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inline skating

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Sk8u.com Skate University Share Instruction and Coaching Tips

This is sk8u.com and it stands for Skate University. No we're not claiming to be a real university or anything like that, but we do love skating, and you can contribute to the world's knowledge, certified or not, official or not, about skating instruction for private lessons, group lessons, or as part of coaching individuals or teams, indoor or out, any kind of skating.

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Ken's Bike Shop T2T Training Ride Preview Notes

here are some notes on the ken's training ride as experienced in years from 2001 to last year. we're not sure about this year's route because ken's bike shop has moved, so if anyone finds out, please reply here and on InlineNC if you will.

ken's ride has always (for me) started in reynolda village in winston salem. the route went through a trail into wake forest university. this was beautiful unless wet, then slick especially for those of me that don't pay enough attention always. then it was a right uphill and over down moderately left turn through houses of professors and such, then up through part of the campus by waite chapel, right past soccer fields, right out of the uni and briefly onto a moderately busy road quickly onto 2-lane roads.

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Support our 2006 FIRS Speed World Championships Athletes!


As you might know, our own Ashley Mann from Asheboro, NC has made the marathon squad in the US World Team and is competing in the 2006 FIRS Speed World Championships in Korea. Many of you may know Ashley from the Tour to Tanglewood 2005 where she demonstrated her true spirit by helping fellow skaters finishing the course and demonstrated her strong skating by sticking with the lead pack.

You might also know that USARS does not cover all of the world team skaters' expenses, expecting that team members raise the money or pay from their own pocket. For this reason, the Ultimate Speed Skating team has created a donation page that allows you to support Ashley in her quest for victory in the 2006 Champtionships. You can access the page here: http://www.ultimatespeedskating.com. Please know that any donation will make a huge difference!!!

Also, you can help Ashley by buying Ashley's trading cards and the 2007 Skating calendar here: http://www.sendthebest.org/tradingcards%202006%20World%20Team.html

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Braking systems for inline speed skates

I know lots of speed skaters that do roadskating and they use a braking system. I've heard of the "Miller brake" and the "Powerslide brake" and also GatorbackSkate.com has a system including that cool leash that I've seen Mark Farnsworth demonstrate in person at the T2T prologue. Uwe Brockmann and others developed various homemade setups to add leverage to braking, and these are great in a cyborg way! I'm using 5x84 but would like to know about 5x80 and 3x100+84 and even 4x100 setups. Anyone done testing, have experience to share, and know the relative costs? I know you do! Skateylove, Blake

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Great Coverage of Hudson River West Side Path

Albeit laced with sad news of two deaths of cyclists on Houston (pronounced howstun) and on the Hudson River Path (locally often called the West Side Path), the New York Times has some great coverage, as expected. As glorious as it is, the West Side Path has its dangers, especially on speed skates or among those who are trying to use it for training (unless you like fartlek training). But it's an incredibly important improvement to the quality of life and health on the island, and just tons of fun. The NYT article covers a nice balance of what's great about it and why it's important to be careful, not blaming either motorists or trail users. It also points to a few of the specific tough spots and how they might be made better. Some of the most fun I've ever had has been on and around the West Side Path, thanks to Empire Skate Club folk and the Wednesday Night Skate group too. Here are some links. You may have to do a free signup, but I think it's worth it for the quality content on the nytimes.com site...

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Vote in Tour to Tanglewood Polls

Please vote in our Tour to Tanglewood polls, available under view/polls (you need to be a member to vote, sorry, as we try to keep out junkbots). Here are the specific t2t polls as of this date:

2006 will make how many years at the tour:

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Handbooks for Tour to Tanglewood

I've set up some "handbooks" or "books" under view/books that will serve as frameworks for us to get our guides to the Tour to Tanglewood going. One of these handbooks is for out of town visitors mostly, to help them make their way from airport to hotel to Vovlo Trucks N.A. and to know what to expect regarding luggage, camping equipment and other gear. It could also be useful for locals who have not booked hotels before in Clemmons. The book, which starts out mostly empty until we all write it (join the site if you'd like to help write anything on the site) is located here:

Ottawa Inline Skating Festival - September 3, 2006

2006.09.03 1:20 pm
2006.09.03 5:30 pm

Hello Skaters!

Join us for the 2nd annual Ottawa Inline Skating Festival in Canada's capital!

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Philly '06: Best Skate Save I've Ever Seen and Done!

The Saturday evening excursion of the 2006 Philly Freedom Skate had several skaters' lives flashing before their eyes! One stretch of the route back in to town from the Merion Station, NW of Philly, had those of us at the 'front of the pack' flying full-speed into a hairpin-bend like downhill.

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