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Fuel Your Workout? Or is Fasting and Exercise Better?

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I don't have a lot of data here, but I certainly know that I have bonked plenty of times and not enjoyed skating at that moment. However, some research in the last couple of years with (not exactly) fasting has been interesting. I watched a BBC special with eebee about fasting on alternate days (named variously but lately called the 5:2 diet), but I never tried that. (Neither did I specifically try the high intensity training 3 x 20 mins per week that was in another special with the same BBC correspondent, Michael Mosley, but seriously, that's what my skating is like some weeks.) I tend to feel it's a great idea to have breakfast before and endurance event, and I guess the most often workable thing has been dried cranberries and oatmeal with enough water to undry the oatmeal and the cranberries. I also note they mention the only eat during 16 hours of the day idea I've heard lately.

So I mainly added this marker so we could comment on it. Any thoughts?


Fasting and Exercise: A Perfect Pair? -

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Ongoing Topic

Good to have a marker for this topic as I change my mind on it all the time (usually to rationalize eating a particular food). 

I can't post any experience on what's best before racing, going flat-out or being competitive because I never really do those things. 

I think anybody with a history of struggles with eating, or possessing a brain hard wired on the obsessive side should steer clear of trying to fast on purpose.  

It's difficult to get the nutrition balance right in extreme events and conditions. I find it an ongoing challenge. 

A friend of mine who is no longer a frenzied competitor has had to quit eating at 6pm every day to avoid reflux during the night, and is finding other beneficial outcomes such being able to eat what she wants during the other hours while losing some unwanted weight. But she has removed the intense exercise portion from her life, so no feedback from that perspective. 

In regard to the Keto diet method - I've eaten that way in the past before it was called anything and long term it was not conducive to anything over 40 mins of skating; average HR through the roof, dizziness and passing out. But anybody can try anything and we're all different! 

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