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Where to buy Inline Skate Speed Wheels?

eebee's picture
Where have you bought inline speedskate wheels and had positive transactions, i.e., no major goofs such as 6 weeks shipping, lousy wheels, or zero contact from the sellers?


good experiences with these online stores

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Very Helpful!

Wow - coming back here was like peering into a Christmas stocking and seeing a bunch of goodies...thank you all so much for your responses! This is exactly what I needed. Please keep the comments coming, it's all great info.
andrewinnc's picture

Re: wheels purchased online

I have purchased all of my wheels through ebay. Some from individuals and some from ebay stores. I have always had good service, fast delivery. Prices are good, but sometimes you don't get the selection you would get from a skate store. 

I have purchased some skate stuff, a brke and ankle bolsters, from Webber sports. They have free shipping, got the product in a few days. Good communication they never kept me in the dark on any part of the sale. I picked out the merchandise I wanted and phoned in the order, couldn't have been any easier. You can place the order online, but I had a few questions I needed to ask the salesperson. As far as wheels their prices seem as good as anyone elses, and I am sure you would get the same fast service.  

roadskater's picture

Skate Wheel Sources

I have ordered several times over the years, including last week, from http://backstreetinline.com. The site is very simple and the deals are a bit complicated, but good. The guy that runs it, Paul, is a friend of our Roadskater.net pal, Linda C., a New Jersey member of the Empire Skate Club.

When it comes to wheels, most vendors seem to have learned their lesson in the 80mm to 84mm transition. I've overheard conversations among wheel guys who were stuck with tons of 80mm wheels they couldn't sell after 5x84 frames took over quickly one summer. Even I have lots of 80mm wheels around and I was not trying to keep extras. Once that 84mm frame came in I never went back. Many who sell wheels now have them sent out from distributors, I think, instead of keeping inventories around.

The least expensive way to deal with backstreetinline.com is to get a US Postal Service money order (the kind you get at the post office, not anywhere else) and send that via mail. Usually the deal is a bit better if you order two sets, as he charges $5 extra if you just buy one set.

However, I usually just pay a bit more to use my card. It's easy enough just to call them and place the order by phone, but what I usually do is post the order online using their form so it is written instead of by voice), then they call me to get my credit card info. Sounds complicated, but it's pretty easy.

wayne_imhoff's picture

I've always had good luck

I've always had good luck with http://www.adamsinline.com.  He has most major brands in stock, fast shipping and reasonable prices.  I've bought many sets of wheels and bearings for Adam, always great service.  Adam is a skater and supports the sport by sponsoring many marathons around the MN area.

I have also shopped at http://www.nettracing.com.  Great service, but farther away (CA).  Either company should have your wheels.

 Hope to see some 'Roadskaters' in Duluth next month!


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Scheduling Conflict & More

Thanks for the interest, Wayne. Some of the Roadskater.net bunch will be there I'm sure, but many of us will be here at our Tour to Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis, the two-day, MS bike and skate event that has 1300 registered already (including 25 on our team, predominately skaters). I'm not very fast so racing is not really what anyone would say I do any more, if ever, but please tell us more about Duluth after you go, and feel free to add it to the events calendar with "create/event" in the menus.
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