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basic exercise

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Stretching for Speed

I ran across this link to Bont's site the other day on a skate forum. I realize many of you may already be doing a lot of these stretches in your warm up routine, but many of the new people to skating and this site might find a stretch or two they could add to theirs.


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The Secret to Weight Loss and Maintaining Your Target Weight

Whilst snooping around the personal finance and get-out-of-debt blogs, I tapped into the personal weight-loss blogs. In following the ADHD links to the maze of other such webpages, I found some funny blog titles, like "Over 40, in debt and overweight". Yes, in 2007 there are countless people still struggling in vain to lose excess weight. They all seem to believe that food deprivation and other people's idea of exercise are the only solutions. Will this hopelessly cruel and debilitating cycle ever end?

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A Liberating Nutritional Program for Athletes (Diet Exercise Weight Loss)

I hesitate to use the four-letter word 'diet' here, as that connotates restriction, sacrifice and misery. I also hesitate to call myself an athlete! However, in this bodyweight equation and given the unusually high number of skate-training hours, let the athlete = EB.

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Tour de Kale 2007 Report

After several years of seeing the Tour de Kale flyers and jerseys out and about in Greensboro, I had the pleasure this year of finally taking part in this very well-run event. Denton, NC is a little town out in the country, Southwest of Greensboro, and a few miles southwest of Tour de Lions country, i.e., slightly more mountain-side, i.e., slightly hillier. Distance options this year were 120k, 110k, 60k (which Blake and I skated), and 25k (which Andy skated). Tour de Kale offers cash prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd male and female, spread over 4 categories for the 'Summit Challenge', which includes a Bubba division (male over 200lbs). Price is $35 for pre-reg., $40 the day of, plus a $10 deposit on the timing-chip, to be reimbursed after you turn it back in again. For this you get a bib #, meal ticket, event T-shirt & sponsor goodie bag, 120k of support vehicles & rest stops, and a beautiful country course.  

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Don't Fear the Sweeper: The Fine Art of No-Drop Rides and Skates

We roadskaters have at times had social skates at Country Park and elsewhere (NYC Central Park in Manhattan, Philly, Miami, DC). These events are great fun but it is always hard for us to find a true sweep who doesn't mind being at the back. In Manhattan, I have fond memories of a man a bit older than even myself who rode his bike quite happily at the back of several hundred skaters. He was always smiling, wearing his Aqueduct tee, with his nice easy way.

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Yellow Bike Dude BMX Superhero Greensboro Country Park Blues

During a week of smoking hot temps in Greensboro, I finally got a chance to go back out to my beloved Greensboro Country Park, where by the end of the season I'm sure to know lots of new people, and to have seen many familiar and friendly faces as well. This week included some fun times.

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Recumbent Exercise Bike Better for Me than Bike Trainer

I recently purchased a recumbent exercise bike to ride after my daughter goes to bed, as it is hard to get out as much as i would like with a 2.5 year old.  Its nothing fancy, a Proform XP110 from Sears.  I had a magnetic trainer for my road bike, but it's noisy and it just feels unnatural to be in that position on a normal road bike and not move for 30 minutes to an hour. 

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Postpartum Skateum: Exercise Advice for New Moms

I am not pregnant, nor have I been, nor do I expect to be, but I found this information interesting. OK I feel pregnant after the winter! I don't know if this info is all accurate but I think it is a nice start at thinking about getting some exercise. The article contains more, but here's the part that mentions skating:

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Beware of Dogs NYC Walkers, Runners, Skaters, Cyclists, 9pm to 9am

Of course you already are on the lookout between 9am and 9pm (and the rest of the day), but now there's extra good reason. I have no dog in this fight, as I have no dog any more and have not been hanging in the city of late, but I've been afraid of dogs off the leash before of course. My typical reaction is to say "hey puppy" in a helium voice a la Broadway Danny Rose no matter how big the dog.

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