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Join the 2010 Roadskater.net Road Skating and Cycling Jersey Freak-Out!


UPDATE 2010.10.01: ORDERS ARE CLOSED (FOR NOW AT LEAST) FOR 2010 and so far nobody has used the limited return option. Two skaters snapped up the final remaining Sweet Tangerine no sleeve sleeveless jerseys as well. Thus, we are all sold out of all editions for now. KEEP ASKING if think you'd like to order one of the past color schemes in the current layouts (original editions will remain unique by some small but identifiable difference I believe). THANKS for considering or joining in on the order for 2010. I didn't think we'd get the numbers this time but you proved me wrong!

UPDATE 2010.07.27: As of this writing, I am working on determining if we can get back to set-in sleeves or will stay with raglan. Like many things (colors, design elements), the facts often surface after it's too late to ask everyone what they think. If that matters to you, hold off on ordering and please contact me or post here. Order only if you're willing to preorder to see what you get, with the limited return privilege listed below. Thanks for your support of our little project!

Right now, as we speak (or read to ourselves), jersey colors are swirling lonely in the atmosphere, waiting, hoping you can rescue them from meaninglessness and wear them in glory, in agony, selfishly or for the good of others, but bringing hope to their hues so they can spin around in or near a Roadskater.net logo, on the hyperdri fabric, near the supersweet 19" zipper, gliding on your wheels. Won't you help these lost, beautiful colors? For pennies a day (13.42 cents per day over a year, in fact) you can bring sunshine and fresh air to the colors and set them free. Come join us in the adventure and make a mystery color jersey feel good this year...and become the proud guardian of the comfy wicking supersweet zippered creation. 

Huh? What's up with Roadskater? Stress, perhaps? :o) 

Each year, the Roadskater.net magical mystery color jersey project is an adventure. It turns out that getting mostly the same thing every year is not as easy as one would think. In fact, it has turned out to be impossible. But despite changes and challenges, the comfy wicking fabric and the supersweet 19-inch zipper keep us coming back for more. And there are always few good colors left to explore too!

Check out the first four editions of the Roadskater.net Classic jersey...these colors along with last year's hot magenta are not so likely to be exactly this year's mystery color. IF YOU MISLOVE THE MYSTERY, LOOK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ORDER FORM FOR THE 2 SIZE LARGE TANGERINE NO SLEEVE SLEEVELESS STILL AVAILABLE.

2005-2008 Roadskater.net Jerseys


We need to get the paid orders in by Sunday at midnight, OK, NOON MONDAY July 26, 2010, if at all possible. If that's not possible for you, a commitment by email will likely do the trick, but I need payments from as many as possible and firm commitments to make it happen. Again I'm sorry for the rush, but I could not make the official announcement until I had a firm agreement with the mf'er, you know? I tried to get it going super early this year, but no go. So we have a deadline for getting together enough orders to make the project happen. If it doesn't happen, you'll get your refund in timely fashion. 


I had hoped to be able to reduce the pricing but it looks like $49 hand delivered (shipping/handling is roughly at cost) is the price. Choose NO SHIP if you want to get this whenever we can meet without extra driving (t2t, a2a), or USA ($5) or CANADA ($11) for shipping to those countries. For other countries, just order CANADA and we'll work out the difference in postage via email link. 

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF PAYPAL TO USE THIS SECURE SHOPPING CART TO ORDER (but I recommend you join PayPal as I think it is awesome to be able to buy things without the seller knowing my credit card number and other security information!). 


In response to requests from several female skaters we're going to experiment with offering a women's cut jersey this year. Please understand that this is our first time trying this style, and this jersey might be harder to resell if you don't like it (I can refund if I've been able to sell it to someone else, but usually not until then). So please consider this before choosing the women's fit jersey, and check the measurements in the chart. Let's hope they're good! 

So this women's specialty fit sounds like it might be right for some to give it a try! According to the manufacturer (hereafter referred to as "the mf'er"), this is a shorter jersey with smaller arm holes and slightly shorter short sleeves (that's if I got it all correct). I have not seen it, but I decided to offer this option. The size chart is below base on the manufacturer's information.

If you like the previous road classic sizing and relaxed fit, stick with that, I'd say. The hyperdri fabric and supersweet 19" zipper are the same that we've always had and these are key components that go into making the Roadskater.net great enough to keep ordering year after year. The WTF also has 3 pockets like the ROAD CLASSIC we've ordered since 2005.

Ordering is open to all sizes of course. Here's a WOMEN'S SPECIALTY FIT CHART and this chart is NOT for the regular "road classic" fit we've been using. Please note that I am also going to set XS as the smallest size for the other, regular, "road classic" jerseys. Women who order XS should consider ordering the Women's fit I think. You can get short or no sleeves as with the other jerseys. Please note this is our first year, so you are experimenting with your $49. 





In general, I expect the 2010 jerseys to be about the same sizes and shapes as last year's hot magenta, not the years before, so slightly larger than the Sunlit Leaves and Iris editions, and about the same as the Tangerine edition (but hopefully the sleeveLESS will be trimmed as in 2009's Crape Myrtle Magenta aka hot pink edition). The Sky edition was slightly roomy too, I believe, but this could just be my jersies, and due to washing (use cold) or drying (don't do it other than hang drying in my opinion).

The "road classic" size about like dri-this or active-that jerseys you find at discount and specialty stores but not the Under Armour stuff. Another way of saying it is they are "club fit" (for riders and skaters of the local club proportions) rather than "race fit" (for the greyhounds of cycling and skating who get paid and get free jerseys and bibs and skinsuits anyway). They size about like the Tour to Tanglewood jerseys,  except for the white with red trim of a few years back.

Roadskater.net jerseys are a premium version of the standard 3-pocket cycling and road skating kit, but have much nicer, more comfortable wicking fabric and the supersweet 19" zipper for better body temperature control and easier doffing and donning).



* About ROAD CLASSIC (not Women's fit), please note the dropdown boxes in the order forms are likely different. They should be more like this for in our opinion:

  • XS 33-35 in
  • S 35-37 in
  • M 36-39 in
  • L 40-42 in
  • XL 42-44 in
  • 2XL 44-46 in
  • 3XL 46-49 in
  • 4XL 49+ in

We think we know their sizes better than they do, but this is open for discussion. They are promised to be the same in size and cut as last year's edition, if that helps you, but these are made by humans, so subject to variation, and whenever salespeople are involved, well you know what can happen.

Sizes in the order form are suggestions at this point, but I trust these numbers more than the ones I saw on the ROAD CLASSIC sizing chart for the mf'er. But you decide. I measured my chest at 42" and I'm sure I do not want to go down to the L size, and there's no way I'd even ruin an M by trying to put it on, so I will stay with the XL Even if I didn't need much room around the midsection, I'd still want XL I believe. Of course, I need to keep extra weight so I can make sure that skating is not too easy for me, which would disappoint and embarrass others, who count on me to be slower than them. I can see how a person with a 42" chest and slimmer midriff would want L. 


Everyone is welcome to order a Roadskater.net jersey, and nobody, even team members, is required to. No pressure. If there's not enough interest, we won't do it!


OK, I'm sure it's not much surprise that we're on a very tight schedule. This year I worked on this very early and the delays all came from the manufacturer. They still got the quote wrong and several other problems happened even in the sales phase, so I had to get that reworked and get our agreement right.


Some ask which I and others like among the jerseys. I wear the sleeveless often in May through August, though sometimes I wear the short sleeved if there's an early morning rollout, and when it gets hot, I roll the sleeves UNDER since they stay up well that way. If I were going to get just one jersey, I'd likely get the short sleeved, since it has more decoration and more fabric and it can be used in winter with arm warmers a bit better with no gaps and in summer with sleeves rolled under. Others covet the sleeveless, as there are not so many skating or cycling jerseys available that way. I can't imagine not having a handful of each available, but still, if only one, I'd lean toward the SHORT sleeved version. I think sizing is more forgiving with short sleeves too, and the graphics look pretty interesting as design elements, some say.


This year's mystery color should be a really great one and guys and gals should love it, but the same parameters apply. I am genuinely excited to see this one and think lots of people will want it once they see it...too late, usually. But if you help me get these made buy buying one or more, if you don't like it, don't wear it, and I will refund your money when I have been able to sell it . This may happen quickly or may take a long time (if you are on the edges of sizing, for example, like 2XS or 3XL). The mystery color jerseys will typically not ship before Tour to Tanglewood, and while I will do all I can to ensure they are here for T2T, something could happen to ruin that (but I don't think so as I'm likely to do all manner of things to not have that take place). 


Why get a Roadskater.net jersey? To distinctly visible as you share the road. Represent your sport in style as you skate or ride. Because it looks good on you, and feels good on you. The fabric is fab, the zipper is supersweet, and the colors are cool. And it spreads skateylove yes and says we're grateful to be skateful.


Online order form below. Pay via Paypal without being a member, with secure online payment using credit card or check. Ordering online helps keep everything straight and lets us pay electronically.


$49 (plus shipping if you won't be at Tour to Tanglewood or Athens to Atlanta or don't have someone going there who can bring it to you...you can pay the actual shipping charges later if we don't work out a free solution.)
The good news is we've earned a slightly lower price for our troubles over the years, and I'll pass that along, applying the savings across all jerseys on hand and those to be made this year. I still need to get firm figures and do a final calculation.


I buy 2 of each style of jersey every year (a total of 4), so we need 10 more orders of each (NO sleeve sleeve LESS and SHORT sleeve) to make both styles go. If we have too few of one style you have the opportunity to indicate whether you would like to get the other style instead or none at all. All that will be in the options on the order form to come. If you could email me or use the contact form on the site to let me know your intentions, great.


After working with the manufacturer to get 2008's NO SLEEVE sleeve LESS jerseys altered, and the 2009 version trimmed in manufacturing, then discussing matters afterward, I've decided to stick with the same company for another year. To repeat (again and again) we quite simply love the fabric, 19" supersweet zipper, finish work and durability of our previous jerseys, and despite the worry and upset in 2008 and some hassles ever year, the Tangerine and Magenta NO SLEEVE sleeve LESS jerseys turned out well. They also have changed their NO SLEEVE sleeve LESS pattern based on our input (we sent measurements from previous designs). So, in the interest of consistency and loyalty, I've decided to stay with them for another year. You can help me find alternatives as we go forward if you'd like! I like working with companies in North America, but if they are as difficult as having it made in China or elsewhere, perhaps it's time to look around. 


Since 2005, we've always used set-in sleeves (seam across the shoulders, T-shirt style), but for several reasons (because the mf'er won't make the set-in ones for us any more) we've switched to raglan (seam circling under the arm from the neck) this year. Raglan is very popular and some of my favorite Tanglewood jerseys are this style. We did set-in sleeves originally so we could make sleeveless from the set-in, but to date, nobody has done that. So we'll do raglan until we find a new source.

As you all know, I make as few changes as possible year to year, so the design will look as much like the current one as possible, except small design elements evolve from year to year. More than anything else, I want us to look like a team, no matter what color the jersey, so I'll be sticking with the strongest visual cues and changing as little as possible in the major logo and type elements. 

I always buy 2 of each sleeve style. I wouldn't be buying 2 of each style of jerseys myself if I didn't think they'd be awesome. I'd just let it go and be done with the hassle. But I love the jerseys and love to see them out skating. Thank you for trusting me with your orders and for wearing the jerseys! 

SLEEVEless v3.0

SleeveLESS will be available if we have enough overall orders to do the project at all. If we don't have enough orders, we'll go with the awesome short sleeve model and roll 'em up (or cut 'em up, perhaps?). I plan to offer them based on my conversations with the mf'er, and the fact that I've been pleased with the sleeveless from last year. The mf'er told me that based on our input, they have trimmed the shoulder piece so that it does not hang off of the shoulders. 

I still have some sizing questions to get answered but we'll iron that out soon. Order DOWN a size if you are on the border between sizes and if you like things to be snug and you know you'll be losing weight (ha! no chance for me!). THE SAFEST THING TO DO IS ORDER BASED ON YOUR TANGERINE OR MAGENTA JERSEY IF YOU HAVE ONE. I believe the SHORTsleeve and sleeveLESS are a bit relaxed vis-a-vis previous years, but only by a half size or less. Some who tried them on chose down a size, especially in the sleeveleess, to make it a tighter fit, but I'm at the same size and it feels fine (please don't snicker that this means I'm even bigger than before).


We need 12 of each kind to make an order, but we may be able to talk them into any combination of at least 24 jerseys. Order what you like, and if we have to make only one style of jersey, you'll have a chance to back out. I DO NOT EXPECT THIS TO BE A PROBLEM as we've always been way over minimum, but I needed to say all that. 


The mystery color will be a bright or a light color from nature that will be highly visible when we're on the road. Some will hate it, and some will absolutely love it. It's not FM radio so we don't go for mediocrity, but it's not 12-tone music either. If you get one and hate it I'll eventually find someone to buy it and give you your money back when it sells (remember super small or super large sizes take longer to sell in general).  I wish I could make an even better offer, but alas, if I could, they'd be free anyway.


If you love that supersweet 19" zipper and skateyluscious hyperwicking softness on your skin, but you HATE the mystery color, contact me to see what I have on hand in the previous versions. CHECK THE BOTTOM OF THE ORDER FORM BELOW. Orders may be in transition for these, but I will try to pull unavailable items even if I need to put them back up later. If you order something that is taken, you'll get your money back of course, but if there's a currency exchange, check here before you do anything or your bank, not me, will be grabbing some of your money. 

After five editions and almost six years of wear, the Roadskater.net jerseys are now road-tested and roadskater approved. The 2005 jerseys have been very durable and are still comfortable and vivid. 


I do not try to make money on the jerseys. I just try to not to lose any. 

If you pay shipping on MORE THAN ONE jersey and I end up shipping them all together, I can likely refund some of the shipping to you. The important thing is to e your commitment (size and sleeve style which is not fixed until payment and shortly after) and your questions to (without spaces): 

b l a k e @ r o a d s k a t e r . n e t  

Site members may use the contact form to send me a message here... 





NOTE: Photos are only vague representations of what the jerseys might possibly maybe perhaps look like! Especially note that the photos for the WOMEN'S Trim Fit are not of women, nor are they of the women's fit jersey!

click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 ROAD Classic Unisex NO Sleeve Sleeveless Jersey NO ShipRSNJ10RNN$49 NO Ship
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 ROAD Classic Unisex NO Sleeve Sleeveless Jersey to USA
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 ROAD Classic Unisex NO Sleeve Sleeveless Jersey to CANADA
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 ROAD Classic Unisex SHORT Sleeve Jersey NO ShipRSNJ10RSN$49 NO Ship
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 ROAD Classic Unisex SHORT Sleeve Jersey to USARSNJ10RSU$54 to USA
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 ROAD Classic Unisex SHORT Sleeve Jersey to CANADARSNJ10RSC$60 to CANADA
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 WOMEN'S Trim Fit NO Sleeve Sleeveless Jersey NO Ship
RSNJ10WNN$49 NO Ship
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 WOMEN'S Trim Fit NO Sleeve Sleeveless Jersey to USA
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 WOMEN'S Trim Fit NO Sleeve Sleeveless Jersey to CANADA
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 WOMEN'S Trim Fit SHORT Sleeve Jersey NO ShipRSNJ10WSN$49 NO Ship
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 WOMEN'S Trim Fit SHORT Sleeve Jersey to USARSNJ10WSU$54 to USA
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2010 WOMEN'S Trim Fit SHORT Sleeve Jersey to CANADARSNJ10WSC$54 to CANADA
click for a larger viewRoadskater.net 2008 TANGERINE ROAD Classic Unisex NO Sleeve Sleeveless Jersey to USA





The First Four Editions of the Roadskater.net Inline Skating & Cycling Jersey with Supersweet Zipper & Bright Colors from Nature


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Roadskater.net Jersey Orders from MI, NY, TN, TX

WOW THANK YOU to people from far away in time and space who have put in their adoption papers for a 2010 Roadskater.net jersey!

Thank you to skaters from:

  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

Does this mean some of these folk may be considering the 25th Tour to Tanglewood? I hope so! See http://tourtotanglewood.org for more info and to join or team go to http://nmss.org/goto/rsn2010

At this point we have 4, all from outside NC, plus 1 owed to NY, plus 4 for me, so that's 9, with 15 to go by Sunday night Monday morning. Hopefully we'll have a 2010 jersey, but if not, it's the people with MS that matter and we skate for them at the tour and the CarolinaCentury.com October 23, 2010.

Skateylove y'all, Roadskater

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Jersey Viability Update, plus GA, NC, NJ, PA, SC, VA

OK we're getting closer but the 2010 jersey is in danger of not making minimums. Thanks to more orders from these states:

  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia

At this point I have 4, plus 1 owed, plus 1 commitment, plus 11 prepaid, so that's 17. I know of 3-6 likely orders, which brings us to 20-23 orders. That's close. I hope we make it, and thank all of you for considering it!

I spent part of the afternoon comparing color mixes in various amounts of full sun, cloud and shadow. I have four mixes I like and will be mocking some of those up to look at them more closely, then check with the printer to see how these would come out in their process. I've seen some of these mocked up before. It's going to be good, I'm sure of that. If we make the numbers. If not, well, we tried.

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Add MA and CA for 12 of the United States for the 2010 Jersey

I'm always interested how this spreads around. It's fun to see how we are all connected. Add these states to the list who have signed up to support the 2010 edition of the Roadskater.net jersey:

  • California
  • Massachusetts


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WTF from the same MF'er going to XXX and more?

For a moment there I thought my browser strayed course with some kind of virus or STD (serious timeout dilemma).  The relief was palpable when understanding your posting more in depth.

Wow.  ROMSLMAO  (rolling on my skates laughing my axles off)

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Yes that is some creative and appropriate terminology by Roadskater. And you too, Mike B, come to think of it!

But I must say: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new WTF 2010 jersey. What can I say? It fits! So thanks to Roadskater for arranging that portion of the jersey order with the MF'er and thanks to the MF'er for mfg the WTF line. 

If the MF'er and Roadskater can offer the WTF line in the future, I highly recommend it for you ladies, especially if you have trouble with vast expanses of club-fit jersey material around the waist, and/or a low waist band that cuts the hip area in half. These seem to be common issues among women skaters & cyclists when ordering cycling jerseys. 


Small Yellow Sleeveless Jersey for Trade

Hi all.


I have one of the new and great yellow jerseys to trade. I purchase a small sleeveless version and it is a little snug. I was wondering if anyone has a medium sleve or sleve less that they would like to trade?


Let me know.



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