Rides

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In addition to the photos of skating and cycling events on Roadskater.net Classic (http://rsn1.net), here's a place for us to collect links to other photos we've found interesting along the way, especially of skaters and cyclists.

Here's a photo of Andy and Melinda at Tour de Lions 2008 from the tourdelions.com website, and some of jay's photos from Callaway Gardens 2008...

Meanwhile, I'm busy working on editing my own photos of Tour de Kale and State Games of NC, plus writing about them, plus trying to keep the site running too (those are my excuses and I'll leave out trying to exercise today I guess). When you find some cool skatey photos linked from a skate or bike list, maybe this is a good place to collect some links. Hope so...Skateylove, roadskater


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Callaway Gardens pics 2008 - wish I'd done it!

Jay's (Deb's) photos look great. Now I wish I'd done it. I love these ones of Steph. She looks like she's giving it 100% to get to the finish.

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Miami Great Esskate SoBe 2008 Photos

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