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Texas Road Rash Inline Skate Marathon 2008

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I had 5 skate practices in 2008. Practice #2 and #4 went badly.

I signed up for half marathon since 5k wasn’t offered. I packed the camera that I hadn’t skated with since Euroroll 2006. Time flies.

TXRR has matured and runs like clockwork under Richard Littrell and the City of Round Rock.

Saturday Elimination (11 laps, last man out)

Game plan:

Avoid being tripped by sub-80-LB skaters.

Keep the pace low and utilize my 10-second sprint.

Races seldom go as planned.

3 laps in, 2 bright orange skin suits had big lead.

I did a poor job organizing the chase group. Our pack fell to pieces when starting pursue. No other Texas Flyer entered the event. I went alone. I stealthily gained ground before the host Richard used the PA system to warn my competition. Thanks a lot, Richard! I kicked myself for not going earlier when pulled off the course.

The pros stirred when Joey Mantia showed up at registration.

I follow him a few min during his warm up. Effortless form. Very humbling.

Sunday. Sunny. Cool. Breezy. Beautiful day.

Jerry showed up at start preroadrashed. You gotta cut that out, Jerry.

Duane and Timo had the first pulls. I barely hung onto Timo’s cadence. 13+ miles to go. I took coach’s advice and skipped all my pulls after facing 3 seconds of alleged 6~8 mph wind (yeah, right).

Rest of the race was uneventful. I skated at the back of the TXF train for 13 miles then went hard at the last corner.

I stayed on the course with the camera. My legs suffered trying to keep my subjects in frame.

I didn’t adjust shutter speed as sun got bigger and ended up overexposing half the shots. Should’ve taken a course from Kautz Photography.

Happy racers thanked me for my teammates pulling. Many were envious I had such team to skate with. One skater poked fun of my Saturday performance, “can’t hack it without 8 supporting teammates, eh?” It’s not far from the truth.

Had dinner with friends downtown Austin. Never Again and Tiger Cry were excellent Thai dishes.

Saw bats leaving Congress Ave Bridge before driving back to Dallas. Quite a sight. Stayed clear of bat poopoo rain. A good day.


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Always Great to Read Your Reports

Thanks for posting this, Johnny! It's always a great read even if I don't fully know everything that happened...it's much like my own snapshot memories, impressions, sensations.... That last man out stuff is brutal. I once paid a lot of money to be the first last man out, sort of. It was fun but not as much fun as the money would have been at, say, a Thai, then an Indian, then an Italian, restaurant. I think at the time I could have had 3 or 4 nice dinners for the cost of that humiliation! But the crowd was nice and very encouraging, laughing with and not so much at, it felt. Never believe anyone who says it's not just a race, it's also for rec skaters, for fun, if they follow leave out "last man out" or "if you're lapped you're out." Ha! "K2 FLIGHT 76s HE WORE!" Hey let's hear more TXRR stories!
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More reports...

Here is a very short report...

I took a month off after Squiggy due to being severely overtrained. However, I already had my flights and registration taken care of for TRR so there was no backing out :-). I had only about a week and a half to get myself into a decent shape which was obviously not enough.

The race was great... I hung with a chase pack for about 4.5 laps then blew up and and joined with Brian S. (from Austin) to finish the race. Brian is in my age group so it was nice to have tabs on at least one competitor. :-) On the last climb we had a little sort out where I was able to climb just a fraction faster than Brian taking 9th overall and 3rd in the division.

Overall, this is one of my favorite races and I love Austin but I wish I could train just a tad more for the race this year.

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