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Squiggy Classic Inline Marathon Report (Tampa Skating Race Results)

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This is a quick report on the Squiggy Classic Inline marathon I did this past weekend.

When I've heard about the Squiggy Classic Inline marathon I thought that it might have been a good opportunity to test my legs early in the season. However, making travel plans to get to Tampa proved to be difficult. I was not able to find any affordable flights so I have decided to drive instead. A shout to the Triangle Skating Club in attempt to find anybody to share the cost of gas with yielded no results so I was to drive alone. Generally, I would say that the 10 hour trek from Raleigh to Tampa is not bad... :-) It just that I wish they had more variety to radio stations on the way :-)

I got to the park where the marathon was supposed to be held around 6PM on Saturday only to find that it was closed. There goes my plan to roll around a bit to loosen my muscles... But wait, I can always put my skates on and roll under that gate! Which I did. The trail where we were supposed to race the next day was only about 10 feet wide... I could already picture that passing would be a problem... However, the pavement was SMOOTH. It was brand new, smooth pavement all around the park. Also, the course was flat. And I mean really flat. There were no false flats, no rollers, nothing... Just seven miles of flat as a pancake, smooth pavement.

The next morning I got to the park around 7AM and spent some time chatting with Herb Gayle and other fellow skaters. Shortly after we received our numbers and a Squiggy t-shirt. The t-shirt looks pretty cool - it's made of some kind of moisture wicking synthetic material... much better than your regular cotton t-shirt :-)Anyway, I pinned my number, put my headphones on and went on for a warm up. I warmed up really well and lined up at the start line around 8:50AM (as told in the race information booklet). However, we had only 5 people there... That was bizarre... I about 20 minutes a truck came and pulled behind the rest of the skaters. We lined up and I could just see how it was going to be disastrous :-) We had 5-6 people in every line on a 10 feet wide trail... And we had maybe 8-10 lines back to back... Oh, it was going to get ugly :-)

Now, one of my main goals for this marathon was to have a good start. Last season I felt that I was pretty sluggish at the start so I had to do better this time. I definitely did. I felt like I came smoking off the start getting right in the middle of the elite pack and holding on there... for about quarter of a lap :-) It just that flying down the trail at 26mph proved to be a tad too taxing on me so I had to take it down a notch... Soo... I'm 2 miles into the race and I am alone... Nice going :-) Obviously, I went into my "one small goal at a time" mode and found a lonely figure in front of me. When I chased it down, it happened to be an indoor girl who was skating pretty strong but also could not hang with the elite pack. We started trading pulls and chased down a couple more guys in the front. At the same time we were joined by a big pack from behind... Our pack swelled to about 8 people and overall we were working well. This pack contained a couple of people that I recognized. One of them was Brian Oswald who also became my marked man. You see, Brian is a very strong skater who was smoking his races last season... He put a big gap on me at last years Texas Road Rash... However, I was able to beat him at the NSIM. I knew that he was in my division and a strong skater, so I've decided to watch him.

The race itself was fairly uneventful. I had a pleasant conversation with the indoor girl who kept talking about chasing down her team mate who was in front. Which we did (and then she skated away from us). People were rotating fairly nicely in the front. However, the pace was incredibly inconsistent. In the pack the level of skills was so different that we would go from 16mph to 23mph back to 16mph in like 40 seconds... I started noticing that this kind of jerking was taxing me much more than consistently fast pace... In the last lap of the race we almost started crawling. It looked like nobody wanted to put a lot of work in until about 1.5 miles to go. Then, suddenly, people from the back sprinted by me, bringing the whole train of people with them... I've got boxed in and lost so much momentum that by the time I could take another stroke, I was spat out of the back. I sprinted as hard as I can but I could not close the gap... It was only myself and the indoor girl left and another lonely guy from our pack in the front... The pack was dangling 150 feet in the front but it was too far to close... I have gave it all to pass the person in front of me and the girl and I sprinted to the finish.

My result - 6th overall in open marathon. 4th in division (Brian took 1st overall - he was definitely strong that day).Average speed - 19mph. Max. Speed - 25.9mph. Time - 1:22:50 (the indoor girl beat me by 0.02 of a second :-) ).

Edit: Looking at the results online, it seems that I am 5th overall and 3rd in division... Hm... I wonder what happened...


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Congratulations Skart

Thanks for the commentary on Squiggy Skart. Felt like I was right there in the pack with you. The trail sounded kind of narrow to race so many skaters. From talking with you about some of your other races, it sounds like this elite pack was no different. Everyone is there to win, I guess. Congrats on the finish positions and times.
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Awesome Skart, just awesome

That race sounded amazing and your time/position was so solid. Too bad about the box-in, but I bet it was a fun time. Sounds like that was a pretty good test to start 2008.
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In the Pack with Skart

What a great read...very immediate feeling to me. Always great to hear those inner thoughts from other people. I saw the results and it was a great day for you indeed. It's amazing how the whole pace line built of individuals with selfish decisions flies in flux like lines of birds you see overhead, forming and reforming their flying-v now and then to a flying w or half a v or whatever. It sounds like the wheelsuckers had their day hanging out at the back of the slinky. There's no way of really knowing if you had gone on a minibreak, you two, whether or not they would have fought to keep up or let you go. Meanwhile I imagine you feel your time was as fast as you could hope! That is truly smokin'. You beat some elites I think. Florida has some spanky skaters, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing and please add more as it comes to mind.
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Squiggy Classic Official Results 2008

Here are the results from the Squiggy Classic Inline Marathon as presented by http://triandduit.com (I saw no restrictions or notice of ownership but will of course pull this if triandduit wants me to try and not do it no mo.):

Squiggy Inline Classic Half and Full Marathon

Race Date: 2008-03-09
Final Results
Results Posted: Monday, March 10, 2008 8:25:43 AM

Overall by Distance: Elite Marathon

Place Number Name Representing Division Total Time Net Time Back Pace
1 183 CONTIN, Alexis TAMPA FL Elite Male 1:12:44.560 1:12:44.560 0:00.000 00:02:46.6
2 198 DEGRAAFF, Sander TAMPA FL Elite Male 1:13:34.211 1:13:34.211 0:49.651 00:02:48.5
3 184 PAUL, Jarret TAMPA FL Elite Male 1:13:34.242 1:13:34.242 0:49.682 00:02:48.5
4 196 RODRIGEZ, Luis MIRAMAR FL Elite Male 1:13:34.261 1:13:34.261 0:49.701 00:02:48.5
5 150 MILLER, Adam INDEPENDENCE MO Elite Male 1:13:34.347 1:13:34.347 0:49.787 00:02:48.5
6 130 BLISS, Scott FRENCHTOWN NJ Elite Male 1:13:34.675 1:13:34.675 0:50.115 00:02:48.5
7 182 KRAMER, Brianna TAMPA FL Elite Female 1:13:35.268 1:13:35.268 0:50.708 00:02:48.5
8 134 CHRISLER, Ryan DERBY KS Elite Male 1:13:35.279 1:13:35.279 0:50.719 00:02:48.5
9 111 CHIMONIDIS, Jannis NASHVILLE TN Elite Male 1:13:35.439 1:13:35.439 0:50.879 00:02:48.5
10 181 BODE, Josh ORLANDO FL Elite Male 1:13:35.505 1:13:35.505 0:50.945 00:02:48.5
11 180 BODE, Adam ORLANDO FL Elite Male 1:13:36.027 1:13:36.027 0:51.467 00:02:48.6
12 120 WALTERS, Shane BONITA SPRINGS FL Elite Male 1:13:36.790 1:13:36.790 0:52.230 00:02:48.6
13 179 AYALA, Vanessa DAVIE FL Elite Female 1:13:37.019 1:13:37.019 0:52.459 00:02:48.6
14 170 SEPLUVEDA, Jason BAYSHORE NY Elite Male 1:13:39.611 1:13:39.611 0:55.051 00:02:48.7
15 186 WEBB, Sophie KISSIMMEE FL Elite Female 1:14:47.573 1:14:47.573 +2:03.013 00:02:51.3
16 131 CREVELING, Pat KINTERSVILLE PA Elite Male 1:16:37.269 1:16:37.269 +3:52.709 00:02:55.5
17 174 BELL, Jonathan ORLANDO FL Elite Male 1:16:52.863 1:16:52.863 +4:08.303 00:02:56.1
18 178 LAZZELL, Summer KISSIMMEE FL Elite Female 1:21:56.256 1:21:56.256 +9:11.696 00:03:07.6
0 171 LACEY, Fourth BAYSHORE NY Elite Male DNF      
0 175 PALOMINO, Daniel PEMBROKE PINES FL Elite Male DNF      
0 176 TAYLOR, Michael VERO BEACH FL Elite Male DNS      

Overall by Distance: Elite Masters Marathon

Place Number Name Representing Division Total Time Net Time Back Pace
1 132 RAMKISSOON, Nikko PLAINVIEW NY Elite Masters Male 1:13:36.581 1:13:36.581 0:00.000 00:02:48.6
2 187 SIMKINS, Jonathan TAMPA FL Elite Masters Male 1:16:53.412 1:16:53.412 +3:16.831 00:02:56.1
3 128 CARVELL, Cale NORTHFIELD IL Elite Masters Male 1:16:54.296 1:16:54.296 +3:17.715 00:02:56.1
4 172 GAYLE, Herb TORONTO ON Elite Masters Male 1:16:54.501 1:16:54.501 +3:17.920 00:02:56.1
5 141 CASSUBE, Richard WICHITA KS Elite Masters Male 1:16:55.490 1:16:55.490 +3:18.909 00:02:56.2
6 133 LARSON, Kevin ROBBINSVILLE NJ Elite Masters Male 1:22:31.496 1:22:31.496 +8:54.915 00:03:09.0
7 129 CARVELL, Margo NORTHFIELD IL Elite Masters Female 1:22:31.560 1:22:31.560 +8:54.979 00:03:09.0
8 109 LARIOS, Stephen NASHVILLE TN Elite Masters Male 1:22:31.874 1:22:31.874 +8:55.293 00:03:09.0
9 152 RAKKOLAINEN, Timo ARLINGTON TX Elite Masters Male 1:22:31.968 1:22:31.968 +8:55.387 00:03:09.0
10 159 CLARE, Robert VIRGINIA BEACH VA Elite Masters Male 1:22:32.718 1:22:32.718 +8:56.137 00:03:09.0
11 147 HARWELL, Bob FISHERS IN Elite Masters Male 1:22:34.040 1:22:34.040 +8:57.459 00:03:09.1
12 189 BONNETTE, Richard ORLANDO FL Elite Masters Male 1:28:13.202 1:28:13.202 +14:36.621 00:03:22.0
13 144 BLOOMING, Thomas SMYRNA FL Elite Masters Male 1:33:36.136 1:33:36.136 +19:59.555 00:03:34.4
14 167 HOCHSTEIN, Carol ST PETERSBURG FL Elite Masters Female 1:39:48.170 1:39:48.170 +26:11.589 00:03:48.6
0 121 MARCOSSON, Alan CLEVELAND OH Elite Masters Male DNS      
0 103 SIMMONS, David CAPE CORAL DC Elite Masters Male DNS      
0 140 WILLCOX, Lenny POMPANO BCH FL Elite Masters Male DNS      

Overall by Distance: Open Marathon

Place Number Name Representing Division Total Time Net Time Back Pace
1 126 OSWALD, Brian MANASSAS PARK VA OM-M30-39 1:22:31.291 1:22:31.291 0:00.000 00:03:09.0
2 193 BLANDON, Santiago WEST PALM BEACH FL OM-M40-49 1:22:31.808 1:22:31.808 0:00.517 00:03:09.0
3 127 KRAWCZYK, Mark TAMPA FL OM-M30-39 1:22:37.448 1:22:37.448 0:06.157 00:03:09.2
4 188 KAN, Falicia KISSIMMEE FL OM-F10-19 1:22:50.655 1:22:50.655 0:19.364 00:03:09.7
5 177 PAPKOV, Artem APEX NC OM-M30-39 1:22:50.674 1:22:50.674 0:19.383 00:03:09.7
6 122 SAWH, Luke GENEVA FL OM-M40-49 1:22:51.140 1:22:51.140 0:19.849 00:03:09.7
7 185 CALDERON, Juan PEMBROKE PINES FL OM-M10-19 1:28:10.169 1:28:10.169 +5:38.878 00:03:21.9
8 169 SMITH, Sekou JACKSONVILLE FL OM-M30-39 1:28:36.894 1:28:36.894 +6:05.603 00:03:22.9
9 154 RATIGAN, Kevin ORLANDO FL OM-M50-59 1:28:40.130 1:28:40.130 +6:08.839 00:03:23.1
10 114 ALTWATER, John PALM BEACH GARDENS FL OM-M50-59 1:28:42.274 1:28:42.274 +6:10.983 00:03:23.1
11 149 NGUYEN, Quang JACKSONVILLE FL OM-M20-29 1:28:42.483 1:28:42.483 +6:11.192 00:03:23.1
12 136 SHICOFF, Brian AUSTIN TX OM-M30-39 1:28:42.504 1:28:42.504 +6:11.213 00:03:23.1
13 113 HUSS, Ken WAUKESHA WI OM-M50-59 1:28:42.877 1:28:42.877 +6:11.586 00:03:23.2
14 106 PATTON, Don CLERMONT FL OM-M40-49 1:28:43.586 1:28:43.586 +6:12.295 00:03:23.2
15 105 HERRICK, Bryan FORT MYERS FL OM-M40-49 1:28:46.078 1:28:46.078 +6:14.787 00:03:23.3
16 107 STERGAR, II, Thomas CARMEL IN OM-M40-49 1:31:55.005 1:31:55.005 +9:23.714 00:03:30.5
17 197 VELASCO, Sebastian PEMBROKE PINES FL OM-M10-19 1:33:08.140 1:33:08.140 +10:36.849 00:03:33.3
18 162 TYLER, Doug ROSWELL GA OM-M50-59 1:33:33.795 1:33:33.795 +11:02.504 00:03:34.3
19 146 ELKIN, Tom KENNESAW GA OM-M50-59 1:33:35.259 1:33:35.259 +11:03.968 00:03:34.3
20 191 BROWN, Samantha CAPE CORAL FL OM-F10-19 1:33:35.755 1:33:35.755 +11:04.464 00:03:34.3
21 142 DELLARINGA, Tom WEST DUNDEE IL OM-M40-49 1:33:36.524 1:33:36.524 +11:05.233 00:03:34.4
22 163 TACCONA, Guy ROSELLE IL OM-M50-59 1:33:36.600 1:33:36.600 +11:05.309 00:03:34.4
23 102 KUMMER, John LAKELAND FL OM-M60-69 1:33:36.731 1:33:36.731 +11:05.440 00:03:34.4
24 145 WALSH, Jim LAWRENCEVILLE GA OM-M50-59 1:33:37.094 1:33:37.094 +11:05.803 00:03:34.4
25 112 DALESSANDRO, Jim LARGO FL OM-M50-59 1:33:37.222 1:33:37.222 +11:05.931 00:03:34.4
26 194 MCLINN, John HOFFMANE ST. IL OM-M50-59 1:33:38.084 1:33:38.084 +11:06.793 00:03:34.4
27 110 JEROME, JR., John TAMPA FL OM-M50-59 1:33:38.629 1:33:38.629 +11:07.338 00:03:34.5
28 165 PALGUTT, John TALLAHASSEE FL OM-M20-29 1:36:27.749 1:36:27.749 +13:56.458 00:03:40.9
29 156 ROWE, Janet TALLAHASSEE FL OM-F40-49 1:36:30.518 1:36:30.518 +13:59.227 00:03:41.0
30 160 FOO, Toon Hong LAKE WORTH FL OM-M30-39 1:37:22.525 1:37:22.525 +14:51.234 00:03:43.0
31 148 BURKHOLDER, Clarence SMYRNA GA OM-M60-69 1:37:26.842 1:37:26.842 +14:55.551 00:03:43.2
32 155 HUDSON, Deanna TALLAHASSEE FL OM-F30-39 1:38:22.883 1:38:22.883 +15:51.592 00:03:45.3
33 195 MCGINGRY, Alicia BAYSHORE NY OM-F20-29 1:44:49.713 1:44:49.713 +22:18.422 00:04:00.1
34 166 LATONA, Jason COCONUT CREEK FL OM-M30-39 1:46:20.755 1:46:20.755 +23:49.464 00:04:03.5
35 137 MEYER, Lanae EVANSTON IL OM-F40-49 1:47:02.847 1:47:02.847 +24:31.556 00:04:05.1
36 138 MEYER, Randal EVANSTON IL OM-M40-49 1:47:03.074 1:47:03.074 +24:31.783 00:04:05.2
37 108 SNYDER, Renee INVERNESS FL OM-F30-39 1:47:19.999 1:47:19.999 +24:48.708 00:04:05.8
38 101 SNYDER, Jon INVERNESS FL OM-M50-59 1:47:20.111 1:47:20.111 +24:48.820 00:04:05.8
39 118 BAECKER, Bryan CINCINNATI OH OM-M20-29 1:49:44.861 1:49:44.861 +27:13.570 00:04:11.3
40 123 KOPIS, Jan DOWNERS GROVE IL OM-M60-69 1:49:52.665 1:49:52.665 +27:21.374 00:04:11.6
41 119 GANGE, Dale PALM BEACH GARDENS FL OM-M60-69 1:50:35.454 1:50:35.454 +28:04.163 00:04:13.3
42 158 LOWER, Michael FORT LAUDERDALE FL OM-M60-69 1:50:35.613 1:50:35.613 +28:04.322 00:04:13.3
43 139 JOYCE, Brian SCHAUMBURG IL OM-M50-59 1:50:39.372 1:50:39.372 +28:08.081 00:04:13.4
44 143 BARROSO, Jose BRANDON FL OM-M50-59 1:55:39.610 1:55:39.610 +33:08.319 00:04:24.9
45 164 ROUNDING, Frank TAMPA FL OM-M50-59 2:01:21.682 2:01:21.682 +38:50.391 00:04:37.9
46 135 FORTIER, Roger GREENACRES FL OM-M70&Over 2:02:15.288 2:02:15.288 +39:43.997 00:04:40.0
47 161 YOUNG, Gerald TAMPA FL OM-M30-39 2:02:43.167 2:02:43.167 +40:11.876 00:04:41.0
48 192 LUSK, Mary Ann ARLINGTON HEIGHTS IL OM-F50-59 2:03:58.888 2:03:58.888 +41:27.597 00:04:43.9
49 117 ZUCCOLA, Debbie KISSIMMEE FL OM-F50-59 2:27:33.778 2:27:33.778 +1:05:02.487 00:05:37.9
50 124 CLARK, Diane LUTZ FL OM-F40-49 2:28:57.381 2:28:57.381 +1:06:26.090 00:05:41.1
51 125 CLARK, Nicolette LUTZ FL OM-F0-9 2:28:57.581 2:28:57.581 +1:06:26.290 00:05:41.1
52 116 WRIGHT, Debra HUDSON FL OM-F50-59 2:52:20.000 2:52:20.000 +1:29:48.709 00:06:34.7
0 173 HIGDON, Robbie JACKSONVILLE FL OM-M30-39 DNF      
0 157 MCGINNIS, Tyler CAPE CORAL FL OM-M10-19 DNS      
0 151 TURKEL, Doug MIAMI SHORES FL OM-M40-49 DNS      

Results prepared by Tri and Du It Multisport.



roadskater's picture

Roadskater Friends at Squiggy

Nice to note that multiple T2T Roadskater.net team member Brian Shicoff was in the hunt in another large pack. I still remember talk on Sunday at T2T year before last I think it was...all about the North Shore Inline Marathon methinks. You had a good trip if you got to see Brian, in my opinion. We miss ya, buddy. Hope to see you soon! A quick wow to Clarence "OMG" or "Ninja" Burkholder, who has the unfortunate duty of living near one of our favorite spots, the Silver Comet Trail. It is so awesome to skate out 31 and drag home! Anyway, Clarence has been putting in the miles over the winter it seems, and the results are astonishing! He and another friend of ours, Jim Walsh, from Sparkles and other places not far from eebee. You guys really rocked. Clarence has been known to burn through an Eddy Matzger workshop with aplomb and the results of his hard work are wonderful to see. These two guys definitely have the smile of skating on their souls and it's a pleasure to share the road for a bit now and then when our speeds work out. Nikko kicked it, but that's never a surprise! What a skating humachine! A quick hello to Timo with congrats, and to John and Joan also. Sounds like a nice fun event. Thanks again for sharing it, skart.
MikeB's picture

Thanks - this info is really valuable

For those of us who have not skated an event like this (but are looking forward to), this really gives a lot of good insight as to what to expect. It's really appreciated.
skatey-mark's picture

good experience

That's rough that you got boxed in at the end like that, but it happens to everyone. Knowing when to make your break and anticipating what the other people in the pack might do just has to come from experience. Your finishing time is nothing to sneeze at though -- that's awesome! The indoor girl beating you reminded me of your NYC 100k finish a couple years ago... ;-) - SM -
skart's picture

Not NYC100K :-)

Actually, this sprint was different since I was actually sprinting and trying to beat her to the line... I was not holding her hand up in the air while she was jabbing the line like at the NYC100K :-)

roadskater's picture

I Wish I Had a Photograph of Skart & the Hand-Holding Hawker

Skart that is too funny and sad to imagine. Funny how we all think about it differently as far as our ideal finish! And it can be different on different days of course, and at different events, and after getting burned a few times over the years. Of course everyone has a right to go as fast as they can and it's up to us to make sure we don't get a raw deal throughout the day. That's where steady rotation comes in for me...making sure we're not overworking for wheelsuckers. Steady rotation is also silent communication of each person's abilities that day. Sometimes the macho gets in the way of verbal modes. Wheelsucking is a perfectly valid strategy. It takes a monster fartlekker to bust that strategy, and wheelsucking is the best strategy for anyone with one or very few really great sprints in them. Why would anyone race in a way that's not best for them? So the hard part for the strong and fast endurance skater that lacks much sprint is to shake the wheelsuckers early enough that they are not there at the finish. (This is the technique universally used against me...they always leave me at the start!) On a great day it's wonderful when a group shares it all and helps when they're strong, recovers when not. It can be a beautiful visual work of art to me, a fluid blending piece of colored glass, a cooperative pack, at A2A or T2T...everyone doing better than they would alone. (For me at T2T, day 2 is usually my far stronger day, as on day 1 I am too worried about anything and everything that might happen with the team!) Some people will swear they won't leave you if you'll just stick with them until they feel better, then predictably they will feel better and entirely forget. The problem isn't that you met them; it's that you gave them your number, as Marianne Williamson and others have said. The fewer the promises, the better. Some people want to ditch the group and come in alone for the part where the cameras are popping and people are screaming, because in their movie, it looks better. Others like to finish with the group because that's the movie they've scripted. Sometimes to finish you've got to have a movie. Mine often involves steak. I've learned to try to keep a group together for everyone's sake, but to hold on loosely and not to worry for the rest of the day over those that sprinted to leave because they're obviously stronger, and they will just leave me again anyway. I try to limit my rejections to one per skater per day whenever possible. I love that image of a gal perhaps even innocently hawking you while you're trying for a tie finish, and think it would make the greatest black and white poster for the office motivational series. I can see the "did I miss something?" look transforming and the "that won't happen again with you" grin! All very good natured, and motivational for training!
eebee's picture

Skate your own race

Blake wrote: "Why would anyone race in a way that's not best for them?"

Amen. Sounds like a self-help book waiting to happen. 

Skart! Exciting race report and thanks for taking the time to write it. Mmmm, smooth, flat pavement. 

dtg's picture

Skart now we can confirm

Skart now we can confirm the _real_ reason you train so hard - so you can skate behind those pretty behinds! ;-) Really great performance and placement. I would imagine as you get more racing experience you will learn the ebb and flow of it all and position yourself properly for optimal results. Interestingly, a lot more of life results is proper positioning.
skart's picture

I hear you about

I hear you about positioning, dtg! :-) However, in this case it was not like I got boxed in at the finish line. They dropped me about 1/4 of a mile before the finish line. If I was strong, I could've easily closed the gap but I wasn't, so I do not think that positioning would've worked any better for me (at that particular race) :-) I will try to do better next time :-) Just need to get some rest and make sure that I am not overreached next time :-)

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