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A Yellow Bike to Ride Alone

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This one's for those who don't want to ride alone. I had a purple sparkluscious banana high-rise for wheelies to the pool. But later, my first 10-speed was an inexpensive, road-stripe yellow Japanese no-namer, with gears by a company nobody knew of called Shimano. "Prob'ly never be any good," some folk said.

I rode hilly miles to the valley for native brook fishing in the clear crystal flows and deep cool shadows of the Blue Ridge. The solo ride and the focused solitude of trout fishing without much success rejuvenated my village self to return the hills.

Among the grey and green of foggy Carolina mountains, I would practice the six-string to play for others, mostly in the safety of many I knew less well rather than few who knew me best. Years later, along 85 to see someone dear, with an HD-28, some Shure Betas, a QSC and a Mackie, I played what I had in me, solo, acoustic. I already knew what mistakes I could make alone, but others kindly found the good between my frets, with their conversations and cigarettes and distractions. They drank the coffee of the songs I wished I had written, not the grounds left in my filter.

I didn't write this song about the yellow bike, but this is what it found in me tonight...

And here's the radio show that deserves credit for my hearing the song, and for some of the connections that spark the memories within.


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Loners & Joiners

Thanks for the song! I like the straightforward delivery of the recording & video, as if you're sat listening to someone talking, across the table. 

I'm intrigued by the article on the WAMU page, discussing the artists wrapped up in the theme of the 'brokenness in life' - specifically that boygenius consists of three (probably very talented) females! 

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