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Report from 2010 MSFits MS Charity Event June 19th 2010

MikeB's picture

Team MSFits is a Research Triangle Park, NC cycling group that has grown to such a size that they now put on their own events to benefit MS, about 6 times a year. http://www.msfits.org/   This was my first year skating this event, and I believe the first year that skaters were a part of this one.  Thankfully the event administrators, Blanche and her husband, were kind enough to allow skaters – although Blanche wasn’t without early trepidation.  Her concerns were quickly put to rest when she learned of the skill level of the 3 skaters (myself, SkateyMark, and TermiSkater), although to be honest, I embellished my experience a tad.  J


Unfortunately doing this event meant omitting Tour de Kale from the 2010 skating schedule.  Missing TdK meant not skating with Roadskater & Eebee……ARG!  Although it also meant an extra hour sleep, an hour less commute each way, 20 less skate miles, 90% less gatorback, and no hills to speak of.  After much deliberation I opted for the MSFits event.


The event was hosted by Biogen Idec Corp on Davis Drive and Hendrick Durham Auto Mall and had a 7.30 start for 100k (SkateyMark & TermiSkater) and 8.30 start for the 22 miler (yours truly).  The weather was perfect, the event was very well organized with sponsor’s tents / tables and Wake County Sheriffs there to direct traffic at all sizable intersections.  I got there just in time to see off the other 2 skaters, then sign in, and gear up for 8.30.  Marlys, a Triangle Skate Club member, was there on her Trek so we hung together as the large pack set out.  And it was a large pack.  Blanche mentioned this year’s event set a new record of just over 480 participants.  There was a full rest stop 10 miles in, but I only stopped long enough to grab a Gatorade and a few deep breaths.  Knowing that the roads were smooth, flat, and only 22 miles it was kinda cool to go at it really hard and leave as many cyclists behind as possible.  Really, I don’t know why that’s so much fun……..but it just is.


At about mile 18 TermiSkater skated toward us from the opposite direction.  He had stayed with SkateyMark to the 20 mile mark of the 100k, which evidently went right passed the starting line, so he rested a bit, then headed back out to find Marlys and I.  He mentioned not getting a lot of 2010 road miles in yet and keeping up on a 100k was going to be a serious challenge.  We were glad to see him though, as he helped us navigate our way to the finish.


And OH what a finish!  Ice cold water, Gatorade, sodas, energy bars, and SkateyMark’s favorite------all natural premium ICE CREAM with all the toppings.


eebee's picture

Sounds like fun!

Thanks for the report, MikeB! And going fast sure is fun, not to mention a huge rush and stress relief. Glad you guys could skate that event!

MikeB's picture

speed to come soon

Hi eebee,

Cary's Cup-and-Cone event is 7/24.  22 miles out, to a hand made ice cream stop, then 22 back.  The downward part "Col de Lystra" is on the way back where last year we got to 50 - 51mph......looking to top that this year.....we'll see.

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