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Tanglewood Training Ride: The Bike Shop, Clemmons NC

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2006.07.29 8:00 am
2006.07.29 12:00 pm
Tanglewood Training Ride: The Bike Shop, Clemmons NC


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Clemmons Bike Shop Training Ride A Favorite Skate Route

Hi to all. This is one of my favorite routes and Elizabeth concurs. As I recall we skate backward (skating for ward) on the course so we go up the big hill near the finish of the Saturday Tour to Tanglewood route, but we also get to enjoy the Yadkin River descent instead of ascent as well. I seem to recall an other-worldly fog photo or memory from one of these rides in Clemmons, down by the Angus farm and vineyard area. Check roadskater.net classic if you'd like to see some photos from years past. (Maybe some of these photos I recall have not made it to the site yet!) I think Tim and Craig biked this one year, and Erik skated it once at least I believe in a bright yellow shirt!

I am hoping we can get some more roadskaters out for this one, and I think we'll be doing one of the shorter distances, unless we decide mid-route to extend it a bit like last week. I think this route is less conducive to such a decision. If anyone has more info, or links to the route, please jump in and comment.

As with all training rides, I'd say shoot for averaging 10 mph or better including stops and you will be fine. Slower than that, you may at some point be asked to take a ride in to the finish, and I think skaters should do that if asked. It's best if we're not the last ones on the course. Usually there are some beginner cyclists on the course as well, and there's usually a route sweeper and these guys tend to be pro-skater and very encouraging, so we need to keep our skateylove on as much as possible.

You'll be fine even if going slower, as long as you have some road experience. If not, let's plan to get you out on the road some and go over pointers on peaceful coexistence with our friendly cyclists so we keep things safe and happy.

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Yadkin River Descent Nice and Easy

Skart asked me privately about the descent on the road along the Yadkin River I mentioned. If you've done the tour, it's just the part from the last rest stop, that slow uphill climb, in reverse. Of course on the Saturday route there's one last quick downhill sweeping right before the railroad tracks and right turn along the tracks...we get to go up that if this is the route I'm thinking of. I think of all the routes we do, this one is usually my favorite. I have to say you don't see the river much if any on this route, but that's how others have described it so I took to doing that myself. Ha!
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Snippet (with mileage options) from THIS year's skride email

Dug through my GMail and found the skride announcement from last year... Of course, 10 minutes later, I got the skride announcement for this year! Here's the snippet:


Training Ride
This week's ride is at the Bicycle Shop in Clemmons. You can choose
from 17, 27, 36 or 50-mile route options. This ride covers some of the
same roads we use for the Tour. To find the shop take the Clemmons exit
off I-40. Follow Lewisville-Clemmons Road into downtown Clemmons. The
shop is in a shopping center on the left behind the Southern Community
Bank. Please no parking close to the store out of respect for other
shops in the center. If you'd like more details, the shop can help at
766-5564. Remember, registration starts at 7:30am, safety talk at 8:15,
and the ride starts at 8:30.


Almost the same mileage options as last year, with the exception that last year there was a 67-mile option, and this year it was replaced with a 50-mile option...  The 50 miler sounds tempting... :)  Hopefully the pavement is nice...


- SM -



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