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race wheels

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Crack-Resistant Skate Wheels?

Has anybody bought and skated-out any 100mm+ sized wheels within the past year, where the wheel hubs did NOT crack? The Bont Gen III's did not work out too well in this department (see Tour de Lions, 2009!). Are Hyper wheels back on the scene yet, I wonder? I need to buy wheels and wanted some feedback about the recent batches and brands of wheels out there right now, that can obviously stand up to 1,000 to 2,000 roadskate miles. Downtown or nightskate wheels - even better (lots of kerbs, steps, railroad tracks and potholes!).
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Where to buy Inline Skate Speed Wheels?

Where have you bought inline speedskate wheels and had positive transactions, i.e., no major goofs such as 6 weeks shipping, lousy wheels, or zero contact from the sellers?
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