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Tour de France (tdf)

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Armstrong, Landis, LeMond, Andreu, Fear

I won't provide a summary here now, but this article from the mercury news is a somewhat detailed summary of the court case where Armstrong was put under scrutiny to adjudicate the matter of a five million dollar bonus earned by winning a particular Tour de France. The article has many insights, and relative to the Landis matter, food and drink control seem like really important issues to cover if you want to avoid any possibility of sabotage. I don't know how easy it would be to spike a rider, but I'm interested now aplenty. The article specifically notes how upset Landis was about doped cyclists, and also points to the "blue cooler" which Armstrong says was his protected food and drink. There's a climate of fear, most definitely, and some of this is fear of Armstrong, justified or not. It's interesting, however, how many people came out to cast aspersion on Armstrong, but that the case essentially says there's no proof the bonus should not be paid. Who knows what it all means with respect to Floyd, but his reputation sure was good on this subject, for what that is worth. Here's a link to a worthwhile article if you find Lance Armstrong an interesting topic:

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Floyd Landis - response to drugs test result

Floyd has responded to both the failed drug test result as well as the media coverage and the UCI's handling of the whole situation on his blog.


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Tour de France 2006 Floyd Landis' Last Good Chance

Wow. Spoilers here so watch out if you don't want to know what's happening now. I'll insert a break so the preview doesn't spoil it...click to see the rest...after the replay I'll remove the break probably.

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TdF Blog: Carmichael and Armstrong Might Know a Thing or Two

In his Tuesday journal entry, Chris Carmichael made some rather prescient remarks about Tour de France strategy:
I was watching today's stage with Lance Armstrong and several other people, and at one point during the race, Lance and I talked a bit about the difference between racing conservatively and aggressively.
During his reign as Tour de France champion, Lance was adamant about seizing every opportunity to gain time on his rivals. The idea was to build a cushion between Lance and his nearest competitors in case he ran into problems later on in the race. A one-minute lead can turn into a three-minute deficit in just a few kilometers, and Lance and Johan Bruyneel always said they'd rather defend a lead than fight to catch up.
If you're in the lead, you have two options. You can follow other riders, and as long as you stay with them you don't lose any of your lead. Your other choice is to attack and build an even bigger lead. If you get into a situation where you're behind, there's only one option. You have to attack and drop riders who somehow gained time on you already, and there's never any guarantee you'll be able to do that.
The one thing that's certain about the Tour de France is that anything can happen, to anyone, at any time. Having the yellow jersey and several minutes of time in hand gives a rider a margin of safety; losing one minute of a six-minute lead isn't a cause for major concern. Losing one minute of a one-and-a-half-minute lead puts the yellow jersey in a stressful position and lends encouragement to the challenger.

I guess they pretty much nailed that one. It's a fair question to ask whether Floyd actually could have put more time into his rivals last week and early this week, and whether it would have been enough to matter when the bad day did come. But they sure did see it coming.

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TdF Blog: Floyd Landis to Have Hip Replacement After Tour

Floyd Landis, Number Two at Tour de France, Needs Hip Replacement
Outside Online, CA -
July 9, 2006 | Floyd Landis, the American rider currently in second place in the Tour de France, will have replacement hip surgery following the Tour, reported Outside correspondent Daniel Coyle in a New York Times Magazine article that will appear on stands July 16. Landis has osteonecrosis, or bone death, a degenerative condition which causes severe pain as bone grinds against bone. But, according to the report, he plans to continue to compete after the surgery. ...

The article goes on to say that Landis's condition is the result of a hip fracture suffered in a training crash in California in 2003. This same condition, also referred to as avascular necrosis, also led football/baseball player Bo Jackson to need a hip replacement. Reportedly, Landis does expect to continue his competitive cycling career after the surgery.

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Tour de France live map tracking, and some photos

Coupla fun TdF links...

These folks have combined Google Maps with GPS and heart rate data to create a live Tour de France tracker. It'll be interesting to see how it works while the race is on.

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Tour de France News Section Added: Blog This

Throughout the duration of the 2006 Tour de France, the news section on the left sidebar will have a "Tour de France" subsection.

As with all the news items, members will see a blue block with a white "b" in it beside the title. Click the blue block to blog about the article. It's a pretty easy way to look at the TdF news and comment.

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Tour de France 2006

Here's a quick note to start us out on TdF. What a sad state sports are in, and what an awful deal for the innocent, if there are any, and I'm sure there are. I think the tdf will still be great without the top five from last year, and I have not much worry over cheaters getting punished, but there was no way to have due process in this case it seems. I don't know if it's better to let the riders ride then strip them of their prize if found guilty, or to do as the teams agreed, remove anyone under investigation. Seems that Vino got an especially bad deal, if he hasn't been doing anything, as he's not even charged but lost enough team members to not have a team, as I understand it.

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