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Inline Speed Skating Clinic March 28 2009 with Harry Vogel, Hank Galbraith, Mariah Richardson

March 28 2009, Registration starts at 4:45 pm, the clinic starts at 5:00 pm and runs till 7:00pm. The cost is $15.00. The clinic is presented by USA World Team Members Harry Vogel, Hank Galbraith, and Mariah Richardson. This class is open to skaters of all levels, but you must be able to skate on inline skates. All skaters must bring a helmet, skates if you have them (rink rentals will be available if needed) wear tennis shoes, and dress athletically comfortable.


Speed Skating Clinic Comes to Greensboro


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Where is Skateland, USA

Where is Skateland, USA located?
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Where is Skateland, USA

Where is Skateland, USA located?

It's about 2.5 miles from here.

:-) Western Greensboro, NC, not far from the airport.

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Skateland USA West Location Added

Hi JonathanS... Thanks for asking. I added the address to the input form and it converted it to lat long values and put it on the map when you view the story now. I hope. Thanks to Skaterdad for joining and posting! This sounds awesome. I think it might conflict with Skatestrong.com, though. I think I have a clip of Harry Vogel doing relays one night when northinsouth and I went down to High Point Speed practice. As I recall he was double pushing (or at least "throwing the left") and on leg as he gave the push to the next skater. Or maybe I dreamed it. Hmm. So many MPEGs, so little time.

I'll be there

Sounds great, a good chance to practice my skill and learn to techniques.
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Great Indoor Workshop!

Roadskater, Kensun and I went to Skateland USA in Greensboro for the Harry Vogel indoor speed clinic this past Saturday. Not really knowing what to expect, we wondered beforehand if we really shouldn't just sit on the sidelines and watch. There were about twenty speedy little kids, three other indoor adults, three Roadskaters, and three amazing world-class skaters who were teaching the workshop.

We all started off in the middle of the rink, speedy little kids' parents watching from the wings, and did some dryland exercises, such as holding a tuck for 30-45 seconds. Other exercises included basic dryland skating and crossovers, and stretches once we had warmed up. We then separated into groups and we 'seasoned' roadskaters took turns with some of the speedy little kids in getting down really low and skating smaller circles, focusing on technique. It didn't take long before my left quad was shaking out of control.

Next came start line practice, and I got to learn the indoor-style start, which although I'm sure I'll never use, was fun to learn anyway. After all of this we launched into time trials and races, which I took part in to begin with, but unlike dodging cars, dogs or iPod-joggers in the park, the skills I lacked in the turns had me terrified of flattening one of the kids, so I backed off and eventually gave up! However, this workshop got me all fired up to try indoor again. I go to an indoor practice probably once every three years, and I believe I do make some progress each time, so maybe after 25 years I'll be able to do it.

I felt somewhat self-conscious that all the parents were able to watch me make a complete arse out of myself, but I know that's silly, because it's far better for me to be taking part than sitting and wishing I had the nerve to take part. Besides, the parents couldn't have cared less about me anyway, since they were watching their own children and cheering them on. 

I hadn't realized how young Harry Vogel still is :-)

Even today, it still feels like somebody slugged me in the thighs with a baseball bat. What a happy feeling!


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Sounds like a great time!

Nice writeup, Eebee. I'm glad to hear that you got something out of that workshop. I'd guess that it gave you plenty to think about while waiting for your leg muscles to recover. And for only $15.00 too...

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