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A2A 38-miler

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A2A 55-mile skate -- Sunday morning fun skate went out of control

The Texas Flyers had planned to send a team to 2005 A2A [which was canceled that year --roadskater].  I wanted to participate in the worst way.  I was too weak to skate at the time and started to ask skaters to go to A2A.  “Don’t wait ‘til you’re ready.  Go while the event exists.”




Piedmont Park (Tennis Courts) Atlanta, Georgia
United States
33° 47' 15.6264" N, 84° 22' 29.1396" W
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2007 a2a 38-mile race + 49-mile cool down skate



Duane and I signed up for the 38 mile event toward end of the season. We had fond memory of the smooth pavement, chain-towing puppy, missing road, and gator back from our 2003 Texas Flyer team skate. I had vague recollection of the last 49 miles: insufficient hills, rough pavement, and a lot of traffic-basically things I can find in north Texas.


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