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indoor inline speed

eebee's picture

Pick your Inline Skate Races for 2009

Has anybody decided which skate 'races', events or marathons they are going to orient their training towards in 2009? Some that come to mind: Texas Roadrash, 24 Hr Roller Montreal, Napa Valley Marathon, Chicagoland Inline Marathon, Athens to Atlanta Roadskate, MS BB&T Tour to Tanglewood, NYC Marathon, NYC 100k, St. Paul Inline Marathon, Northshore...etc. Actually there are loads to pick from if you have the time and money for traveling and event fees.
skart's picture

Squiggy Classic Inline Marathon Report (Tampa Skating Race Results)

This is a quick report on the Squiggy Classic Inline marathon I did this past weekend.


Tampa, Florida
United States
28° 7' 27.1488" N, 82° 19' 24.1968" W
eebee's picture

ZDF Inlinerdays 2007, Mainz, Germany - Backwards Skating 10K World Record set

Picking on the Germans again. They are doing a heck of a lot in Germany to promote skating. Thanks to Peter Doucet's http://www.speedskateworld.com/ for pointing me over to the latest WIC photos. The 30k speed race took place this past weekend at my old hang-out: Mainz, Germany.

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The Secret to Weight Loss and Maintaining Your Target Weight

Whilst snooping around the personal finance and get-out-of-debt blogs, I tapped into the personal weight-loss blogs. In following the ADHD links to the maze of other such webpages, I found some funny blog titles, like "Over 40, in debt and overweight". Yes, in 2007 there are countless people still struggling in vain to lose excess weight. They all seem to believe that food deprivation and other people's idea of exercise are the only solutions. Will this hopelessly cruel and debilitating cycle ever end?

eebee's picture

You Have Comfy Old Skates: Would you Still Buy a Newer, Prettier Pair?

If your old or present boots feel as comfy as a memory-foam mattress, would you still (or have you ever) shell(ed) out $500+ for a new pair, because you like how they look?

timv's picture

Joey Cheek Honored at 14th Annual Iba Awards

It's nice to see the honors still coming for local skater guy Joey Cheek, and that his good works continue. Looks like this award was received on June 4 in Tulsa, OK, and was presented by the Rotary Club of Tulsa in memory of the legendary Oklahoma State basketball coach Henry P. Iba.

eebee's picture

Cartersville Century, Cartersville, GA

2007.06.30 8:00 am
2007.06.30 3:00 pm

This is a bike ride that has welcomed skaters for the past few years. Some of the Atlanta Peachtree Roadrollers do this event each year and always give it great reviews. Here's what I have learned from the website, www.cartersvillecentury.org:

eebee's picture

Heart Rate, Activity Type and Calories Burned

Hey can any of you answer a question for me? Is it true that I would burn more calories in one hour of running than, say, one hour of cycling, if my heart rate is the same for both? If so, can you explain why?

roadskater's picture

Inline Skating (Rollerblading) Drills from Eddy Matzger Roadshow Worskhop and more

Here's a book to collect what we remember about Inline Speed Skating drills from Eddy Matzger workshops and other places (Barry Publow workshops, elsewhere). Please contribute! Feel free to ask questions.
roadskater's picture

Derek Parra Helping Inline Skaters Take to Ice...plus High Point NC Skater Heather Richardson

Derek Parra was among the early adopters switching from inline to ice, and now he seems ready to switch to coaching and recruiting to help the USA continue its improvements in speedskating. As part of a Wheels on Ice initiative, Parra recently hosted a group of inliners, including Heather Lynn Richardson of High Point NC and Chad Horne of nearby Danville VA.

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