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National Hockey League

roadskater's picture

Carolina Hurricanes Win Their First NHL Stanley Cup

OK well I'd better just say hey northinsouth we love you but we're glad you're not too happy today! This is because North Carolina just won its first professional sports championship (unless you consider getting a free college education makes you a professional, as I do). [That's North Carolina, or Carolina as a unit, including that other part split off long ago so we couldn't have too much of the best mountains, piedmont and beaches.] Of course, it would be more interesting if the players had to be from the area with the name of the team, but that's not the way most pro or university sports work, eh y'all?

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Go Edmonton!! Oilers tie Stanley Cup series at 3-3

Well i hope you all watched the hockey game last night, cause it was a good one.  Edmonton not going down without a fight!!

Wish i could get tickets to monday night!!  I might be the only one there cheering for edmonton!!

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