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Attention all skaters - your logged miles are needed for Vivian White's cause: her son Brian Bales. Please HELP! Article MikeB 45
Workout Challenge 'cause I am tired of being fat!! Inline Skate, Run, Swim, Ride Your Bike (Bicycle), Walk, Get Moving Article northinsouth 39
O Jerseys, Jerseys, wherefore art thou Jerseys? Article MikeB 33
What's your Winter Workout? Article eebee 31
Inline Skating 44 Miles on the Silver Comet Trail (Slowly). How About Your Recent Workouts? Article roadskater 27
What's your Inline-Skating, Cycling or Running Training Style: Periodization, Marathon-Training, or Haphazard? Article eebee 26
Roadskater.net Carolina Century Roadskate and Bike Ride for Charity Welcomes Inline Skaters and Cyclists November 8 2008 Event roadskater 25
Athens to Atlanta A2A Road Skate Absolute First Timer Article Cat Brother 23
Wound-Dressing after a crash Forum topic eebee 22
Post-Rain Bearing Maintenance: Checking and Cleaning Inline Skate (Rollerblade) Bearings After a Wet Skate Article skatey-mark 20
Joy Revisited: Skating the Silver Comet Trail Article eebee 19
A2A Last Minute Stuff Article Cat Brother 18
How Was Your 2008 Montreal 24-Hour Inline Race? Article roadskater 18
Helmets couldn't be more important (Snowboard Skateboard Skate Bike) Article MikeB 17
Eddy Matzger Roadshow 2010 Greensboro, NC Inline Skating Rollerblading Speedskating Workshop Event skatey-mark 17
Max speed (GPS or cyclist verified), and max speed stories Forum topic dtg 17
I Got a List of Demands Article Cat Brother 16
Clarinet: Middle Aged Woman Dares To Learn New Musical Instrument Article eebee 16
How did the Minnesota Vikings' Metrodome Collapse? Article eebee 16
Mock Orange Bikes, Winston Salem NC, Tour To Tanglewood for MS Free Bike Training Ride Inline Skate: June 27, 2009 Event roadskater 16
My Bont Jet Adventure (Inline Skating Speedskating Boots, Skate Brakes, Stopping, Frame Placement) Article Elise 15
Pomplamoose music, Hyundai holiday commercials Article timv 15
Bruce Rosar, NC Active Transportation Alliance Board Member & Human-Powered Transportation Advocate, Killed in Cycling Collision Article roadskater 15
Winter and Skating Technique Article andrewinnc 15
100 km skate and wildlife Article Marianne 14
Cup-N-Cone, Apex NC 7/25/09 Bike Ride Event MikeB 14
Holiday Shopping Deals That Help Roadskater.net Too: Forerunner 305 for just $150, Much More Article roadskater 14
Inline Speedometer Recommendations? Replies by Actual Users Discuss and Review Forerunner 305 HRM GPS Article Cat Brother 14
Crack-Resistant Skate Wheels? Article eebee 14
Basic Questions About Buying a Bicycle, New or Used, Inexpensive! Forum topic eebee 13
I've Made the Leap to 100mm Skates; Plus How to Make the Transition to Inline Speed Skating Boots Article kensun 13
24-Hour Inline Montreal Race Report Article skatey-mark 12
Floyd Landis - response to drugs test result Article kjg 12
Squiggy Classic Inline Marathon Report (Tampa Skating Race Results) Article skart 12
Quick Hi from Vacation in Poole, Dorset, England Article eebee 12
Calling All "Road Rash" Wound Care Healing Treatment Techs: Any Personal Tips? Article MikeB 12
Our lord Stanley's cup Article northinsouth 12
Tour de Lions 2008 Bike Ride Inline Skate Report Article andrewinnc 12
Squiggy Classic Inline 2009 - Tampa, Florida, March 13-15; Photo Links Added Article polarhex 12
Skate DC Weekend: Washington Area Roadskaters (WAR) Free Inline Skating Roadskating Festival Event roadskater 12
Challenge of the Centuries 2010 Charity Bike Ride Skate Report Article JonathanS 11
inline skate wheels - decisions decisions - Article MikeB 11
NC Active Transportation Alliance Website roadskater 11
Hybrid Speed Boots Forum topic clairem 11
Noob to Skating: Any Advice for New (Beginner) or Intermediate Inline Skaters? Forum topic Bertha 11
A first time A2A skater's training Article kjg 11
Crowd-Sourced Color Names by XKCD Article timv 11
Get Your Roadskater.net 2009 Inline Skating and Cycling Jersey or Grab a Classic Tangerine or Iris Version Now Article roadskater 11
Miami Great EsSkate 2009 Inline Skating Rollerblading Festival Photos and Videos Links Article roadskater 11
Roller Skating for...Women Old Enough to Know Better Article eebee 10
Thinking About Stuff Article timv 10
The bad news is her athletic career's over, the good news is... Article timv 10
David Millar: Say It Ain't So, Vino (Alexandre Vinokourov); plus Michael Rasmussen, Floyd, Lance Article roadskater 10
While not skating, America's Cup Article timv 10
Question about Inline Speed Skate Wheel Wobble Article andrewinnc 10
Skating in this heat is 'hardcore' too Forum topic eebee 10
The Eight Seconds Workout: Speed Skater Shows How to Sprint and Tweet Your Way to the Olympics or at Least Money Article roadskater 10
Tour de Jordan Lake and Tour de Falls Lake: New Events for Roadskater.net and the Triangle Skate Club? Article MikeB 10
Cornering Technique Inline Skating Video with Bill Begg Article andrewinnc 9
Powerslide Rant: Inline Skate Frame Axles, Boot & Frame Repair, Bolt Thread Repair, Expected Life of Skates Article Tomb 9
Buying a New vs Used Car 2010: 0% Financing? Honda Civic LX; Hyundai Elantra GLS; Mazda Mazda3 i Touring; Toyota Corolla LE Article eebee 9
Watch Tour de Georgia Cycling Video and GPS Tracking Free Online Article roadskater 9
Inline Skate/Boot Comfort Secrets Sorely Needed: Fix Rec & Speedskate Blisters, Ankle & Foot Problems--Socks, Heat Molding, Pads Article MikeB 9
Heart Rate, Activity Type and Calories Burned Forum topic eebee 9
Carolina Century 2009: Fuzzy Llama Funny Llama, Llama Llama Duck Forum topic eebee 9
The greatest endurance athletes: sled dogs? Article dtg 9
Get Well APRR Chuck (Atlanta Inline Skater Hits the Road) Article roadskater 9
Great British Rail Deals to London from the Southwest UK Article eebee 9
Ragbrai 2009, skate across Iowa Article johnnyChen 9
Greensboro Bur-Mil Park Great Esskate Replacement Therapy Skate Article roadskater 9
Paul's Bicycles Winston-Salem T2T Training Ride Article Jack 9
Keeping Greensboro Country Park (or Any) Fun, Safe & Open to Bikers & Skaters Article roadskater 9
Peace and Slimness Without Diets Article eebee 9
95 Miles: Smyrna, GA to Anniston, AL on the Silver Comet & Chief Ladiga Trails Article eebee 8
Fears of a Clown, it's a Knockout, and Jeux Sans Frontieres Article eebee 8
10th Annual Tour de Lions Bike Ride Inline Skate, Grays Chapel, NC, May 16, 2009 Event eebee 8
A2A 2007 - My Toes are Still Bruised Article phillyskatergirl 8
Inline Skate Speed Boot Heat-Molding Results Article timv 8
Nutrition Article kjg 8
Roadskater.net Carolina Century 21- to 102-mile Bike Ride & Roadskate for MS October 24 2009 Gospel Baptist Church Greensboro NC Event roadskater 8
Athens to Atlanta GA Roadskate 2008 87-Mile A2A Road Inline Skate Photos, Thumbnail Route Map, Speed Route Map Article roadskater 8
A 'Right Said Fred'-Style Pyramid Cookie Cake Article eebee 8
The Secret to Weight Loss and Maintaining Your Target Weight Article eebee 8
Great hotel deal for skaters in US10K, Atlanta, Labor Day Weekend Forum topic polarhex 8
Fred Meijer Heartland Trail (Montcalm Co., MI) Report and more Polar RS800 woes Article skatey-mark 8
Portage Park 'n' Roll Inline Skating Speed, Artistic, Derby Roller Girls, DJ Quad Skate Jam and Cookie Festival with Music, Races, Bake-Off, Fun to Benefit Bike & Hike Trails Event sommemi 8
How many pushups can you do? Article dtg 8
Pick your Inline Skate Races for 2009 Article eebee 8
New Roadskater.net Member from Canmore, Alberta, Canada Article Marianne 8
Eddy Matzger Roadshow Inline Skating Speed Workshop (Rollerblading Clinic) Greensboro, NC, Apr 18-20, 2008 Event roadskater 8
Get Your Roadskater.net 2006 Jersey Article roadskater 8
inline skates have come a long way, don'tcha think? Article MikeB 8
Roadskater.Net Light as We Upgrade and Reconfigure Article roadskater 8
100 Police on Rollerblades (Inline Skates) Guard Olympic Torch Relay in Paris Article roadskater 7
Body fat % -- how low is too low? Article skatey-mark 7
Inline Skate Boot Repairs Help Needed; How to Fix Skates Article JonathanS 7
Climb detroit Article kjg 7
Quads! Article skatey-mark 7
An Amazing Race Article eric 7
A2A 2008 Race Report - A Breakthrough Year for Skatey-Mark! Article skatey-mark 7
Montreal 24-Hour Inline Race Report Article johnnyChen 7
Found Poetry in my Email Article timv 7
Liberty Ion Avenger Inline Speed Skate Frames Review Article andrewinnc 7
Elevation data... Which is the most accurate? Article skatey-mark 7
The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and Marathon Training Article eebee 7
My skate route Article eebee 7
Skweight Management Article eebee 7
Skating and weight loss Article skatey-mark 7
Half marathon running training Article kjg 7
Congrats A2A finishers! Forum topic dtg 7
Tour de France 2006 Article roadskater 7
What We Need... More Young Skaters Having Fun Article roadskater 7
Canada Games Oval in Halifax, Nova Scotia Boosting Speedskating Interest Article timv 7
Greatest Olympians: Don't Forget Eric Heiden Article timv 7
Skweight Management - update Article eebee 7
The New York Times Weighs in on Workout Music Article timv 7
Carolina Century Inline Skate Bike Ride 2008 Report: 102 Leaf-Catching Miles Article eebee 7
Tuesday Post-Birthday Skate At Country Park Greensboro Article Jack 7
Sound Doll/Bran Doll Article eebee 7
2007 a2a 38-mile race + 49-mile cool down skate Article johnnyChen 6
Inline Speed Skating Clinic March 28 2009 with Harry Vogel, Hank Galbraith, Mariah Richardson Event Skatedad 6
Burning the Calories Before Refueling? Should we be Exercising in a Fasted State? Article roadskater 6
Blisters & Bone Bruises: Inline Speed Skate Boot Heat Molding Article eebee 6
2008 Tour de Kale Denton North Carolina cycle + inline skate event Article MikeB 6
Get Your 2010 Roadskater.net Inline Skating and Cycling Jersey or Grab a Classic Version Now Article roadskater 6
Joey Mantia Slow Motion 300fps Inline Skating Speed Outdoor Track Video: What do you notice? Article roadskater 6
Bioheat: Use Biodiesel at Home, Ride a Bike or Skate for Transportation Article timv 6
Inline Skating & Cycling Socks Article eebee 6
Jerseys Choices: Bland, Tacky, or In Between Article timv 6
Chris Carmichael & Lance Armstrong's Cycling Hill-Training Adapted for Skate Training Article eebee 6
2009 Inline Skate Calendar of Events for the Roadskater.net Community will be helpful Article MikeB 6
Skating Supplements Article skatey-mark 6
Geocoding Photos: New Fun for Roadskate Reports Article timv 6
Sadness from our Beloved Silver Comet Trail Article eebee 6
Return of Marianne? Forum topic dtg 6
Hello Skatey friends Article SkaterX 6
Good places to buy lycra shorts? (Inline Skating and Cycling) Article skatey-mark 6
American Tobacco Trail gets some press from Sunday's News & Observer (Raleigh) Article MikeB 6
Belle Isle Marathon - with a time limit!!!! Forum topic kjg 6
Skate of the Union 2007 Article skart 6
Inline Skate Frame Position: Friction and Burning Feet! Article eebee 6
Davis Junction doctor pursues his speed skating passion - Rockford Register Star Article timv 6
Bont's Semi Race skates Article Aprr Chuck 6
How to Relieve Speed Skate Boot Pain: Speedskates Socks Neoprene Heat Molding Forum topic roadskater 6
Where to buy Inline Skate Speed Wheels? Forum topic eebee 6
Television Weather Girl Skates Away Birth Pounds Preparing for Inline Skating the Goodwood Roller Marathon on Motor Circuit Article roadskater 6
Inline Skating the Hotter'n Hell 100 Wichita Falls, Texas Article johnnyChen 6
A 3,500 Calorie Deficit to Lose a Pound of What, Exactly?: Cutting Back Calories Carefully to Lose Fat Instead of Muscle Article eebee 6
Getting Ready for 2008 Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) on Inline Skates Article Aprr Chuck 6
Great Customer Service from Anelace, Inc: Crystal Blue Powers of 2 BCD (Binary) Clock Repair Article eebee 6
Join Roadskater.net to Skate or Bike Tour to Tanglewood September 24-25 2009 in Greensboro NC Article roadskater 6
Two National Championship Wins and a Record for Heather Richardson Article timv 6
Unfinished business in Georgia! Article Marianne 6
Skart wins Northshore inline marathon (open division)! Article skatey-mark 6
Rolling in Randolph Bike Ride Inline Skate Asheboro NC September 29 2007 Event andrewinnc 6
Skatey-Mark Takes Second in Montreal 24-Hour Skate Race Article roadskater 6
Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem NC 2008 Tour To Tanglewood MS Training Bike Ride Inline Skate Event roadskater 6
Periodization and the Offseason - Or An Attempt Not To Lose It All Article eebee 6
Tell me what Sports Drink you Prefer on those Long Training Skates! Article eebee 6
Order Your New 2008 Roadskater.net Inline Skating and Cycling Jersey Article roadskater 6
A Banana A Day Keeps the Dr. Away!! Article andrewinnc 5
Athens to Atlanta 2010 Report: Skatey-Mark's A2A Inline Skate Event Journal Article skatey-mark 5
How to Get an Inline Speed Skate Axle Out When the Usual 4mm Hex (Allen) Wrench Will Not Work Article roadskater 5
Try the One Laptop Per Child OLPC XO Sugar Activity Interface Yourself Now Linux Windows Article roadskater 5
battery change for t31 coded polar HR transmitter Article kjg 5
2012 BMW Berlin Marathon Inline Skate Finish Video Article eebee 5
Poll: How much difference between 3-point inline skate mounting system vs. 2-Point roadskater 5
A2A & Ultramarathon Personal Psychology: Paceline or Go It Alone? Article eebee 5
US10K Classic Event eebee 5
Northshore Inline Marathon Report Article skatey-mark 5
Inline Speedskates: Boots, models, fit? Forum topic eebee 5
Verducci V-Tec Speed Skate Boot Stripped Threads Repair and Bolt Removal Forum topic roadskater 5
Great Atlanta Night Skate Video Article eebee 5
A2A - what went right, what went wrong Article Cat Brother 5
NYC 100k report Article skatey-mark 5
Hurricane Irene: Cone of Uncertainty, Hurricane Tracker, Storm Surge Article eebee 5
Failure: Do or do not, There is no Try Article eebee 5
Rules for the Cheat Meal Article RSNBiker 5
Listen Up Inline Skaters & Cyclists: Grow Your Sport or Ruin It For Everyone Article roadskater 5
How to Post a Message on Roadskater.net Forum topic eebee 5
SkateStrong Inline Skating / Rollerblading Workshop: Sunday, May 17th in Raleigh, NC Event skatey-mark 5
Nude Inline Skating in Portland Oregon by Gennifer Moss may sweep the nation Article MikeB 5
A2A 2008 Athens to Atlanta Roadskate Photo Links Article eebee 5
Cycles de Oro 2008 Tour to Tanglewood TR Photos and Map Article roadskater 5
Is Exercise Ruining My Life? Article RSNBiker 5
Photos and Maps for Paceline Bicycles Winston-Salem Tour to Tanglewood Training Ride Inline Skate 2009 Article roadskater 5
In the news: Inline skating not trendy but it hangs on as exercise Article timv 5
Looking for replacement axles Forum topic k24 5
Hello roadrash, my old friend. Article Bryan 5
technique and drills for skating lower Forum topic eebee 5
Skate '08: How are you Going to Spend your 600 Repetitions? Forum topic eebee 5
Eddy Matzger Roadshow Inline Speed Workshop Greensboro NC April 6-8 2007 Event roadskater 5
North Carolina Bicycling Pedestrian Maybe Human-Powered Transportation Inline Skating Transportation Alternatives Meeting Event roadskater 5
Artem wins Northshore Inline 2009 Open Class Forum topic dtg 5
Why You Should Never, Ever Use Two Spaces After a Period Article timv 5
Need advice on new gear for a new skater to RSN and TSC Article MikeB 5
Performance Findings After a 2 Month Break from Inline Skating Article eebee 5
Skate while the sun shines..... Article kjg 5
Clemmons Bicycle NC 2008 Tour To Tanglewood MS Training Bike Ride Inline Skate Event roadskater 5
2008 Tour To Tanglewood for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Training Bike Ride Inline Skate Dates Article andrewinnc 4

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