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Some Humor and Some Fodder on the French, Razors, Rollerblades, More

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If you want to read some funny comments and real observation (including why we need to be careful and caring when on skates), check out this little piece observing life in heaven, or hell, depending whether you love the little wheels. We need not be a nuisance of course, and plenty of other wheeled and non-wheeled folk are, but remember, we are a minority and thus often must meet a higher standard, or at least it helps if we do! As for the scooters (which I notice in parks parents are less likely to make kids wear a helmet when using!)....

Yet the French seem to have an ache in their hearts for those three pieces of soldered metal and two PVC wheels. I've seen a family (mother, father and daughter) holding hands and scooting down the street...All of these examples, to me, point to civilization's sure insanity and general malaise. 

And regarding inline skaters, we inline skaters don't even agree on how we "should" look or act or dress or for that matter, skate! We say or think of those fashion conscious so desperate to replicate hipsters... "Oh boy she's really reccing it! Ooh my hair I could simply not wear a helmet! Ooh my tunes I don't care to hear traffic or the yelps of those I fly by without warning! See my groove? Ain't I cute?" As the writer puts it...

Most people, as a result, roll slower down an uneven sidewalk than they would normally walk, with both arms out to the side for balance.… And then there are the others...the folks who pretend their commute to be life or death while leaning into every turn and aggressively stopping at “do not cross” signs. They usually pant louder than is necessary and wear rip-away Adidas pants.

Ha! I was so ready for him to say "not stopping at do not cross signs!" But yes, it's true, those who can really stop dramatically like to create that drama for all to see..."Hey wai...Oh i though...Nevermi..."

Oh and check out the tiddy bear and the island of misfit toys. 

Les Razors, les Rollerbaldes et les Tiddy Bears ... Mon dieu! - Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun -

Les Razors, les Rollerbaldes et les Tiddy Bears ... Mon dieu!
Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun, NY - Feb 12, 2009
First, it seems that in the interim period during which Rollerblades were heinously mocked, most people have forgotten the tricky dance of coordination ...


48° 51' 24.0012" N, 2° 21' 3.5532" E


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What? Skates are cool again?

What? Skates are cool again? AWESOME!!! I've frequently joked that I've dressed exactly the same since about tenth grade and simply watched my style pass in and out of fashion every few years. I guess the same thing is going on with my favorite sport?
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In France...Which has many problems for us here methinks

You know the fact that skating is popular in France is just another reason for someone to say oh yeah it proves x or y related to skipping down the hall or not being so great in a world war (except perhaps as resistance). But it makes me feel good to know that skating is popular somewhere! And I am sure that kids just completely love it. The evidence is in the park every single day as they turn their heads away from the playground, from the ducks, from the food, from just about everything, to see this old dude rolling along on skates in a brightly colored swirly squiggled shirt. If we help them not give up on that joy it'll be there. All of this relates to this as well... http://roadskater.net/what-we-need-more-young-skaters-having-fun

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