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Piedmont Triad Region (NC)

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Tour to Tanglewood Section of Roadskater.net

Hi and welcome! This is a special part of Roadskater.net for anyone who loves, or thinks they might grow to love, the awesome 2-day Tour to Tanglewood skate and bike ride (skride) for Multiple Sclerosis. It shows links to photos, articles, maps and more from our roadskating and cycling team members who have participated in Tour to Tanglewood every year since 1999.

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Roadksater.net Inline Skaters & Cyclists Raise Money for Multiple Sclerosis

Hello world, as the programmers say. Would you like to help some inline skaters help the people who help the people with Multiple Sclerosis? If so, please sponsor our Roadskater.net inline skating and cycling charity team. Or better yet, join us September 15-16 for the Tour to Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis. Find out more, and join or donate at:

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Bicycle Toy & Hobby High Point NC 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos

The Bicycle Toy & Hobby training ride is usually the last one of the year, barring rain dates, and its a great time to pick up packets for the Tour to Tanglewood, so lots of riders show for this one. It's downhill out of town and uphill back into town along mostly five-lane and four-lane roads with mostly good natured motorists along the way. Out in the country, the route followed familiar Tour to Tanglewood roads in some places. A rougher surface loop proved a tough blend with the hottest temps of a T2T TR this year, but we made it fine.

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Rolling in Randolph Bike Ride Inline Skate Asheboro NC September 29 2007

2007.09.29 8:00 am
2007.09.29 3:00 pm

I just wanted to share an event here in Randolph county. The sk/ride starts out in Asheboro and goes through various parts of Randolph county. The roads are usually pretty decent but there are a lot of hills, great if your into that. I have spoken to the director and it is ok for skaters to come. I think this would be a great way to increase the awareness of skating in our area.If you are interested post a note here and I can help answer questions.  Registration costs $20 in advance $25 day of...inexpensive, and you get a T-shirt while they last.

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Clemmons Bicycle 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Bike Ride Inline Skate Photos

As I've often said, the Clemmons Bicycle T2T TR route in the mid-30-mile range is my favorite, and this year I'd say that is still true, despite some nice routes at other shops. So when the weather turned out cooler it looked like another relatively easy day compared with what might have been. This summer we've been very lucky at least three times, maybe four (Tour de Lions, Tour de Kale, Cycles de Oro T2T TR and Clemmons Bicycle T2T TR), to have unseasonably cool temperatures.

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Spinz Bike Shop 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos Bike Ride & Inline Skate

I enjoyed the Spinz Ride a lot and had a chance to share a nice sunny morning with our newest local Roadskater in the hills around High Point and Archdale, NC. Sunflowers brightened the day significantly, and we made our way along well enough. Spinz did a great job of hosting and we appreciated their welcoming us. Hope you love the photos, and if you do, let us all know which ones! Here's a link to the RSN classic photo page:

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Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos Bike Ride & Inline Skate

Paceline Winston-Salem hosted another great Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride this year, and while I was late, my skatepals, Craig and Andrew, were kind enough to wait. Once we got started, they were still waiting some, as I think I blew my adrenaline just getting there! We had some great roads with moderate hills and some medium gatorback on one section, which also had leaves and limbs from a storm the night before it seems. It was great to have a three-pack of skaters and nice that Craig and Andy got to meet. Check out my photos here:

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Cycles de Oro 2007 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos Bike Ride & Inline Skate

We came close to missing this one and we are so glad we got up and out. After 3 days of 100-degree sunbaked highs, Greensboro got a milder day of clouds and cooler temperatures. We skaters got a thrill as the Team Erika lead out group held back from passing until we were down the hill and into Latham Park. We had taken the lead only to keep out of the way in the parking lot, and were pleasantly surprised at this gesture from the entire group of riders to lead out parade style until into the park. There seemed to be no plan for this, but rather something Team Erica decided as we rolled.

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Tour de Lions 2007 Photos

As many of you know, Tour de Lions is one of our favorites for a yearly visit with great people, exercising for a good cause, and getting to know a local community and its people as we work together on behalf of others and for the great feelings we get doing so. Sometimes we think we should save our money and skate where it's free, but then we go to Tour de Lions or Tour to Tanglewood and we know that even though the money means a lot to us, it can do even more for others in the right hands.

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Tour to Tanglewood Beginner Ride Photos

We had a great time inline skating with the cyclists at the Tour to Tanglewood Beginner's Ride (the 3rd in a series, I think) at Spencer Love Tennis Center in Jaycee Park in Greensboro. We did about 10 miles up to Air Harbor Rd. and Bass Chapel Rd., making our way back on Lawndale, up the hill by the Food Lion (formerly the Winn Dixie) and back via Country Park.

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