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Periodization and the Preseason - or: I Thought I Could Do Those Inline Skating Drills

So here we are in the Preseason, per Rob Bell's Periodization article I referred to for the Offseason. This should be a six week block of low-intensity technique work (drills), and cross-training (if you like that sort of thing). 

Just as I feared, the Offseason threw me out of my routine and into a funk-and-a-half. So it's taking me some time to get into the Preseason groove. Although there is something alluring about having nothing to do for half an hour except focus on rolling on one skate around half the football field (paved track). 

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Frosty Bridge New Year's Eve Trail Skate Report 2007-2008

A trio of relatively hearty, definitely frosty souls showed up with no possible better place to be than skating at the new section of the greenway around 11:30 pm last night. We started out comparing LED and halogen light kits and other gear, then rolled gingerly along the trail into the dark night, after a few photos of course.


Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 10' 20.8092" N, 79° 52' 19.8732" W
The chilly trio prepares to skate the trail into 2008
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Skate in the New Year 2008 Version

Another event entered as a blog entry...Last-Minute Man here, as eebee and I have decided to go up to the new section of the Bicentennial Greenway at Strawberry Road and Battleground Ave. Go up Battleground and turn right onto Strawberry Rd. and the parking lot is on the right just before the trail crossing. We'll shoot for being there by 11:30p or so and leaving by 11:45p after fiddling with gear and any social graces.


New section of Bicentennial Greenway
East of Battleground Ave at Strawberry Rd
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
36° 10' 32.7036" N, 79° 52' 46.2756" W
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Making Double Push Just an Ordinary Part of Normal Skating

I guess the thing I'd like to see happen for me in 2008 would be for double pushing to just be a natural part of my skating whenever it is the most efficient way to go. Making it more efficient and thus more useful more of the time would be the key. I'd like it to be a tool, or a couple of tools, that I can use involuntarily, I guess you'd say. I'd like it to be like shifting gears in the car without thinking.


Greensboro Country Park
4400 Lawndale Dr
Greensboro, North Carolina 27455
United States
36° 7' 27.2388" N, 79° 50' 1.7088" W
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Basic Questions About Buying a Bicycle, New or Used, Inexpensive!

I am going to need to buy my son a bike, but don't want to get overwhelmed with facts or pricing. I can't afford $100, much less $3000 for a bike. I think he'd rather have a mountain bike than a racing bike, although the reason for me buying it for him would be so he could cycle whilst I skate. I'm not opposed to him owning 2 styles for different purposes, however. I'll find a place to cram 'em into my living space, if necessary.

What are some obvious pros and cons about buying a cheapie from WalMart vs. a nicer, 2nd hand one?

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Detroit and Farmington Michigan Folk Might Enjoy Metroparks Coffee Table Guide

Folk from Detroit, especially our pals in Farmington, might enjoy a book mentioned in the Farmington newspaper (not sure of the name but perhaps it's called HometownLife?). As the article states...

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Free(*) Skating Workshop in Raleigh, NC -- March 24, 2007

I've been cooking this up for a little while now and want to make the announcement even though the website isn't quite polished yet....

I will be teaching a skating workshop in Raleigh, NC the weekend of March 24, 2007.  This workshop is targetting beginner speedskaters and recreational/fitness skaters.  The workshop is part of my fundraising for Tour to Tanglewood, which benefits Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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Défi 2006 Report Montréal Québec Inline Skate Race

OK - here it is...  Perhaps my longest writeup ever... 

Le Défi de L'Île de Montréal -- October 21, 2006

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SkateDC Weekend 2006 Photos Washington DC

I have just published 420 edited photos from the SkateDC Weekend, May 6-7 2006 to this address:


If you have any comments, please use "add new comment" below to place them here. I hope you enjoy the photos. There are lots of tourist shots because I'm a tourist, and I hope you like the shots of buildings, birds and people!

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