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indoor inline speed

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My 1st A2A: 1999 (the Year it POURED)

I feel like this really only half-counts as an A2A journal, because I only did the 38 miles! At the time I did not deem myself worthy of a write-up, believing I didn't really count compared with people like Eddy, Barrie, Cindy S., Patricia F., and other really proficient skaters. So this is a collection of memories, and comments I posted to the 1999 Team in Training's mailing list.

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A2A 2001 report

(Posted this on my website a long time ago... Reposting here for Blake's A2A history project.)


On Sunday, October 7th, I skated 86 miles from Athens, GA to Atlanta, GA. This was the culmination of much training and the accomplishment of a major goal I set for myself over a year ago. It's also pretty cool that, having just turned 30, I'm probably in the best shape of my life.

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How to Relieve Speed Skate Boot Pain: Speedskates Socks Neoprene Heat Molding

Over on InlineNC there was a question from one of our team members about ankle pain with Powerslide R4 boots. Here are some links in case you're a member of InlineNC. I won't quote from others, but will start a discussion here so it's Googable:

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Tribble Mill Park, Grayson, GA

Any skaters who find themselves amongst the lonely mansions and shiny metal boxes of Gwinnett County, GA, might want to check out Tribble Mill Park as a little piece of heaven plus hills.


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Inline Skating Calories Burned

With all our various posts to this site about calories, intake & output & weight loss, I couldn't remember if anybody had posted about the varying supposed number of calories burned while inline skating. A basic internet search yields many different claims as to how many calories an inline skater burns. Of course the main factor is one's weight, then the duration of the skate. But I think most claims out there, typically the ones listed as 'rollerblading' in a drop-down box along with Tae Kwon Do, Aerobics and Jogging, are misleading because it doesn't allow for intensity. Factoring in Heart Rate would help here, since someone with either excellent technique and/or a high level of fitness could go 12mph on hills barely raising their heart rate.

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Coke + Camelbak

Some time ago, Skart asked on the Skweight Management thread:


"Another question. Did anybody try flat Coke or Pepsi as an energy drink in their camelbaks? I can just see deluted Coke and Elite water making a pretty good combination"

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US10K Classic

2006.09.04 7:25 am
2006.09.04 8:15 am

If you're going to be in or near Atlanta on Labor Day, or at least within reasonable driving distance, I highly recommend this event. www.us10k.org


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