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Photos and Maps for Tour de Kale 2009 Denton Farm Park NC 60K Charity Bike Ride Inline Skate

Tour de Kale 2009 was hot and hilly and absolutely wonderful countryside joyous torture! The people who volunteer are really great to skaters (and cyclists and runners), and this is one we find money for even when times are tight. We passed up a free T2T training ride to do Tour de Kale, and you know how much we love T2T free skrides.


Tour de Kale at Denton Farm Park
1072 Cranford Rd
Denton, North Carolina
United States
35° 35' 22.7616" N, 80° 4' 10.0344" W
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Get Your Roadskater.net 2009 Inline Skating and Cycling Jersey or Grab a Classic Tangerine or Iris Version Now

UPDATE: SEP 3 2009. Classic TANGERINE sleeveLESS JERSEYS available while SUPERSWEET supplies last. MYSTERY COLOR JERSEY ORDERS CLOSED and the jerseys are in production and on schedule for hopeful delivery by the eve of Tour to Tanglewood. Mystery color will be a BRIGHT COLOR FOUND IN NATURE so we're visible on the road, mixed as below with lighter tones of the same color. I didn't buy EXTRAS so these are even more LIMITED EDITIONS of the ROADSKATER JERSEY. Thanks to all for their color blind faith! Remember there are a very few Tangerine sleeveLESS to grab. More...
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Photos and Maps for Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride Inline Skate 2009

Here are the links to the photos and maps for the Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride and Inline Skate 2009.

We had a great time and as usual I took a ton of photos and now am a bit too tired to write anything yet!


Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem
5005 Country Club Road
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States
36° 5' 4.3044" N, 80° 20' 53.3076" W
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Bruce Rosar, NC Active Transportation Alliance Board Member & Human-Powered Transportation Advocate, Killed in Cycling Collision

Call your loved ones now. Tell them what you have to say. Call the people you expect to enjoy time with in the future, and go do that now if you can. I am shocked by the news of Bruce Rosar's death as much as I could be by any news of a cyclist being killed on the road. He was so aware, so alive, so considerate, and of course, so passionate about cycling as transportation, and the roads being made for human-powered as well as machine-powered use.


Apex, North Carolina
United States
35° 43' 44.958" N, 78° 50' 23.4996" W
Bruce Rosar (in Safey Vest), Cyclist, NCATA (NCActive.org) Board Member, Human-Powered Transportation Advocate, Sharing the Road
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Roadskater.net Cloverleaf Inline Skating and Bike Route from Bur-Mil Pool Aquatic Center Greensboro NC

I agree with timv that Bur-Mil pool is a good spot to park. There's a small restroom over by the picnic area that is often open, and a water fountain, I think, all accessible by skates/bikes. We do a route I call the cloverleaf. Here's how that goes... R on Bur-Mil Club rd out of parking lot L onto Owl's Roost Rd X (cross) over Bicentennial Tr (caution) S on Owl's Roost into newish houses C (circle back) cul du sac and return optional slightly downhill cul... L on Owl's Roost Ct C cirle back after cul du sac L on Owl's Roost Rd to continue... or continue...


Bur-Mil Family Aquatic Center Pool
Bur-Mill Club Rd at Owls Roost Rd
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
Phone: 336-373-3800
36° 9' 40.7664" N, 79° 52' 13.296" W
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