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Effects of Twitter Character Limit on the French Language, & a Blue Monkey

An article on the Beeb website wonders whether the current trend of the more informal version of you in French (tu) is going to eclipse the formal vous, at least on Twitter, if not in real life. 

Twitter's character limit plays a role here, since it's less characters to use the familiar form, tu, than the more respectful version, vous. The article mentions French magazine editor Laurent Joffrin's question to a follower over Twitter last year: "Who told you it was ok to address me as "tu"?"

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Promote Inline Skating & Cycling Like a Bacon Explosion

Have you heard of the Bacon Explosion? If so, how did you learn about it (really, post a reply if you feel up to it? For me, it was one of my favorite places, the "most-emailed" section of the New York Times website. But for many, it seems it started with Twitter, then was boosted by StumbleUpon and probably Digg.

You may be saying, "huh?"

OK. First of all, a Bacon Explosion is a food item, some would say, and a very pig-oriented one, as it is made of...

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