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a fast quality-filtered search of ebay for the items end soon (after about two hours) in each category: inline boots and frames; skating and cycling helmets; inline skating and cycling clothing for women and men; recreational, fitness and aggressive inline skates (rollerblades); speed wheels and bearings; and combination and single purpose heart rate monitors (hrm) and global positioning systems (gps). the filter represents my view of what are good quality brands, but use your own judgement, and buy carefully, making certain to buy from sellers with excellent feedback and at least 10 positives as a seller. in addition to the filtered lists there are unfiltered "pulse" lists of "most watched" items in the skating and cycling categories, and five items from pickandroll on ebay (blake). we hope you enjoy this and find it useful! comments welcome to blake at roadskater net

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to see items with less than two hours remaining, click the "view all ___ items on eBay" link.

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