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please forgive the lack of recent updates. looking for work as a technical writer in greensboro is keeping me busy. i hope to get back to this site soon...blake

note: blake's 1979 c.f. martin herringbone hd-28 guitar (#404970), which he played for 22 years, was stolen from his home on december 19, 2001. if you have info, please call the greensboro police at 336-574-4031 (case #2001-293150). if you'd like to help search for the guitar in your area, email blake! thanks. now back to the fun...

  free samples

my music & words:
click the title for a sample verse...

Small Blake Logoa d r e n a l i n e

she was coffee and chocolate
caffeine and sugar, straight to my head
a harmless addiction
or so that's what i said

and adrenaline she comes again
racing though my veins again

a wild hurricane
blowing at midnight, masking the moon
a thrilling disaster
but the damage always came too soon

and adrenaline she comes again
blowing through my mind again

there's no way
i can separate the love now
from the need
for a safe home i can feel
and i know
it's as dangerous to her heart
and that's why
she felt she had to go...

so i run to the mountains
walk on the beaches alone in the sun
i'm seeking the solace
oh, but in my mind she'll still run

and adrenaline she comes again
strolling down the sand again
and adrenaline she comes again
climbing up that hill...again

©1996 blake lambert. all rights reserved.

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  workin' it

thanks for taking the time to visit me here. i hope you enjoy your visit, and if you have anything to say, go ahead. i'll do my best to reply individually. thanks!
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  • do you like cats or dogs better, neither, or yes but equally? why?


blake with his 1979 c.f. martin herringbone hd-28 guitar (#404970), stolen from his home on december 19, 2001. 
if you have info, please call the greensboro police at 336-574-4031 (case #2001-293150). if you'd like to help search for the guitar in your area, email blake! thanks.
b  l  a  k  e  @ b  l  a  k  e  l  a  m  b  e  r  t .  c  o  m

po box 4711
greensboro nc 27404

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  about blake

some general info about me:

take the silly blake quiz for fun

work the roller crossword for fun

singing & songwriting

freelance magazine writing *

pc consulting & programming *

out-of-date résumé

* page still under construction

  why i bother

of course this web site is an advertisement for my writing, performing, programming and consulting services. i also hope it is a work of technological art, however modest.

if successful, this site will contain my joy and sorrow expressed in poems, songs, journal entries, drawings and photography. i'll try to have the courage to be personal. if it reaches you or affects you or has impact somehow, please share that with me. i need to know!

i hope you'll create something from the pleasure and pain within and share it with the rest of us. let me know what you've created and where i can experience it online or elsewhere. i mean it. i want to know about your creations!

if you find it hard to understand why anyone would feel things so deeply and let them affect them so much, that's ok. i still don't understand it either.

and i don't understand why birds sing or flowers grow by the roadside. it's just what they do.

thank you to those who have been my friends and believed in me without question. most of all, i wish you peace.

except as noted,
all contents
©1992-99 blake lambert
all rights reserved.

steal my techniques but not my creations please.

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some links related to my articles:

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  some faves

piedmont classifieds:

piedmont entertainment:
triad movies etc.
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triad music scene
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news on the web:

  web tricks

a few basic tricks i use:

invisible tables: check out the resizing columns learned from live.excite.com's page. resize your window and the columns flow again. the web address at the bottom of the page consists of letters placed in individual resizing invisible cells.

browser safe colors: basically, use color numbers with 00, 33, 66, 99, CC and FF (for example, #CC6699 or #FF33CC ). These are the 216 colors PCs and macs share and browsers use.

transparent colors: the guitar logo is black with a transparent background. microsoft photo editor helps with this. the background color is from the HTML tag, so i can use one graphic for many pages with different background colors.

animated GIFs: The spinning guitar is an animated GIF with a tranparent background created from my original 1993 bitmap drawing using a 3D graphics program, photoshop, photo editor and microsoft GIF animator.

the java blob: no, not meant to refer to me holding a cup of coffee. The blob (on this page), the floating balls (olympic page) and spinning globe (gps page) are generated by the free java applet, javamachine.

coding: i handcode sometimes using a text editor. i've also used frontpage express and found it mostly pleasant.

hit counter: the hit counter is provided by an aol script available to any subsciber, using graphics available free from aol.

  hire me

if you like this site and would like to hire me to help create or modify a web site, that's a  good reason to contact me. i also provide general purpose computer consulting services, including visual basic programming, database design and technical writing. and if you need a few hours of solo acoustic guitar music and singing, there's another reason to say hi.

  still to come

if i live long enough and make enough money elsewhere without giving up the time for creativity, here's what i hope to add...
  • several songs with words and music, including "victoria's secret falling down," "try the truth," "adrenaline," "denny fell (berries, black and blue)," "poison in the well," and "hanging on to my life."

  • several more poems (if you'll allow me to call them that), including "fear outside ann taylor (the astronaut's delimma)" and "amplitude modulation."
  • journals from camping trips around north carolina, including personal notes on trivialities.
  • a pup's perspective on cat under the bed syndrome.

  • settling the toilet seat debate once and for all.
  • comments and info on new passions, notably inline skating (80mm 84a abec-5 if you know what i mean) and a bit of cross-country skiing.
  • photos from camping, hiking and travel.

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